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al-A`raf (The Heights, The Elevated Places)
as rendered by Muhammad Mahmoud Ghali
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Muhammad Mahmoud Ghali rendition of Surah The Heights, The Elevated Places(al-A`raf)
7:1 Alif, Lam, Mim, Sad (These are the names of letters of the Arabic alphabet and only Allah knows their meaning here)
7:2 A Book sent down to you, (i.e., The prophet) so let there be no restriction in your breast on account of it, that you may warn thereby; and (it is) a Reminding for the believers
7:3 Closely follow what has been sent down to you (i.e. the believers) from your Lord, and do not ever follow patrons apart from Him; little are you mindful
7:4 And how many a town We have caused to perish, so Our violence came to it at night (in their homes), or while halting (at midday)
7:5 So, in no way did they have a plea as Our violence came to them, except that they said, "Surely we were unjust."
7:6 So, indeed We will definitely ask the ones to whom (a Message) was sent, and indeed we will definitely ask the Emissaries
7:7 Then indeed We will definitely narrate to them with Knowledge, and in no way were We absent
7:8 And the weight upon that Day is the true (one); so he whose scales weigh heavy, then those are they (who) are the prosperers
7:9 And he whose scales weigh light, then those are the ones who have lost their (own) selves for that they used to do injustice regarding Our signs
7:10 And indeed We have already established you in the earth and made for you therein (means of) subsistence; little do you thank (Us)
7:11 And indeed We already created you, thereafter We fashioned you, thereafter We said to the Angels, "Prostrate to Adam;" so they prostrated, except Iblis; he was not of the prostrators
7:12 Said He, "What prevented you from prostrating as I commanded you?" Said he, "I am more charitable (i.e. better) than he. You created me of fire, and You created him of clay."
7:13 Said He, "Then get down (out of) it; so, in no way is it for you to be proud therein; then go out; surely you are among the belittled."
7:14 Said he, "Respite me to the Day they are made to rise again."
7:15 Said He, "Surely you are among the ones respited."
7:16 Said he, "So, for that You caused me to be misguided, indeed I will definitely sit (i.e., in ambush) for them (on) Your straight Path
7:17 Thereafter indeed I will definitely come up to them from before them (Literally: between their hands) and from behind them, and from their right (hands), and from their left (hands); and You will not find most of them thankful."
7:18 Said He, "Go out of it, reproved and regretfully rejected. Indeed whoever of them will follow you, indeed I will definitely fill Hell from among you all together."
7:19 And O Adam, dwell, you and your spouse, in the Garden (and) so eat of where you (both) decide; and do not draw near this tree, (or) then (both of) you will be of the unjust."
7:20 Then Ash-Shaytan (The all-vicious, i.e., the Devil) whispered to them (both) to display to them that which was overlaid (i.e., hidden) from them of their shameful parts; and he said, "In no way has your Lord forbidden you from this tree except that you should become (two) angels or become of the ones eternally (abiding)."
7:21 And he swore to both of them, "Surely I am indeed for you both one of your honest (Literally: one of the honest advisers) advisers."
7:22 So he misled them both by delusion; (Or: caused their fall) then, as soon as they (both) tasted the tree, their shameful parts appeared to them, and they took to splicing upon themselves (some of) the leaves of the Garden. And their Lord called out to them, "Did I not forbid you from that tree and say to you both, surely Satan is for you both an evident enemy?"
7:23 They both said, "Our Lord, we have done an injustice to ourselves; and in case You do not forgive us and have mercy on us, indeed we (both) will definitely be among the losers."
7:24 Said He, "Get down (all of you), some of you an enemy to (some) others; and in the earth there is for you a repository and an enjoyment for a while."
7:25 Said He, "Therein you will live, and therein you will die, and there from you will be brought out."
7:26 O Seed (Or: sons) of Adam! We have readily sent down on you a garment to overlay your shameful parts, and a vesture; (Fine clothes; or feathers) and the garment of piety, that is the most charitable; (i.e., better) that is of the signs of Allah, that possibly they would constantly remember
7:27 O Seeds (Or: sons) of Adam! Definitely do not let Ash-Shaytan (The All-vicious, i.e., the Devil) tempt you just as he brought your parents (Literally: your two feathers) out of the Garden, plucking out from them (both) their garments to show them their shameful parts. Surely he sees you, he and his (dependent) tribe, from where you do not see them. Surely We have made Ash-Shayatin (The all-vicious ones, i.e., the devils) patrons of the ones who do not believe
7:28 And when they perform an obscenity, they say, "We found our fathers (performing) it, and Allah has commanded us to (perform) it." Say, "Surely Allah does not command obscenity; do you say against Allah that which you do not know?"
