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62:1  Everything in the heavens and on earth chants His praises! (He is) the King, the Holy, the Almighty and the Wisest
62:2  He it is, Who raised in an unlettered nation a messenger in their midst, the one who recites to them His verses, cleanses and purifies them, and teaches them the book and the wisdom. Prior to that, they were clearly lost and astray
62:3  (Muhammad, SAW is the messenger) also for others who have not yet joined the believers; and He (Allah) is the most Powerful and the Wisest
62:4  It is the blessing of Allah! He bestows it upon whom He wills. Allah is the Lord of the greatest honor
62:5  Those who were entrusted with the burden of the Torah but failed to bear its obligations, are actually like a jackass carrying a load of books. Worse (in fact) is the example of a nation who rejects the signs of Allah; and Allah does not guide the nation of evil doers
62:6  Say, "Oh you who became Jews, if you claim to be the friends of Allah, a people chosen (by Him) over all other nations, then wish for death if you are really truthful
62:7  They will never ever wish for death, because of what their own hands have wrought and sent forth. Allah knows the evil doers very well
62:8  Say, "Indeed, the death you flee from shall definitely come to you. Then, you would be presented before the One Who knows the unseen and the manifest; and He will tell you everything you have been doing!"
62:9  Oh you who believe! On Friday, when the call sounds for the (congregational) prayers, rush towards it and halt all trade (and business) activity. That is better for you, if you only knew
62:10  And spread out in the land. once the prayer concludes. Seek the bounties of Allah and remember Allah a lot, so that you would achieve success
62:11  When they see a bargain or an amusement troupe, they rush towards it and leave you standing. Say, "That, which is with Allah is better than any bargain or amusement. He is absolutely the very Best of all the providers!"