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al-An`am (Cattle, Livestock)
as rendered by Muhammad Mahmoud Ghali
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Muhammad Mahmoud Ghali rendition of Surah Cattle, Livestock(al-An`am)
6:1 Praise be to Allah Who created the heavens and the earth, and made darkness (es) and light, thereafter the ones who have disbelieved unjustly set up equals (Or: rivals) to their Lord
6:2 He is (The One) Who created you of clay, thereafter He decreed a term, and a term is stated in His Sight; thereafter you wrangle about that
6:3 And He is Allah in the heavens and in the earth. He knows your secret and your speaking aloud and He knows whatever you are earning
6:4 And in no way is there even a sign of the signs of their Lord that comes up to them except that they are veering away from it
6:5 So they already cried lies to the Truth as soon as it came to them. Then the tidings of whatever they used to mock will eventually come up to them
6:6 Have they not seen how many a generation We caused to perish even before them, (whom) We had established in the earth, in whatever We have not established you, and We sent the heaven upon them plentifully, and made the rivers to run from beneath them? Then We caused them to perish for their guilty (deeds), and We brought into being even after them another generation
6:7 And if We had been sending down upon you a Book on paper, so they touched it with their hands, the ones who have disbelieved would indeed have said, "Decidedly this is nothing except evident sorcery."
6:8 And they said, "If only an Angel had been sent down on him!" And (yet), if We had sent down an Angel, the Command would indeed have been decreed; thereafter they would not be respited
6:9 And if We had made him an Angel, We would indeed have made him a man, and We would indeed have confounded for them whatever they are confounding
6:10 And indeed Messengers were already mocked at even before you; then what they were scoffing at redounded upon the ones who mocked at them
6:11 Say, "Travel in the earth; thereafter look into how was the end of the beliers."
6:12 Say, "To whom (belongs) whatever is in the heavens and the earth?" Say, "To Allah." He has prescribed for Himself (the) mercy. Indeed He will definitely gather you to the Day of the Resurrection; there is no suspicion about it. The ones who have lost their (own) selves; so they do not believe
6:13 And to Him belongs whatever rests in the night and the daytime; and He is The Ever-Hearing, The Ever-Knowing
6:14 Say, "Shall I take to myself as constant patron other than Allah, The Originator (Literally: The Renderer) of the heavens and the earth, and He is (The One) Who feeds, and is not fed?" Say, "Surely I have been commanded to be the first of the ones who have surrendered, " (i.e. who have become Muslims) and definitely do not be of the associators (i.e., those who associate others with Allah)
6:15 Say, "Surely I fear, in case I disobey my Lord, the torment of a tremendous Day."
6:16 From whomever it is turned about (i.e., it "torment" is turned away) upon that Day, then He will have mercy on him; and that is the evident triumph
6:17 And in case Allah touches you with an adversity, then none (can) lift it off except He, and in case He touches you with charity, (i.e., benefit, welfare) then He is Ever-Determiner over everything
6:18 And He is The Vanquisher above His bondmen, and He is The Ever-Wise, The Ever-Cognizant
6:19 Say, "Which thing is greatest in testimony?" Say, " Allah is Ever- Witnessing between me and you; and this Qur'an has been revealed to me to warn you thereby and whomever it reaches." Do you surely bear witness indeed that there are other gods with Allah?" Say, "I do not bear witness." Say, "Surely He is only One God, and surely I (myself) am quit of whatever you associate (with Him)."
6:20 The ones to whom We have brought the Book recognize it (just) as they recognize their sons. The ones who lost their (own) selves, so they do not believe
6:21 And who is more unjust than he who fabricates against Allah a lie, or cries lies to His signs? Sure it is that the unjust will not prosper
6:22 And on the Day We muster them altogether, thereafter We say to the ones who associated (other gods with Allah), "Where are your associates whom you were asserting?"
6:23 Thereafter they will have no temptation (i.e., contention, subterfuge. Literally: their temptation will be (nothing) except that they (will) say, "By Allah, our Lord, in no way were we associators (of other gods with Allah)."
6:24 Look into how they lie against themselves and how whatever they were fabricating has erred away from them
6:25 And among them are they who listen to you, and We set (Literally: make) upon their hearts lids, (so) they do not comprehend it, and in their ears obstruction; and in case they see every sign, they do not believe in it, until (the time) when they come to you, they dispute with you. The ones who have disbelieved say, "Decidedly this is nothing except the myths of the earliest (peoples)."