7:29 Say, "My Lord has commanded equity; and set your faces upright at every mosque and invoke Him, making the religion His faithfully; just as He began you, so you will go back (to Him)
7:30 A group He has guided, and errancy has come true against (another) group." Surely they have taken to themselves Ash-Shayatin (The all-vicious ones, i.e., the devils) for patrons, apart from Allah, and they reckon that they are (right) guided
7:31 O Seeds (Or: sons) of Adam! Take your adornment at every mosque, and eat and drink, and do not be extravagant; surely He does not love the extravagant
7:32 Say, "Who has prohibited the adornment of Allah, which He has brought out for His bondmen, and the good things of (His) providing?" Say, "These, on the Day of the Resurrection, will be exclusively for the ones who believed in (i.e., during) the present life." (Literally: the lowly life, i.e., the life of this world) Thus We expound the signs for a people who know
7:33 Say, "My Lord has only prohibited obscenities, (i.e., a dominations, unlawful sexual intercourse) whatever of (these) are outward and whatever are inward, and vice, and untruthful inequity, (Literally: with other than the truth) and that you associate with Allah that for which He has not sent down any all-binding authority, and that you say against Allah whatever you do not know."
7:34 And to every nation (there is) a term; so when their term comes, they will not (be able to) postpone (it) by a (single) hour, nor will they put (it) forward
7:35 O Seeds (Or: sons) of Adam! In case ever there should definitely come up to you Messengers from among you, narrating to you My signs, so, whoever is pious and acts righteously, then no fear will be on them, nor will they grieve
7:36 And the ones who have cried lies to Our signs and waxed proud against them, those will be the companions of the Fire; they are therein eternally (abiding)
7:37 So, who is more unjust than he who fabricates against Allah a lie or cries lies to His signs? For those, their assignment of the Book (i.e., the Book of decrees) will begranted (Literally: attain) them; until when Our Messengers come to them to take them up, they will say, "Where is what you used to invoke apart from Allah?" They say, "They have erred away from us, " and they will bear witness against themselves that they were disbelievers
7:38 Says He, "Enter among nations that already passed away even before you, of the jinn and humankind, into the Fire." Whenever a nation enters, it curses its sister-nation until when they altogether have successively overtaken (each) other, the last of them will say to the first of them, "Our Lord, these led us into error, so bring them a double torment of the Fire." Says He, "To each a double, but you do not know."
7:39 And the first of them will say to the last of them, "So, in no way are you of any grace (i.e. are in no way superior; are no better) over us; then taste the torment for what you were earning."
7:40 Surely the ones who cry lies to Our signs and wax proud against them, the gates of the heaven will not be made to open to them, nor will they enter the Garden until the cord (Sometimes interpreted) penetrates into the eye of the needle. And thus We recompense the criminals
7:41 They will have a resting place of Hell, and above them Envelopers; and thus We recompense the unjust
7:42 And (the ones) who have believed, and have done deeds of righteousness-We do not charge a self except according to its capacity-those are the Companions of the Garden; they are therein eternally (abiding)
7:43 And We will draw out whatever rancor is in their breasts. From beneath them Rivers run, and they will say, "Praise be to Allah, Who guided us to this; and in no way could we have been guided, unless Allah has guided us. Indeed (the) Messengers of our Lord have already come with the Truth." And they will be called out, "That (Literally: Those are) is the Garden you have been (made) to inherit for what you were doing."
7:44 And the companions (i.e., inhabitants) of the Garden will call out the companions of the Fire, (saying) "We have already found whatever our Lord promised us true; then have you found whatever your Lord promised true?" They will say, "Yes." Then an announcer will announce between them, "The curse of Allah be on the unjust
7:45 Who bar from the way of Allah and inequitably seek to make it crooked; and they are disbelievers in the Hereafter."
7:46 And between them is a curtain, and on the battlements are men who recognize (them) all by their mark; and they will call out to the companions of the Garden, "Peace be upon you! They have not (yet) entered it, and they long (Or: ara eager) for that."
7:47 And when their beholdings (i.e., their eyes) are turned about towards the companions of the Fire, they will say, "Our Lord, do not make us among the unjust people."
7:48 And the companions of the battlements will call out to men they recognize by their mark. They will say, "In no way has your gathering (i.e., your amassing, and your multitude) availed you, neither whatever you used to wax proud of
7:49 Are these the ones that you swore Allah would not allow them to attain (any) mercy?" "Enter the Garden; no fear will (be) upon you, nor will you grieve."
