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24:35  God is the light of the heavens and the earth. The simile of God's light is like a niche in which is a lamp, the lamp in a globe of glass, the globe of glass as if it were a shining star, lit from a blessed olive tree neither of the East nor of the West,
24:36  The light is in houses which God has allowed to be raised that the name of God be remembered there, where God is glorified in the mornings and the evenings,
24:37  by people who are not diverted by business or commerce from remembrance of God and persistence in prayer and giving of alms, as they fear a day on which hearts and eyes will be transformed,
24:38  that God may reward them for the best of what they did, and grant them even more from the grace divine. And God provides without measure to whomever God will.
24:39  As for the ungrateful who do not have faith, their works are like a mirage on a plain, which the thirsty man thinks to be water until he comes to it and finds nothing there- but he finds God in his presence, and God pays him his earnings; and God is swift
24:40  or like the darknesses in an ocean deep and vast covered over with waves, upon them waves, over them clouds. Darknesses one on top of another; if one stretched forth a hand, one would hardly see it. And whoever God gives no light has no light at all.
24:41  Do you not see that God is glorified by all beings in the heavens and the earth, even the birds on the wing? Each one knows its own mode of prayer and of praise: and God is aware of all that they do.
24:42  Fm to God belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth; and the journey is to God.