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ا ت ى
General Root Meaning
Give, Grant, to come, to bring, come to pass, come upon, do, commit, arrive, pursue, put forth, show, increase, produce, pay, reach, happen, overtake, draw near, go, hit, meet, join, be engaged or occupied, perpetrate (e.g. crime), undertake.

Ata (prf. 3rd. m. sing. IV): He gave, brought.
At'u (prf 3rd. m. plu.): They have brought.
Ataa (prf. 3rd. m. sing.): He came.
Aataa (prf 3rd. m. sing.): He gave away.
Atat (prf. 3rd. f sing.): She came.
Atau (prf. 3rd. m. plu.): They have done.
Atayaa (prf 3rd. f. dual): They twain came.
Ataita (prf 2nd. m. sing.): You bring.
Ataina (prf. 3rd. f. plu.): They (f.) came, They (f.) commit.
Atainaa (prf. 1st. plu.): We came.
Aatii (imp. 1st. sing. IV): I will bring.
Aatiyanna (imp. 1st. sing. IV. imp.): I shall certainly come.
A'taa (prf. 3rd m. pl. IV): He gave, brought.
A'tat (prf. 3rd. f. sing.): It gave, brought.
Aataita (prf. 2nd m. sing.): You gave.
Aataitu (prf. 1st. sing.): I have given.
Aataitum (prf. 3rd. plu.): You have agreed to pay; You have given.
Ataitumuuhunna (prf. 3rd. m. plu. comp. of Ataitumuu + hunna): You have given + them (f).
Aataitanaa (prf. 2nd. m. sing. comp. of Aataita + naa): Thou have given + us.
Atainaa (prf 1st. plu. comp. of Atai + naa): We + gave.
Aatii (prf 3rd. m. sing. IV): Thou give, grant, pay.
Aatuu (prf. 3rd. m. plu. IV): You give, present, pay.
Aatiina (prf. 3rd. f. pl. IV): They (f.) present.
Aatin (act. pic. sing. m.): It will come to pass.
Aatiyatun (act. pic. sing. f.): It will come to pass.
Uuti (pip. 1st. p. sing. IV): I am giving.
U'tiita (pp. 2nd. m. sing. IV): Thou was given.
Uutiitum (pp. 2nd. m. plu. IV): You were given.
Uutiyat (pp. 3rd. f. sing. IV): She was given.
Uutiitu (pp. 1st. sing. IV): I was given.
Utiinaa (pp. 1st. plu. IV): We were given.
Uutiyanna (pip. 1st. sing. emp. IV)
Utuu (pp. 3rd. m. plu. IV): They were given.
Utiya (pip. 3rd. m. sing. IV): He was given, I shall indeed be given.
Uutuu (pp. m. plu. IV.): They were given.
Uutaa (pip. 1st. sing.): I am given.
Iitaa (n. IV): Giving.
I'ti (prt. m. sing.): Come; Bring.
I'tiya (prt. m. dual): You twain come.
I'tuu (prt. m. plu.): You all come.
Ta'tii (acc.) / Ta'ti (imp. 2nd. m. sing.): Thou come.
Ta'tunna (imp. 2nd. m. plu. emp.): You will certainly bring back.
Ta'tuu (imp. 2nd. m. plu. Nun dropped at the end): You enter; You come
Ta'tuuna (acc.)
Ta'tiina (imp. 2nd. m. plu.): You come.
Ta'tunnanii (imp. 2nd. m. plu. emp. com.; Ta'tunnan + ii): You will certainly bring back to me.
Ta'tii (imp. 3rd. f. sing.): It will come.
Ta'tiyanna (imp. 3rd. plu, emp.): It will certainly come.
Lam Tu'tau (pip. 3rd. m. plu. IV): You are not given.
Tu'tuu (imp. 2nd. m. plu.): You make over.
Tuu'tuu (imp. 2nd. m. plu.): You give over, make over.
Tu'tuuni / Tu'tuunii (imp. 2nd. m. pl.): You give me.
Tuu'tii (2nd. m. sing.): You grant.
Na'ti (imp. 1st. plu. with R. pronoun Ba): We will bring.
Na'tiyanna (imp. 1st. plu. emp.): We will certainly bring.
Nu'tii (imp. 1st. plu.) We grant.
Nu'tihii (imp. 1st. plu. comp. of Nuti + hii): We grant + him; We give + him.
Nutiihi (imp. 1st. plu. comp. of Nuti + hii): We shall grant + him.
Nu'taa (pip. 1st. plu. IV): We ourselves are given.
Ma'tiyyan (pis. pic. m. sing.): Sure to come. Used for ap-der. acc.
Muu'tuuna (ap-der. m. plu. IV): Givers; Those who go on presenting.
Ya'ti (imp. 3rd. m. sing. acc.): He comes.
Ya'tiyaan (imp. 3rd. m. dual): Two commit.
Ya'tiina (imp. 3rd. f. plu.): Those who (f.) commit.
Ya'tiinaa (imp. 3rd. m. sing.): He brings us.
Ya'tiyanna (imp. 3rd. emp.) They will come.
Ya'tii (imp. 3rd. m. sing.): He comes.
Yu'ti / Yu'tii (imp. 3rd. m. sing. IV): He shall grant; He gives.
Yu'tuun (imp. 3rd. m. plu.): They will give.
Yu'tuuna (imp. 3rd. m. plu. IV): They give.
Yu'tiina (imp. 3rd. f. plu.): They (f.) give.
Yu'tiyanii (imp. 3rd. m. sing. comp. Yutiya + nii): He gives me.
Sayuu'tinaa (imp. 3rd. m. sing.): Surely He will grant us.
Yu'ta (pip. 3rd. m. sing. IV): He will be given.
Yuutuu (pip. 3rd. pl. IV): They will be given.
Yutii (imp. 3rd. plu. IV): He gave.
Yu'tauna (pip. 3rd. m. plu. IV): They are given; They will be given.