7:50 And the companions of the Fire will call out to the companions of the Garden (saying), "Downpour on us some water, or some of whatever Allah has provided you." They will say, "Surely Allah has prohibited both to the disbelievers, "
7:51 Who have taken (among themselves) their religion as a diversion and a plaything, and whom the present life (Literally: the lowly life, i.e., the life of this world) has deluded. So, today We forget them as they forgot the meeting of this their Day, and (that) they used to repudiate Our signs
7:52 And indeed We have already come to them with a Book that We have expounded with Knowledge, a guidance and a mercy to a people who believe
7:53 Do they look for (anything) except its interpretation? The Day its interpretation comes up, the ones who forgot it earlier will say, "The Messengers of Our Lord already came with the Truth; so, have we any intercessors, (for) then they would intercede for us, or will we be turned back to do other than what we were doing?" They have already lost their (own) selves, and what they were fabricating has erred away from them
7:54 Surely your Lord is Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth in six days. Thereafter He leveled Himself upon the Throne (How He did so is beyond human understanding). He envelops the daytime (with) the night, (which) seeks it out promptly, and the sun, and the moon, and the stars are subjected to His Command. Verily, to Him (belong) the creation and the Command. Supremely Blessed be Allah, The Lord of the worlds
7:55 Invoke your Lord in supplication and covertly; surely He does not love the transgressors
7:56 And do not corrupt in the earth after its being tilled, and invoke Him in fear and longing. Surely the mercy of Allah is near to the fair-doers
7:57 And He is (The One) Who sends the winds, bearing good tidings before (Literally: between the two hands of His mercy) His mercy, till when they carry heavy clouds, We drive it (i.e., the clouds) to a dead land; then We therewith send down water; so We bring out therewith products of all (kinds). Thus We will bring out the dead, that possibly you would be mindful
7:58 And the good land, its growth comes (Literally: goes out) out by the permission of its Lord, and (as for) that which is wicked, its growth does (i.e., its vegetation) not come (Literally: goes out) out except meagerly. Thus We propound the signs for a people who thank (Us)
7:59 Indeed We have already sent N?h to his people; so he said "O my people! Worship Allah. In no way do you have any god other than He. Surely I fear for you the torment of a tremendous Day."
7:60 The chiefs of his people said, "Surely we indeed see you in evident error."
7:61 Said he, "O my people! There is no errancy in me; but I am a Messenger from The Lord of the worlds
7:62 I constantly proclaim to you the Messages of my Lord, and I advise you (sincerely), and I know from Allah what you do not know
7:63 And do you wonder that a Remembrance from your Lord has come to you by means (Literally: upon a man) of a man among you, that he may warn you, and that you may be pious, and that possibly you would be granted mercy?"
7:64 So they cried him lies; then We delivered him, and the ones with him, in the ship (s), and We drowned (the ones) who cried lies to Our signs; surely they were a wilfully blind people
7:65 And to Aad (We sent) their brother H?d; he said, "O my people! Worship Allah! In no way do you have any god other than He. Will you then not be pious?"
7:66 The chiefs who disbelieved among his people said, "Surely we see you indeed in foolishness, and surely we indeed expect that you are one of the liars."
7:67 Said he, "O my people! There is no foolishness in me, but I am a Messenger from The Lord of the worlds
7:68 I constantly proclaim to you the Messages of my Lord, and I am for you a devoted adviser
7:69 And do you wonder (Literally: have you wondered) that a Remembrance from your Lord has come to you upon a man among you, that he may warn you? And remember when (Literally: as) He made you successors even after the people of Nuh, and increased you sizably (Literally: Outspreading "in stature") in creation. So remember the boons of Allah, that possibly you would prosper."
7:70 They said, "Have you come to us that we may worship Allah alone and leave out what our fathers were worshiping? Then come up to us with what you promise us, in case you are of the sincere."
7:71 He said, "Abomination and anger from your Lord have already befallen you. Do you dispute with me over names you have named, you and your fathers, (for) in no way has Allah ever sent down regarding them any all-binding authority? So, await, surely I will be with you among (the ones) a waiting."
7:72 So We delivered him, and the ones with him, by a mercy from Us; and We cut off the last trace of (the ones) who cried lies to Our signs and in no way were they believers
7:73 And to Thamud (We sent) their brother Salih. He said, "O my people! Worship Allah! In no way do you have any god other than He. A Supremely evident (sign) from your Lord has already come to you. This is the she-camel of Allah to be a sign for you. So leave her out (free) to eat in the earth of Allah, and do not touch her with any odious (treatment) (lest) then a painful torment should take you (away)
7:74 And remember as He made you successors even after c?d and located you in the earth, taking to your selves palaces of its plains, and hewing (its) mountains into homes; so remember the boons of Allah, and do not perpetrate (mischief) in the earth as corruptors
7:75 The chiefs who waxed proud from among his people said to whomever were deemed weak, to whomever of them believed, "Do you know that Salih is an Emissary from his Lord?" They said, "Surely in whatever he has been sent with, we are believers."
7:76 The ones who waxed proud said, "Surely in that which you believe, we are disbelievers."
