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Muhammad Asad
Nay, but they who are bent on denying the truth give the lie [to this divine writ]
The Clear Quran, Dr. Mustafa Khattab
In fact, the disbelievers persist in denial.
Safi Kaskas
But the unbelievers say it is lies,

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بَلِ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا يُكَذِّبُون
Bali allatheena kafaroo yukaththiboona
bali alladhīna kafarū yukadhibūn
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Nay! Those who disbelieved deny,

Generally Accepted Translations of the Meaning
Muhammad Asad
Nay, but they who are bent on denying the truth give the lie [to this divine writ]
M. M. Pickthall
Nay, but those who disbelieve will deny
Yusuf Ali (Saudi Rev. 1985)
But on the contrary the Unbelievers reject (it)
The Clear Quran, Dr. Mustafa Khattab
In fact, the disbelievers persist in denial.
Safi Kaskas
But the unbelievers say it is lies,
Wahiduddin Khan
Indeed, those who are bent on denying the truth reject i
Nay! those who disbelieve give the lie to the truth
Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar
Nay! Those who were ungrateful deny,
Instead, those who disbelieve keep on rejecting
Abdul Hye
Nay, the disbelievers will deny (Islam);
The Study Quran
Nay! Those who disbelieve deny
Dr. Kamal Omar
Nay, (on the contrary) those who have disbelieved, they belie (the contents of the Book)
Farook Malik
Nay! The unbelievers will deny
Talal A. Itani (new translation)
In fact, those who disbelieve are in denial
Muhammad Mahmoud Ghali
No indeed, (but) the ones who have disbelieved are crying lies
Muhammad Sarwar
In fact, they reject the Quran
Muhammad Taqi Usmani
Rather, those who disbelieve deny (the truth)
Shabbir Ahmed
Nay, but the rejecters belie
Dr. Munir Munshey
Instead, the unbelievers refuse to accept
Syed Vickar Ahamed
But being the opposite the unbelievers reject (Islam and the Message)
Umm Muhammad (Sahih International)
But those who have disbelieved deny
[The Monotheist Group] (2011 Edition)
No, those who have rejected are in denial
Abdel Haleem
No! The disbelievers reject the Quran–&ndash
Abdul Majid Daryabadi
Yea those who disbelieve belie
Ahmed Ali
In fact the unbelievers disavow
Aisha Bewley
In fact those who are kafir say that it is lies.
Ali Ünal
Rather: those who disbelieve deny (it and its Message)
Ali Quli Qara'i
Rather the faithless deny
Hamid S. Aziz
On the contrary, the unbelievers reject it
Ali Bakhtiari Nejad
No, but those who disbelieved deny
A.L. Bilal Muhammad et al (2018)
But instead the unbelievers reject it
Musharraf Hussain
The disbelievers deny.
Instead, the unbelievers reject it, calling it a lie
[The Monotheist Group] (2013 Edition)
No,those who have rejected are in denial.
Mohammad Shafi
On the contrary, they who suppress the truth dny it [this divine writ]

Controversial or status undetermined works
Ahmed Raza Khan (Barelvi)
But rather the infidels are belying.
Rashad Khalifa
This is because those who disbelieved are rejecting (the Quran)
Hasan Al-Fatih Qaribullah
No, the unbelievers only belie
Maulana Muhammad Ali
Nay, those who disbelieve give the lie -
Muhammad Ahmed - Samira
But those who disbelieved they lie/deny/falsify
Bijan Moeinian
The answer is: “These people have the audacity to knowingly reject the word of God (as penned down in Qur’an)”
Faridul Haque
In fact the disbelievers keep denying
Sher Ali
On the contrary, those who disbelieve reject it
Dr. Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri
Instead, the disbelievers (further) deny it
Amatul Rahman Omar
On the contrary, these disbelievers cry lies (to the Qur'an )
Muhsin Khan & Muhammad al-Hilali
Nay, (on the contrary), those who disbelieve, belie (Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and whatever he brought, i.e. this Quran and Islamic Monotheism, etc.)

Non-Muslim and/or Orientalist works
Arthur John Arberry
Nay, but the unbelievers are crying lies
George Sale
Yea: The unbelievers accuse the same of imposture
Edward Henry Palmer
Nay, those who misbelieve do say it is a lie
John Medows Rodwell
Yea, the unbelievers treat it as a lie
N J Dawood (2014)
The unbelievers indeed are in denial

New, Partial, or In Progress Translations
Linda “iLHam” Barto
On the contrary, they reject it.
Sayyid Qutb
But the unbelievers persist in rejecting [the truth],
Ahmed Hulusi
And those who deny the knowledge of the reality further deny!
Torres Al Haneef (partial translation)
"No, but the unbelievers reject (it)"
Sayyed Abbas Sadr-Ameli
Nay, those who disbelieve reject (it
Al-muntakhab fi tafsir al-Qur'an al-Karim
No, but the infidels inherently deny the truth which they obstinately reject and the path of righteousness they tend to deviate from
Mir Aneesuddin
No, those who do not believe, deny.

Obsolete and/or older editions
Yusuf Ali (Orig. 1938)
But on the contrary the Unbelievers reject (it)
OLD Literal Word for Word
Nay! Those who disbelieved deny