6:26 And they forbid (i.e., the Qur'an) it, and retire aside of it, (i.e., keep away from it) and decidedly it is only themselves they cause to perish, and in no way are they aware of (it)
6:27 And if you could see (them) as they are made to stand against the Fire, so they say, "Oh, would that we might be turned back, and (then) we would not cry lies to the signs of our Lord, and we would be among the believers!"
6:28 No indeed, that which they were concealing earlier has (now) become displayed to them; and (even) if they were turned back, they would indeed go back to what they were forbidden; and surely they are liars indeed
6:29 And they have said, "Decidedly there is (nothing) except our present life, (Literally: the lowly life, i.e., the life of this world) and in no way ever are we made to rise again."
6:30 And if you could see (them) as they are made to stand against their Lord! He will say, "Is not this (ever) the Truth?" They will say, "Yes indeed by our Lord!" He will say, "Then taste the torment because you used to disbelieve."
6:31 The ones who have cried lies to the meeting with Allah have already lost until, when the Hour comes to them suddenly, they will say, "Oh, alas for us, for whatever we neglected in it." And they will be carrying their encumbrances (Literally: whatever "they are encumbered with") on their backs. Verily odious are the encumbrances they bear
6:32 And in no way is the present life (Literally: the lowly life, i.e., the life of this world) (anything) except a plaything and a diversion, and the Last Residence is indeed most charitable for the ones who are pious. Do you then not consider
6:33 We already know that surely it indeed grieves you (the things) they say. Yet surely they do not cry lies to you, but the unjust (people) repudiate the signs of Allah
6:34 And Messengers even before you were indeed already cried lies to, (yet) they were patient against what they were cried lies to (i.e., patient with what they were accused of lying about) and were hurt, until Our victory came up to them. And none can exchange the Words of Allah, and indeed there has already come to you (some) tiding of the Emissaries
6:35 And in case their veering away from you is greatly (annoying) to you, so in case you are able to seek out a tunnel in the earth, or a ladder in the heaven, then you would come up to them with a sign. And if Allah had so decided, He would indeed have gathered them to the guidance. So definitely do not be one of the ignorant
6:36 Surely the ones who will respond are only the ones who hear. And the dead, Allah will make them rise again. thereafter to Him they will be returned
6:37 And they have said, "If (only) a sign had been sent down upon him from his Lord!" Say, "Surely Allah is Determiner over sending down a sign, but most of them do not know."
6:38 And in no way is there a beast (moving) in the earth nor a bird flying with its two wings except that they are nations like you. In no way have We neglected anything whatever in the Book; thereafter to their Lord they will be mustered
6:39 And the ones who have cried lies to Our signs are deaf and dumb in the darkness (es). Whomever Allah decides, He leads away into error, and whomever He decides, He sets (Literally: makes) him on a straight Path
6:40 Say, "Have you seen (for) yourselves, in case the torment of Allah comes up to you or the Hour comes up to you, will you invoke any other than Allah, in case you are (truly) sincere?"
6:41 No indeed, Him only you do invoke, so He lifts off that for which you invoke Him in case He (so) decides, and you will forget whatever you associate (with Him)
6:42 And indeed We have already sent to nations even before you; so We took them (to task) with misery and tribulation, that possibly they would supplicate to (Us)
6:43 If (only) as Our violence came to them, they had supplicated! But their hearts hardened and Ash-Shaytan (The all-vicious, i.e., the Devil) adorned to them whatever they were doing
6:44 So, as soon as they forgot what they were reminded of, We opened upon them the gates of everything, until when they exulted with what was brought to them, We took them (away) suddenly; then lo, they were dumbfounded
6:45 So, the last trace of the people who did injustice was cut (off). And praise be to Allah, The Lord of the worlds
6:46 Say, "Have you seen (that) in case Allah takes away your hearing and your be holdings, (Literally: eyesights) and seals your hearts, who is a god other than Allah to come up with them (back) to you?" (i.e., bring them "back" to you) Look how We propound the signs; thereafter they turn aside
6:47 Say, "Have you seen for yourselves? In case the torment of Allah comes up to you suddenly or openly, will any be perished except the unjust people?"