7:77 So they hamstrung the she-camel and rebelled against the Command of their Lord, and said, "O Salih, come up to us with what you promise us, in case you are one of the Emissaries."
7:78 Then the Commotion took them (away), and so (in the morning) they became cowering (bodies) in their residence
7:79 So he turned away from them and said, "O my people! Indeed I have already proclaimed to you the Message of my Lord and advised you (sincerely), but you do not love (sincere) advisers."
7:80 And (remember) Lut, (Lot) as he said to his people, "Do you commit (Literally: come up with the obscenity) such obscenity as in no way has anyone in the worlds ever gone before you (perpetrated) it
7:81 Surely you indeed come up with lust to men, apart from (i.e. instead of) women; no indeed, you are an extravagant people." (i.e., exceeding the limits (of decency
7:82 And in no way was the answer of his people (anything) except that they said, "Drive them out of your town; surely they are a folk who constantly purify themselves."
7:83 So We delivered him and his family, except his wife; she was one of the laggards
7:84 And We rained down upon them a rain; so look how was the end of the criminals
7:85 And to Madyan (We sent) their brother Shuaayb. He said, "O my people! Worship Allah! In no way do you have any god other than He. A supreme evidence has already come to you from your Lord; so fill up the measure and the balance, and do not depreciate mankind their things; (i.e., their goods) and do not corrupt in the earth after its being righteous. That (Literally: those "orders") is most charitable for you, in case you are believers
7:86 And do not sit in every path, threatening and barring from the way of Allah (the ones) who believe in Him, and inequitably seeking to make (His way) crooked. And remember when you were few, then He multiplied you; and look how was the end of the corruptors
7:87 And in case there is a section of you who have believed in what (i.e. in the Message) I have been sent with, and a section who have not believed, then be patient till Allah shall judge between us; and He is The Most Charitable of judges."
7:88 The chiefs who waxed proud among his people said, "Indeed we will definitely drive you out, O Shuaayb, and the ones who have believed with you, from our town, or (else) you indeed will definitely go back to our creed." Said he, "Even if we hate (Literally: and even if we are hating "that") it
7:89 We would have already fabricated against Allah a lie in case we (ever) went back into your creed, after Allah has finally delivered us from it; and in no way can we return into it, unless Allah, our Lord, so decides. Our Lord embraces everything in (His) knowledge. On Allah h we have put our trust. Our Lord! Arbitrate with the truth between us and our people, and You are The Most Charitable of arbiters."
7:90 And the chiefs who disbelieved from among his people said, "Indeed in case you (ever) follow Shuaayb, lo, surely in that case you will indeed be losers."
7:91 Then the Commotion took them (away); so in the morning they became cowering (bodies) in their residence
7:92 The ones who cried lies to Shuaayb were as if they had not flourished in it; the ones who cried lies to Shuaayb were they (who) were the losers
7:93 So he turned away from them and said, "O my people! Indeed I have already proclaimed the Messages of my Lord and advised you (sincerely), so how should I feel sad for a disbelieving people?"
7:94 And in no way have We sent any Prophet into a town except that We took its population with misery and tribulation that possibly they would earnestly supplicate (Us)
7:95 Thereafter We exchanged in place of an odious deed a fair (reward), (i.e., replaced adversity by good fortune) till they lived in luxury and said, "Tribulation and easiness already touched our fathers." So We took them (away) suddenly, (while) they were not aware
7:96 And if the population of the towns had believed and been pious, We indeed would have opened upon them blessings from the heaven and the earth, but they cried lies, (and) so We took them (away) for what they were earning
7:97 So, do the population of the towns feel secure that Our violence will not come up to them (in their homes) at night (while) they are sleeping
7:98 Or do the population of the towns feel secure that Our violence will not come up to them in the forenoon while they are playing
7:99 So, do they feel secure against the scheming of Allah? Then none feels secure against the scheming of Allah except the people (who) are the losers
7:100 And is it not a guidance (Literally: Does it not guide them) to the ones who inherit the earth after its population that, if We (so) decide, We will afflict them for their guilty deeds, and We stamp upon their hearts so they do not hear
7:101 Such were the towns We narrate (some) tidings of them to you, and indeed their Messengers already came to them with the supremely evident (signs). So in no way could they believe in what they had cried lies (to) earlier. Thus Allah stamps upon the hearts of the disbelievers
7:102 And in no way did We find (loyalty to any) covenant in most of them, and decidedly We found most of them immoral indeed
7:103 Thereafter We sent forth even after them Musa (Moses) with Our signs to Firaawn (Pharaoh) and his chiefs, yet they did injustice regarding them. So look how was the end of the corruptors
7:104 And Musa (Moses) said, "O Firaawn! (Pharaoh) Surely I am a Messenger from The Lord of the worlds
7:105 Truly (worthy) to say nothing regarding Allah except the truth. I have already come to you with a supremely evident (sign) from your Lord, so send forth with me the Seeds (Or: sons) of ."Israel)
7:106 Said he, "In case you have come with a sign, so come up with it, in case you are of the sincere."
