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ا ر ب
General Root Meaning
He was, or became, cunning, characterized by intelligence with craft and forecast, or simply intelligent, excellent in judgment, sagacious, and knowing in affairs; He became excellent, or skilful, in the thing, or he became accustomed to, practised or exercised in, the thing, and became knowing, or skilful (therein); He devoted, or addicted himself, or cleaved or kept to a thing; he was, or became, niggardly, avaricious, or tenacious, of a thing. His member or limb (generally meaning the arm or hand) was cut off or dropped off; his members or limbs (generally relating to the members or fingers) of the arm or hand dropped off one after the other in consequence of a certain disease (usually termed jeem-dhal-alif-meem); A member, a distinct part of the animal body, a limb; expert skillful