6:48 And in no way do We send the Emissaries except as constant bearers of good tidings and constant warners. So whoever believes and acts righteously, then no fear will be on them, nor will they grieve
6:49 And the ones who cry lies to Our signs, (the) torment will touch them for that they used to be immoral (i.e., with me)
6:50 Say, "I do not say to you I have in my presence (i.e., with me) the treasuries of Allah, and I do not know the Unseen, and I do not say to you that surely I am an Angel. Decidedly I closely follow (nothing) except what has been revealed to me." Say, "Are the blind and the constantly beholding (man) equal? Will you then not meditate?"
6:51 And warn with it the ones who fear that they will be mustered to their Lord. They have, apart from Him, no constant patron and no constant intercessor, that possibly they would be pious
6:52 And do not drive away the ones who invoke their Lord in the early morning and at nightfall willing (to seek) His Face; in no way are you (responsible) for their reckoning in anything, and in no way are they (responsible) for your reckoning in anything that you should drive them away, and so you would be of the unjust
6:53 And thus We have tempted some of them by (others) (Literally: by some "others") that they may say, "Are these (the ones) Allah has been bounteous to among us?" Is not Allah the Best Knower of the thankful
6:54 And when the ones who believe in Our signs come to you, then say, "Peace be upon you. Your Lord has prescribed for Himself (the) mercy, that whoever of you does an odious deed in ignorance, thereafter repents even after that and acts righteously, then (say) that He is Ever-Forgiving, Ever-Merciful."
6:55 And thus We expound the signs, and that the way of the criminals may become evident
6:56 Say, "Surely I am forbidden to worship the ones you invoke apart from Allah." Say, "I do not ever follow your prejudices, (then) lo, I have already erred, and in no way would I be of the rightly- guided."
6:57 Say, "Surely I am on a supreme evidence from my Lord and you have cried lies to it. In no way do I have whatever you seek to hasten; decidedly the judgment is with none except Allah. He narrates the Truth, and He is The Most Charitable of verdict givers."
6:58 Say, "If whatever you seek to hasten were in my presence, the Command between me and you would indeed be decreed, and Allah is the Best Knower of the unjust."
6:59 And in His Providence are the keys of the Unseen; none knows them except He. And He knows whatever is in the land and the sea. And in no way does a leaf fall down, except that He knows it, and not a grain in the darkness (es) of the earth, not a thing wet or dry, except that it is in an evident Book
6:60 And He is (The One) Who takes you up by night, and He knows whatever you indulge in by daytime; thereafter He makes you rise again therein that a stated term may be decreed; thereafter to Him will be your return; thereafter He will fully inform you of whatever you were doing
6:61 And He is The Vanquisher above His bondmen, and He sends preservers over you till, when death comes to any of you, Our Messengers take him up, and they (i.e., the Messengers) do not ever neglect
6:62 Thereafter they are turned back to Allah their Supreme Patronizer, The True. Verily His is the judgment; and He is The Swiftest of Reckoners
6:63 Say, "Who safely delivers you from the darkness (es) of the land and the sea? You invoke Him supplicating and (covertly) concealed, "Indeed in case He delivers us from these, indeed we will definitely be among the thankful."
6:64 Say, Allah safely delivers you from them and from every agony; thereafter you associate (others) with Him."
6:65 Say, "He is The Determiner over sending forth upon you a torment, from above you or from beneath your legs, (i.e., under your feet) or to confound you in sects and to make you taste the violence of one another." (Literally: some of you the violence of some) Look how We propound the signs that possibly they would comprehend
6:66 And your people have cried it lies; and it is the Truth. Say, "I am not a constant trustee over you
6:67 Every tiding has its repository; and you will eventually know."
6:68 And when you see the ones who wade (Or: plunge; become absorbed in) into Our signs, then veer away from them until they wade (Or: plunge; become absorbed in) into (some) other discourse; and in case Ash-Shaytan (The all-vicious, i.e., the Devil) ever definitely makes you forget, then do not sit, after the Reminding, with the unjust people
6:69 And in no way are the ones who are pious (responsible) for their reckoning in anything. But (it is only) a Reminding, that possibly they would be pious
6:70 And leave out the ones who have taken to themselves their religion for a plaything and a diversion, and whom the present (Literally: lowly life, i.e., the life of this world) life has deluded. And remind with it (i.e., with the true religion ( Islam) so that a self should not be discomfited for what it has earned. Apart from Allah, it has no patron or intercessor. And in case it has (performed) all (acts) of justice, (Literally: if it does Justice with all Justice) it will not be taken from it. Those are they who are discomfited for what they have earned; they will have a drink of scalding (water) and a painful torment for what they used to disbelieve
6:71 Say, "Shall we invoke, apart from Allah, that which neither profits nor harms us, and will we be turned back on our heels after that Allah has guided us?" Like him whom Ash-Shayatin (The all-vicious "ones"; i.e., the devils) have lured in the earth, bewildered, (who) has companions calling him to the Guidance, "Come up to us!" Say, " Surely the Guidance of Allah is the (true) Guidance, and we are commanded to surrender to The Lord of the worlds
6:72 And to keep up the prayer (s), and be pious to Him, and He is (The One) to Whom you will be mustered."