7:107 So he cast his staff, and only then was it an evident serpent
7:108 And he drew out his hand, and only then was it white to the on-lookers
7:109 The chiefs of Firaawn's (pharaoh's) people said, "Surely this is indeed a knowledgeable sorcerer
7:110 Who would (like to) drive you out of your land; so, what (is it that) you command?"
7:111 They said, "Put him off, and his brother, (a while) and send among the cities mutterers
7:112 (And) they will come up to you with every knowledgeable sorcerer."
7:113 And the sorcerers came to Firaawn; they said, "Surely we will indeed have a reward in case we ourselves, are the over comers."
7:114 Said he, "Yes, and surely you will indeed be among the near-stationed."
7:115 They said, "O Musa! (Moses) Either you cast, or we ourselves will be the ones casting (first)."
7:116 Said he, "You cast." So as soon as they cast, they bewitched (their) fellowmen?s eyes, and overawed them, and came with a tremendous sorcery
7:117 And We revealed to Musa (Moses) (saying), "Cast your staff." So, only then did it gulp whatever they falsified
7:118 So the Truth came to pass, (Literally: fell "on them") and void (Literally: became untrue) was whatever they were doing
7:119 So they were overcome over there, and they turned over belittled
7:120 And the sorcerers were cast down prostrating
7:121 They said, "We believe in The Lord of the worlds
7:122 The Lord of Musa (Moses) and Harun." (Aaron
7:123 Firaawn (Pharaoh) said, "You have believed in Him before I permit you. Surely this is indeed a scheme you have been scheming in the city that you may drive out its population. Yet you will eventually know
7:124 Indeed I will definitely cut up your hands and your legs alternately, thereafter indeed I will definitely crucify you all together."
7:125 They said, "Surely to our Lord we are around (Literally: turning over)
7:126 And in no way do you take vengeance upon us except that we have believed in the signs of our Lord as soon they came to us. Our Lord, pour out upon us patience and take us to Yourself as Muslims."
7:127 And the chiefs of the people of Firaawn said, "Will you leave Musa (Moses) and his people corrupt in the earth, and leave you and your gods behind?" He said, "We will soon massacre their sons and (spare) alive their women, and surely above them we are vanquishers."
7:128 Musa said to his people, "Beseech Allah for help and be patient; surely the earth (belongs) to Allah. He causes whomever He decides among His bondmen to inherit it, and the (prosperous) end is for the pious."
7:129 They said, "We were hurt even before you came up to us and even after you came to us." Said he, "It may be that your Lord will cause your enemy to perish and make you successors in the earth; so He looks into how you do."
7:130 And indeed We already took the house of Firaawn (to task) with years (of dearth), and diminution of products, that possibly they would constantly remember
7:131 Then when the fair (reward) came to them, they said, "This belongs to us, " and in case an odious (thing) afflicted them, they would augur ill by Musa (Moses) and the ones with him. Verily their bird (of augury) is surely only in the Meeting with Allah, but most of them did not know
7:132 And they said, "No matter what sign you come up with to us to bewitch us, then in no way are we believers with you."
7:133 So We sent upon them the deluge, and the locusts, and the lice, and the frogs, and the blood, expounded signs; yet they waxed proud and were a criminal people
7:134 And as soon as the chastisement befell them, they said, "O Musa! Invoke your Lord for us by what He covenanted in your presence. Indeed in case you lift off from us the chastisement, indeed we will definitely believe you, and indeed we will definitely send with you the Seeds (Or: sons) of ."Israel
7:135 Then as soon as We lifted off from them the chastisement to a term that they should reach, only then did they breach (their covenant)
7:136 So We took vengeance on them, then We drowned them in the main for that they cried lies to Our signs, and they were heedless of them
7:137 And We caused the people that were deemed weak to inherit the eastern parts of the earth and the western parts, which We had blessed, and the Fairest Word of your Lord was perfectly (fulfilled) upon the Seeds of for whatever they (endured) patiently; and We destroyed whatever Firaawn (pharaoh) used to work, (i.e., make) and his people, and what they used to trellis. (Literally: to trellis. Understood here to mean build as thrones, palaces and towers)
7:138 And We made the Seeds (or: sons) of Israel) pass over the sea. Then they came upon a people consecrating themselves to idols they had. They said, "O Musa, (Moses) make for us a god as they have gods." He said, "Surely you are a people who are ignorant
7:139 Surely, whatever (idols) these (people consecrated themselves to) will be completely annihilated, and whatever they were doing is untrue."
