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ا س ى
General Root Meaning
to be sad, solicitous, afflicted (with 'alaa).
   āsā   (1)

So he turned away from them and said, "O my people! Verily, I (have) conveyed to you (the) Messages (of) my Lord and advised [to] you. So how could I grieve for a people (who are) disbelievers?"

   us'watun   (1)

Certainly, is for you in (the) Messenger (of) Allah an example good for (one) who has hope (in) Allah and the Day the Last, and remembers Allah much.

Indeed, (there) is for you an example good in Ibrahim and those with him, when they said to their people, "Indeed, we (are) disassociated from you and from what you worship from besides Allah. We have denied you, and has appeared between us and between you enmity and hatred forever until you believe in Allah Alone." Except (the) saying (of) Ibrahim to his father, "Surely I ask forgiveness for you, but not I have power for you from Allah of anything. Our Lord, upon You we put our trust, and to You we turn, and to You (is) the final return.

Certainly, (there) is for you in them an example good for (he) who (there) is hope (in) Allah and the Day the Last. And whoever turns away, then indeed, Allah, He, (is) Free of need, the Praiseworthy.

   tasa   (1)

(Allah) said, "Then indeed it (will be) forbidden to them (for) forty years, they will wander in the earth. So (do) not grieve over the people the defiantly disobedient."

Say, "O People (of) the Book! You are not on anything until you stand firmly (by) the Taurat and the Injeel and what has been revealed to you from your Lord. And surely increase many of them, what has been revealed to you from your Lord, (in) rebellion and disbelief. So (do) not grieve over the people, the disbelieving.

   tasaw   (1)

So that you may not grieve over what has escaped you, and (do) not exult at what He has given you. And Allah (does) not love every self-deluded boaster,

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