6:73 And He is (The One) Who created the heavens and the earth with the Truth; and the day He says, "Be!" and it is. His Saying is the Truth, and His is the Kingdom the Day the Trumpet will be blown; He is The Knower of the Unseen and the Witnessed; and He is The Ever-Wise, The Ever-Cognizant
6:74 And as Ibrahim (Abraham) said to his father Azar, "Do you take to yourself idols for gods? Surely I see you and your people in evident error."
6:75 And thus We show Ibrahim (Abraham) the dominion of the heavens and the earth that he may be of the ones of constant certitude
6:76 So as soon as the night outspread over him, he saw a planet. He said, "This is my Lord." Then, as soon as it set, (Literally: waned, faded) he said, "I do not love the setting (things)."
6:77 Then, as soon as he saw the moon emerging, he said, "This is my Lord." Yet as soon as it set, he said, "Indeed unless my Lord guides me, indeed I will definitely be of the erring people."
6:78 Then, as soon as he saw the sun emerging, he said, "This is my Lord, this is greater." Yet as soon as it set, he said, "O my people, surely I am quit of whatever you associate (with Allah)
6:79 Surely I have directed my face to Him Who originated (i.e., created) the heavens and the earth, unswervingly upright, (i.e., by nature upright) and in no way am I one of the associators." (i.e., those who associate others with Allah
6:80 And his people argued with him. He said, "Do you argue with me concerning Allah, and He has already guided me? And I do not fear what you associate with Him, except my Lord will decide anything. My Lord embraces everything in His Knowledge; will you not remind yourselves
6:81 And how should I fear what you have associated, and you do not fear that you have associated with Allah that on which He has not sent down on you any all-binding authority? Then, which of the two groups is truly (worthier) of security, in case you know?"
6:82 The ones who have believed and have not confounded their belief with injustice, to those belong the (true) security, and they are right-guided
6:83 And that is Our Argument, (which) We brought Ibrahim (Abraham) against his people. We raise up in degrees whomever We decide; surely your Lord is Ever-Wise, Ever-Knowing
6:84 And We bestowed upon him Ishaq and Yaaqub; (Isaac and Jacob, respectively) each one We guided. And Nuh (Noah) We guided earlier, and of his offspring Dawud and Sulayman, and Ayyub and Yusuf, and Musa and Harun (David, Solomon, Job, Joseph, Moses and Aaron, respectively). And thus We recompense the fair-doers
6:85 And Zakariyya and Yahya and Isa and Ilyas, (Zechariah, John, Jesus and Elias "Elijah", respectively) each one was of the righteous
6:86 And Ismail and Alyasaca and Yunus, and Lut; (Ishmael, Elisha, Jonah and Lot, respectively) and each one We graced over the worlds
6:87 And of their fathers, and of their off springs, and of their brethren; and We selected them, and We guided them to a straight Path
6:88 That is the Guidance of Allah; He guides by it whomever He decides of His bondmen; and if they associated anything (with Him), indeed whatever they were doing would be frustrated for them
6:89 Those are they to whom We brought the Book, and the Judgment, and the Prophethood; yet, in case these disbelieve in it, then We have already entrusted it to a people who are not disbelievers in it (at all)
6:90 Those are they whom Allah has guided; so emulate their guidance. Say, "I do not ask you (any) reward for it; decidedly it is (nothing) except a Reminding to the worlds."