7:140 He said, "Shall I inequitably seek a god for you other than Allah and He has graced you over the worlds.?"
7:141 And as We delivered you from the house of Firaawn (Pharaoh) who were marking you for an odious torment, massacring your sons and (sparing) alive your women, and in that (Literally: those (things) was a tremendous trial from your Lord.
7:142 And We appointed with Musa (Moses) thirty nights and We perfected them with ten, so the fixed time of his Lord was perfect for forty nights. And Musa (Moses) said to his brother Harun, (Aaron) "Be my successor among my people and act righteously; do not ever follow the way of the corruptors."
7:143 And as soon as Musa came to Our fixed time and his Lord spoke to him, he said, "Lord! Show me, that I may look at You!" Said He, "You will never see Me; but look at the mountain, so, in case it stays residing in its place, then you will eventually see Me." Then as soon as his Lord manifested Himself to the mountain, He made it pounded (into dust), and Musa collapsed stunned. So, as soon as he recovered, he said, All Extolment be to You! I repent to You, and I am the first of the believers."
7:144 Said He, "O Musa! Surely I have elected you above mankind for My Messages and for My Words (to you); so take what I have brought you, and be of the thankful."
7:145 And We wrote for him on the Tablets of everything an admonition, and an expounding of everything. "So take them with power, and command your people to take the fairest of them. I will soon show you the residence of the immoral.
7:146 I will soon turn about from My signs (the ones) who wax proud in the earth untruthfully; and in case they see every sign, they do not believe in it; and in case they see the way of right-mindedness, they will not take it to themselves for a way, and in case they see the way of misguidance, they will take it to themselves for a way. That is for that they cried lies to Our signs and were heedless of them."
7:147 And the ones who have cried lies to Our signs and the meeting in the Hereafter, their deeds have (become) frustrated. Should they be recompensed, except (according to) whatever they were doing?
7:148 And the people of Musa (Moses) took to themselves even after him, of their (diverse) ornaments, a corporeal Calf that had a lowing (voice). Did they not see that it did not speak to them nor did it guide them upon any way? They took it to themselves and were an unjust (people).
7:149 And as soon as it was made to fall down in their hands, (i.e., they regretted.) and (they) saw that they had already erred, they said, "Indeed in case our Lord has no mercy on us and does not forgive us, indeed, we will definitely be of the losers."
7:150 And as soon as Musa returned to his people, all-enraged and sorrowful, he said, "Miserable is what you have done while staying behind me (just) after my (departure). Would you hasten on the Command of your Lord?" And he cast down the Tablets and took hold of his brother's head, dragging him towards himself. He said, "Son of my mother, surely the people deemed me weak and were almost about to kill me. So do not make the enemies to gloat over me, and do not set me (Literally: do not make me) among the unjust people"
7:151 He said, "Lord! Forgive me and my brother and cause us to enter into Your mercy; and You are The Most Merciful of the merciful."
7:152 Surely the ones who took to themselves the Calf anger will soon pertain to them from their Lord, and humiliation in the present life; (Literally: the lowly life, i.e., the life of this world) and thus We recompense the fabricators.
7:153 And the ones who do odious deeds, thereafter repent even after that and believe, surely even after that your Lord is indeed Ever-Forgiving, Ever-Merciful.
7:154 And as soon as Musa's (Moses) anger calmed down, he took the Tablets; and in the transcript of them was a guidance and a mercy to the ones who hold their Lord in awe.
7:155 And Musa (Moses) chose his people, seventy men, for Our fixed time; then, as soon as the commotion took them, he said, "Lord! If you had so decided, You would have caused them to perish earlier and me. Would You cause us to perish for what the foolish ones of us have performed? Decidedly it is (nothing) except Your temptation, whereby You lead to error whomever You decide, and You guide whomever You decide. You are our Ever-Patronizing Patron, so forgive us and have mercy on us, and You are The Most Charitable of forgivers.
7:156 And prescribe for us in this present (Literally: this lowly (life), i.e., the life of this word) (life) a fair (reward), and in the Hereafter; surely we have Judaized (i.e., to be a Jew) to You." Said He, "My torment, I afflict with it whomever I decide, and My mercy has embraced everything; so I will soon prescribe it to the ones who are pious and bring the Zakat, (i.e., pay the poor-dues) and the ones who (themselves) believe in Our signs,
7:157 The ones who closely follow the Messenger, the Prophet, the illiterate one, whom they find written down in their presence in the Tawrah (the Book revealed to Musa (Moses) and the Injil, (the Book revealed to Isa (Jesus) commanding them to beneficence, and forbidding them maleficence, making lawful for them the good things, and prohibiting for them the wicked things, and ridding them of their obligation and the shackles that were upon them. So the ones who believe in him, and rally to him (in assistance) and vindicate him, and closely follow the light that has been sent down with him, those are they (who) are the prosperers."
7:158 Say, "O you mankind, surely I am the Messenger of Allah to you altogether, to Whom belongs the Kingdom of the heavens and the earth. There is no god except He. He gives life and causes to die. So believe in Allah and His Messenger, the Prophet the illiterate one who believes in Allah and His Speeches, and follow him closely that possibly you would be guided."
7:159 And of the people of Musa (Moses) there is a nation who guide with the truth, and by it do with justice.. And We cut them up into twelve Grandsons, (i.e., tribes.) nations
7:160 And We Cut them up into twelve Grandsons, (Moses) nations. And We revealed to Musa, as his people asked him for water, (saying), "Strike with your staff the stone!" So there squirt forth from it twelve springs; every folk already knew their drinking-place. And We overshadowed them with mists, and We sent down manna and quails upon them: (i.e. the Tribes) "Eat of whatever good things with which We have provided you." And in no way did they do injustice to Us, but to themselves they were doing injustice.
7:161 And as it was said to them, "Dwell (serenely) in this town and eat of it where you decide, and say, "Unburdening, " (Unburdening of their sins, i.e, forgiveness) and enter the gate constantly prostrating. (Then) We shall forgive you your offences. We will soon increase the fair-doers."
7:162 Then the ones who did injustice among them substituted a saying other than what had been said to them; so We sent (down) upon them a chastisement from the heaven for their doing injustice.
7:163 And ask them concerning the town which was by the (Literally: present by the sea) sea, as they were aggressors on (i.e. They broke the Sabbath) the Sabbath, as their whales came to them on the day of their Sabbath with their heads up, (i.e. They were swimming shorewards) and on the day they did not keep Sabbath, they did not come up to them. Thus did We try them for they were acting immorally.
7:164 And as a (certain) nation of them said, "Why do you admonish a people whom Allah (is) causing to perish or tormenting with a strict torment?" They said, " (As) a (possible) excuse to your Lord, and that possibly they would be pious."
7:165 So, as soon as they forgot what they were reminded of, We delivered the ones who were forbidding odious deeds and We took (away) the ones who did injustice with most miserable torment because they were acting immorally.
7:166 Then as soon as they rebelled against what they had been forbidden to do, We said to them, "Be you apes, (totally) spurned!"
7:167 And as your Lord has notified that indeed He will definitely send forth against them, to the Day of the Resurrection, ones who would mark them for an odious torment. Surely your Lord is indeed swift in punishment, and surely He is indeed Ever-Forgiving, Ever-Merciful.
7:168 And We cut them up in the earth into nations, (some) of them righteous, and (some) of them lesser than that; (Literally: orher than that) and We tried them with fair things and odious things that possibly they would return.
7:169 Then there succeeded even after them a succession who inherited the Book, taking the advantage of this meaner (life), and saying, "Soon it will be forgiven us." And in case an advantage, the like of it, comes up to them, they will take it. Has not the compact of the Book been taken upon them, that they should say nothing concerning Allah except the truth? And they studied what is in it; and the Last Residence is most charitable for the ones who are pious. Then do you not consider (that?.
7:170 And the ones who hold fast to the Book and keep up the prayer, surely We do not waste the reward of the righteous doer
7:171 And (remember) as We agitated the mountain above them as if it were an overshadowing (awning) and they expected it was going to fall down on them: "Take powerfully what We have brought you, and remember what is in it, that possibly you would be pious."
7:172 And (remember) as your Lord took from the Seeds (Or. sons) of Adam, from their backs, their offspring, and made them bear witness concerning themselves, "Am I not your Lord?" They said, "Yes indeed, we bear witness." (So) that you should not say on the Day of the Resurrection, "Surely we were heedless of this, "
7:173 Or that you should not say, "Surely it is only our fathers (who) associated (i.e., associated others with Allah) earlier, and we were (their) offspring even after them. Would You then cause us to perish for what the wrong-doers performed?"
7:174 And thus We expound the signs and possibly that they would return.
7:175 And recite to them the tiding of him to whom We brought Our signs, yet he stripped himself out of them; (i.e., he abaudoned them) then Ash-Shytan (The all-vicious one, i.e., the Devil) followed up after him, (and) so he became of the misguided.
7:176 And if We had decided, We would indeed have raised him thereby, but he clung to the earth and closely followed his prejudice. So the likeness of him is like the likeness of a dog: in case you burden it, it lolls (its tongue out), or (in case) you leave it, it lolls (its tongue out). That is the likeness of the people who have cried lies to Our signs. So narrate (these) narratives that possibly they would meditate.