6:91 And in no way have they estimated Allah His true estimate as they said, "In no way has Allah sent down anything on any mortal." Say, "Who sent down the Book that Musa (Moses) came with (as) a light and a guidance to mankind? You make it into papers, displaying them, and concealing much; and you were taught what you did not know yourselves, nor your fathers." Say, " Allah." Thereafter leave them out, playing in their wading (i.e., plunge in vain discourse)
6:92 And this is a Book We have sent down, blessed (and) sincerely (verifying) that which was before (Literally: between its two hands) it, and for you to warn the Mother of the Towns (Makkah) and whomever are around it; and the ones who believe in the Hereafter believe in it, and they (constantly) preserve their prayer
6:93 And who is more unjust than he who has fabricated against Allah a lie, or has said, "To me it has been revealed, " and nothing has been revealed to him, and who has said, "I will send down the like of what Allah has sent down." And if you could see, as the unjust (people) are in the perplexities of death and the Angels are stretching out their hands. "Get yourselves out! Today you are recompensed with the torment of degradation for what you were saying against Allah other than the truth, and you used to wax proud against His signs."
6:94 And indeed you have come to Us singly, as We created you the first time, and you have left whatever We granted you behind your backs. And in no way do We see with you your intercessors whom you asserted to be associates in you. Indeed (the bonds) between you are already cut off, and whatever you were asserting has erred away from you
6:95 Surely Allah is The Splitter of the grains and nuclei Also: date-pits, fruit stones and other kernels). He brings out the living from the dead, and He is The Bringer out of the dead from the living. That (Literally: those) is Allah; then, however are you diverged (into falsehood)
6:96 The Splitter of the daybreak, and He has made the night for rest, and the sun and moon to all-reckoned (courses). That is the determining of The Ever-Mighty, The Ever-Knowing
6:97 And He is (The One) Who has made for you the stars that you may be guided by them in the darkness (es) of the land and the sea. We have already expounded the signs for a people who know
6:98 And He is (The One) Who brought you into being from one self, then (for you is) a repository, then a depository. We (On the earth, then in the grave) have already expounded the signs for a people who comprehend
6:99 And He is (The One) Who has sent down from the heaven water; so thereby We have brought out the growth of everything; so We have brought out of it greenery, from which We bring out close-compounded grains, and out of the palm-trees, from their spaces, thick-clustered (dates) within reach, and gardens of vineyards, and the olives, and the pomegranates, each similar to each, and each not (Literally: other than being cosimilar) similar to each. Look upon their produce when they have produced, and their mellowness. Surely, in that (Literally: in those) are indeed signs for a people who believe
6:100 And they have made to Allah, as associates, the jinn; and He created them, and they have falsely imputed to Him sons and daughters without any knowledge. All Extolment be to Him and be He Supremely Exalted above what they describe
6:101 The Ever-Innovating of the heavens and the earth-however does He have a child, and He has no female companion, and He created everything, and He is Ever-Knowing of everything
6:102 That is Allah, your Lord, there is no god except He, the Creator of everything. So worship Him; and He is an Ever-Trusted Trustee over everything
6:103 Beholdings (i.e., eyesights) cannot perceive Him, and He perceives be holdings and He is The Ever-Kind, The Ever-Cognizant
6:104 Demonstrations have already come to you from your Lord; so whoever beholds, it is for his own good, (Literally: foe his "own" self) and whoever is blind, it is to his own harm, (Literally: upon his "own" self) and in no way am I (i.e. the prophet) a constant preserver over you
6:105 And thus We propound the signs, and that they may say, "You have studied, " and that We may make it evident to a people who know
6:106 Closely follow what has been revealed to you (i.e. the prophet) from your Lord; there is no god except He, and veer away from the associators (i.e., those who associate others with Allah)
6:107 And if Allah had so decided, in no way would they have associated (anything with Him); and in no way have We made you a constant preserver over them; and in no way are you as a constant trustee over them
6:108 And do not abuse the ones whom they invoke apart from Allah, (or) then they would abuse Allah aggressively without knowledge. Thus We have adorned (i.e., made attractive) to every nation their deed (s); thereafter to their Lord will be their return; so He will fully inform them of whatever they were doing
6:109 And they have sworn by Allah the most earnest oaths, that, indeed, in case a sign comes to them, indeed they will definitely believe in it. Say, "Surely the signs are only within the Providence of Allah; and what will make you (i.e., the believers) aware that, when it comes, they will not believe?"