7:177 An odious likeness (is the likeness) of the people who have cried lies to Our signs, and to themselves they were doing injustice.
7:178 Whomever Allah guides, (then) he is (rightly) guided; and whomever He leads into error, then those are they (who are) the losers.
7:179 And indeed We have already propagated for Hell many of the jinn and humankind; they have hearts with which they do not comprehend, and they have eyes with which they do not behold, and they have ears with which they do not hear. Those are like the cattle; no indeed, they are further in error. Those are they (who are) heedless.
7:180 And to Allah (belong) the Fairest Names, so invoke Him by them, and leave behind the ones who blaspheme His Names; they will soon be recompensed (for) whatever they were doing.
7:181 And of the ones We created are a nation who guide with the Truth and by it do justice.
7:182 And the ones who have cried lies to Our signs, We will soon gradually draw them (to punishment) from where they do not know.
7:183 And I reprieve them; surely My plotting is constantly pervading.
7:184 And do they not meditate? There is no madness in their Companion. (The Prophet) Decidedly he is nothing except an evident warner.
7:185 And have they not looked into the Dominion of the heavens and the earth and what things Allah has created, and that may be that their term has already drawn near? So, in whichever discourse after (this) are they to believe?
7:186 Whomever Allah leads into error, then no guide he has, and He leaves them blundering in their inordinance.
7:187 They ask you concerning the Hour, when it will have its anchorage. (i.e., when it will take place) Say, "Surely the knowledge of it is only in the Providence of my Lord; none will manifest it at its (proper) time except He. It is heavy in the heavens and the earth. It will not come up to you except suddenly!" They ask you, as if you were thoroughly (acquainted) with it. Say, "Surely the knowledge of it is only in the Providence of Allah, but most of mankind do not know."
7:188 Say, "I do not possess (any) benefit or harm for myself, except what ever Allah decides; and if I had known the Unseen, I would indeed have got plenty of the most charitable things, and in no way would odious times have touched me. Decidedly I am nothing except a constant warner and a constant bearer of good tidings to a people who believe."
7:189 He is The One Who created you of one self, and made of it its spouse that he might serenely dwell with her. Then as soon as he (intimately) enveloped her, she bore a light burden, then she passed by with it; then when she became heavy, they both invoked Allah their Lord, "Indeed in case you bring us a righteous (child), (Or: of righteous disosition.) we indeed will be definitely of the thankful."
7:190 Then, as soon as He brought them a righteous (child), they set up for Him associates in what He had brought them. Yet Allah is Supremely Exalted above whatever they associate.
7:191 Do they associate (with Allah) that which does not create anything, and they themselves are created,
7:192 And that are unable to vindicate them, neither will they vindicate themselves?
7:193 And in case you (i.e. the believers) call them to the guidance, they do not ever follow you; equal it is to you whether you call them, or whether you are silent.
7:194 Surely the ones you invoke, apart from Allah, are bondmen the likes of you; so invoke them, (and) then let them respond to you, in case you are sincere.
7:195 Do they have legs with which they walk, or (even) do they have hands with which they assault, or (even) do they have eyes with which they behold, or (even) do they have ears with which they hear? Say, "Invoke your associates, thereafter plot against me, (and) then do not respite me.
7:196 Surely my Ever-Patronizing Patron is Allah, Who has been sending down the Book and He patronizes the righteous.
7:197 And the ones you invoke apart from Him are neither able to vindicate you nor to vindicate themselves."
7:198 And in case you call them to the guidance, they do not hear, and you see them looking at you, and they do not behold.
7:199 Take to clemency, and command benevolence, and veer away from the ignorant.
7:200 And definitely in case an incitement from Ash-Shaytan (the all-vicious (one), i.e., the Devil) ever incites you, then seek refuge in Allah; surely He is Ever-Hearing, Ever-Knowing.
7:201 Surely the ones who are pious, when a visitation of Ash-Shaytan (the all-vicious (one), i.e., the Devil) touches them, remind themselves, then, only then are they (clear) beholders.
7:202 And their brethren reinforce them into misguidance, thereafter they do not stop short.
7:203 And when you do not come up to them with a sign, they say, "Why have you not selected it?" Say, "Surely I closely follow only what has been revealed to me from my Lord; these one evident demonstrations (i.e., demonstrations for beholders) from your Lord, and a guidance, and a mercy for a people who believe."
7:204 And when the Qur'an is read, then listen to it and hearken, that possibly you would be granted mercy.
7:205 And remember your Lord within yourself, in supplication and in fright, other than being (too) loud in words, in the early mornings and the (hours) before sunset, and do not be among the heedless.
7:206 Surely the ones who are in the Providence of your Lord do not wax too proud to (do) Him worship, and they extol Him, and to Him they prostrate themselves (A prostration is to be performed after this verse


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