6:110 And We will turn about their heart-sights (Or: perception) and their beholdings, (i.e., eyesights) just as they did not believe in it the first time; and We will leave them out in their in ordinance blundering
6:111 And if We Ourselves had been sending down the Angels to them, and the dead had spoken to them, and We had mustered against them everything, face to face, (Or: in array) in no way indeed would they have been to believe except (when) Allah decides; but most of them are ignorant
6:112 And thus We have made to every Prophet an enemy: Shayatin All-vicious (ones), i.e., devils) of humankind and jinn, revealing fanciful (Literally: decorated) speech to each other, (all) as delusion. And if your Lord had (so) decided, in no way would they have performed it. So leave them out to whatever they fabricate
6:113 And (this is so) that the heart-sights of (the ones) who do not believe in the Hereafter may be readily attentive, and that they may be satisfied with it, and that they may score whatever they are scoring
6:114 (say, ) "Then, shall I inequitably seek other than Allah for arbiter, and He is (The One) Who has sent down to you the Book (clearly) expounded?" And the ones to whom We brought the Book know that it is being sent down from your Lord with the Truth, so do not definitely be of the constant wranglers
6:115 And perfected is the Word of your Lord in sincerity and justice; nothing whatever can exchange His Words; and He is the Ever-Hearer, The Ever-Knowing
6:116 And in case you obey most of whoever are on earth, (Literally: in the earth) they will make you err away from the way of Allah; decidedly they closely follow nothing except surmise, and decidedly they do (nothing) except conjecture
6:117 Surely your Lord is He Who knows best who errs away from His way, and He knows best the rightly-guided
6:118 So eat of that over which The Name of Allah has been mentioned, in case you are believers in His signs
6:119 And how is it with you, that you do not eat of that over which The Name of Allah has been mentioned-and He has expounded whatever He has prohibited to you-except whatever you are constrained to? And surely many do indeed lead into error by their prejudices without (any) knowledge. Surely your Lord is He Who knows best the transgressors
6:120 And leave behind the outward vice and the inward; surely the ones who earn vice will soon be recompensed for what they were scoring
6:121 And do not eat of that over which The Name of Allah has not been mentioned, and surely it is indeed an immorality. And surely Ash-Shayatin (The all-vicious "ones", i.e., the devil) do indeed reveal to their patrons to dispute with you. And in case you obey them, (then) surely you are indeed associators (i.e., those who associate others with Allah)
6:122 And is he who was deceased, then We gave him life and made for him a light to walk by among mankind, as one whose likeness is in the darkness (es), (and) he is not coming out of them? Thus whatever the disbelievers were doing was adorned (i.e., made attractive) for them
6:123 And thus We made in every town great ones among its criminals to scheme therein; and in no way do they scheme against anyone except themselves, and in no way are they aware
6:124 And when a sign (i.e., an Ayah = a verse) came to them, they said, "We will never believe until we are brought the like of what the Messengers of Allah were brought." Allah knows best where He makes His Message. Belittlement in the Meeting (i.e., the Reckoning of Allah) with Allah will soon afflict the ones who committed (crimes) and a strict torment (will afflict them) for whatever they were scheming
6:125 So, whomever Allah wills to guide, He expands his breast to Islam; and whomever He wills to lead into error, He makes his breast straitened, restricted, as if he were laboriously climbing up in the heaven. Thus Allah sets (Literally: makes) abomination upon (the ones) who do not believe
6:126 And this is the Path of your Lord, straight; We have already expounded the signs to a people who constantly remember
6:127 For them is the Residence of Peace within the Providence of their Lord; and He is their Ever- Patronizing Patron for whatever they were doing
6:128 And the Day (when) He will muster them altogether (and say), "O company of jinn, you have already made much of humankind." And their patrons among humankind will say, "Our Lord; we have enjoyed (privileges) with one another, (Literally: some of them with some "others") and we have reached the term You have appointed for us." He will say, "The Fire is your lodging, eternally (abiding) therein, except as Allah decides." Surely your Lord is Ever-Wise, Ever-Knowing
6:129 And thus We make the unjust ones patrons of each other, for whatever they were earning
6:130 "O company of jinn and humankind, did Messengers not come up to you from among you, (who) narrated to you My signs and warned you of the meeting of this your Day?" They will say, "We bear witness against ourselves." And the present life (Literally: the lowly life, i.e., the life of this world) deluded them, and they bore witness against themselves that they were disbelievers
6:131 That is so, for your Lord would not cause towns to perish unjustly, (Literally: with injustice) (while) their population are heedless
6:132 And all have degrees (according) to what they have done, and in no way is your Lord ever heedless of whatever they do
6:133 And your Lord is The Ever-Affluent, (Literally: The Ever-Rich) The Owner of (the) mercy. In case He decides, He (can) put you away, and cause whatever He decides to succeed even after you, as He brought you from the offspring of another people
6:134 Surely whatever you are promised will indeed be coming up (to you); and in no way are you able to be defiant to (Him)
6:135 Say, "O my people, act (Literally: do) according to your situation; surely I am acting. Then eventually you will know who will have the (ultimate) End (i.e., Paradise) of the Residence! Sure it is (that) the unjust will not prosper."
6:136 And they made for Allah of whatever tillage and cattle that He propagated, an assignment; so they said, "This is for Allah, " according to their assertion, and, "This is for Allah" according to their assertion, and, "This is for our associates." (i.e., what they associate with Allah) So, whatever is for their associates does not get to Allah, and whatever is for Allah, then (this is what) gets to their associates. Odious is whatever (way) they judge
6:137 And thus, their associates (i.e., what they associate with Allah) have adorned (i.e., have made attractive) to many associators the killing of their children (in order) to topple them and confound for them their religion. And if Allah had (so) decided, they would not have performed it. So leave them alone with whatever they fabricate
6:138 And they have said, "These are cattle (Arabic 'ancam includes cattle, camels, sheep and goats) and tillage sacrosanct; none shall feed on them except whom we decide, " according to their assertion, and cattle whose backs have been prohibited, and cattle over which they do not mention The Name of Allah, fabricating (lies) against (Him). He will soon recompense them for whatever they were fabricating
6:139 And they have said, "What is within the bellies of these cattle (Arabic 'ancam includes cattle, camels, sheep and goats) is exclusively for our males and prohibited to our spouses; and in case it is dead, then they shall be partners in it." He will soon recompense them for their describing; surely He is Ever-Wise, Ever-Knowing
6:140 They have already lost, the ones who have killed their children in folly, without knowledge and have prohibited what Allah has provided them, fabricating against Allah; they have already erred, and in no way are they rightly-guided
6:141 And He is The (One) Who has brought into being gardens trellised and untrellised, and the palm-trees, and plantation of different crops, and the olives, and the pomegranates, cosimilar and not cosimilar (Literally: other than being cosimilar). Eat of their produce when they have produced, and bring the true (right) thereof on the day of its harvest, and do not be extravagant; surely He does not love the extravagant
6:142 And of the cattle, (Arabic 'ancam includes cattle, camels, sheep and goats) fit for burden and for a bedding, (i.e., for slaughter and furnishing) eat of what Allah has provided you, and do not ever follow the steps of Ash-Shaytan; (The all-vicious, i.e., the Devil) surely he is an evident enemy to you
6:143 Eight pairs: (i.e., eight males and females paired together) of mutton two, (i.e., sheep) and of goats two. Say, "Has He prohibited the two males or even the two females? Or even what the wombs of the two females contain? Fully inform me with knowledge, in case you are sincere."
6:144 And of the camels two, and of the bovine two. Say, "Has He prohibited the two males or even the two females? Or even what the wombs of the two females contain? Or even were you witnesses as Allah enjoined you with this? Then who is more unjust than he who fabricates against Allah a lie that he may lead mankind into error without (any) knowledge? Surely Allah does not guide the unjust people."
6:145 Say, "I do not find in what has been revealed to me anything prohibited to an eater (Literally: feeder) who feeds thereof except it be carrion, (i.e., deal meat) or blood poured forth or the flesh of swine, (for) then surely that is an abomination or an immoral thing that has been acclaimed to other than Allah. Yet whoever is constrained, without being inequitable or aggressive, then surely your Lord is Ever-Forgiving, Ever-Merciful."
6:146 And to the ones who Judaized We have prohibited everything with (Literally: possessing, equipped with, owning) claws; and of the bovine and the sheep We have prohibited them the fat of them, except what their backs bear, or the entrails, or what is mixed up with bone (s); (by) that We recompensed them for their inequity; and surely We indeed are sincere
6:147 So, in case they cry you lies, then say, "Your Lord is The Owner of embracing mercy, and His violence will not be turned back from the criminal people."
6:148 The ones who have associated (i.e., associated others with Allah) will soon say, "If Allah had (so) decided, in no way would we have associated (with Him), nor our fathers, nor would we have even prohibited anything." Thus, the ones before them cried lies until they tasted Our violence. Say, "Do you have in your presence any knowledge so you can bring it out to us? Decidedly you closely follow (nothing) except surmise, and decidedly you (do nothing) except conjecture."
6:149 Say, "So to Allah is the consummately proclaimed argument; then, if He had (so) decided, He would indeed have guided you altogether."
6:150 Say, "Bring forward your witnesses who bear witness that Allah has prohibited this." So, in case they bear witness, (then) do not bear witness with them, and do not ever follow the prejudices of the ones who have cried lies to Our signs, and the ones who do not believe in the Hereafter, and they (unjustly) set up equals to their Lord
6:151 Say, "Come (so that) I may recite what your Lord has prohibited you: that you do not associate anything with Him, and to show fairest (companionship) to (your) parents; and do not kill your children (out) of want. We provide for you and for them too. And do not draw near obscenities (i.e., irregular sexual intercourse; shameful) whatever (of these) is outward and whatever inward; and do not kill the self that Allah has prohibited, except with the truth (i.e., by right, in the course of justice). That He has enjoined you with, that possibly you would consider
6:152 And do not draw near the wealth of the orphan, except in the fairest (manner), until he has reached full age. And fill up the measure and the balance with equity. We do not charge (any) self except to its capacity; and when you say (anything), then be just (i.e., do justice) even if he were a near kinsman. And fulfil the covenant of Allah. That is what He has enjoined you with, that possibly you would be mindful
6:153 And that this is My Path, a straight (one); so follow it closely and do not follow the (other) ways, or then they would make you part away from His way. That (Literally: those "rules") is what He has enjoined you with, that possibly you would be pious."
6:154 Thereafter We brought Musa (Moses) the Book, perfect for him who does fair (deeds), and expounding everything, and a guidance and a mercy, that possibly they would believe in the meeting with their Lord
6:155 And this is a Book We have sent down, blessed; so follow it closely and be pious, that possibly you would be (granted) mercy
6:156 So that you may not say, "Surely the Book was sent down only upon two sections even before us, and decidedly we have indeed been heedless of their study."
6:157 Or that you may not say, " (As) for us, if the Book had been sent down upon us, we would indeed have been more rightly-guided than they." Yet a supreme evidence has already come to you from your Lord, and a guidance and a mercy. So, who is more unjust than he who cries lies to the signs of Allah and turns aside from them? We will soon recompense the ones who turn aside from Our signs with an odious torment for that they used to turn aside (from them)
6:158 Do they look for (nothing) except that the Angels should come up to them, or that your Lord should come up, or that some of the signs of your Lord should come up? On the Day some of the signs of your Lord come up, its belief will not profit a self that did not believe earlier or earned some charity, (i.e., benefits) in its belief. Say, "Wait! Surely we (too) are waiting."
6:159 Surely the ones who have caused disunity in their religion and (become) sects, you are not one of them in anything; surely their Command (i.e., the Command of Allah to them) is only to Allah; thereafter He will fully inform them of whatever they were performing
6:160 Whoever comes with a fair deed, (Literally: the fair deed) then he will have ten times the like of it, and whoever comes with an odious deed, (Literally: the odious deed) then he will not be recompensed except the like of it; and they will not be done an injustice
6:161 Say, "Surely (as for) myself, my Lord has guided me to a straight Path, a religion (truly) upright, the creed of Ibrahim, (Abraham) (the) unswervingly upright, and in no way was he one of the associators." (Those who associate others with Allah)
6:162 Say, "Surely my prayer, and my rites, and my living, and my dying are for Allah, The Lord of the worlds."
6:163 No associate has He; and this I am commanded, and I am the first of the Muslims." (Literally: of the ones who have surrendered to Allah)
6:164 Say, "Shall I inequitably seek other than Allah for Lord and He is the Lord of everything? And every self earns nothing except what is to its own account; and no encumbered self is encumbered by the encumbrance of another self; thereafter to your Lord will be your return, so He will fully inform you wherein you used to differ
6:165 And He is (The One) Who made you succeeding each other (in) the earth, and has raised some of you above others (Literally: above "some" others) in degrees, that He may try you in what He has brought you. Surely your Lord is swift in punishment, and surely He is indeed Ever-Forgiving, Ever-Merciful


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