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Dr. Munir Munshey

an-Naml (The Ant, The Ants)
as rendered by Dr. Munir Munshey
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Dr. Munir Munshey rendition of Surah The Ant, The Ants(an-Naml)
27:1 Ta, seen. These are the verses of the Qur´an _ a clear lucid book
27:2 A guidance and good news for the believers
27:3 Those who establish ´salat´ and pay ´zakat´. Those who are certain about the life-to-come
27:4 And there are those who do not believe in the afterlife. We make their deeds seem delightful to them. So they just wander about blindly
27:5 An evil torment is in store for such people. They are the ones who would be the losers in the afterlife
27:6 Indeed, you are definitely receiving this Qur´an from the Wise, the Knowledgeable
27:7 (Remember) when Musa said to his family, "I notice a fire at a distance. I will get you some information from there, or (at least) get you a live coal so you may stay warm."
27:8 And when he got there a voice rang out, "Blessed is the One in the fire and all around it. Exalted is Allah, the Lord of the universe!"
27:9 "Oh Musa! This is I, Allah, the most Powerful and the Wisest."
27:10 "Throw down your stick!" When (Musa) saw the stick wriggling about like a snake, he turned his back and ran, and did not look back. "Oh Musa do not be afraid! Indeed, in My presence a messenger has nothing to fear!"
27:11 "Unless he commits an offense. Then, if he replaces the bad (deeds) with the good (deeds, he will find that) I am the most Forgiving and the most Merciful."
27:12 Put your hand in your pocket. It will come out looking white without any (stain or) pain. (Another one of) nine signs for the pharaoh and his people. Indeed, they are a wanton sinful nation."
27:13 But when Our signs reached them as clear proofs, they said, "This is an obvious magic!"
27:14 Their hearts were convinced, but they still rejected it unjustly and with arrogance. Now, see what became of the mischief mongers
27:15 Surely, We had granted Sulaiman and Daood a (special) knowledge. Both of them remarked, "All praise is for Allah Who excelled us over very many of His believing servants."
27:16 Sulaiman inherited from Daood and remarked, "Oh you people, we have been imparted the (special) knowledge about the language of the birds, and we have been given all sorts of things. That is obviously a special gift."
27:17 Armies of the jinn, humans and birds were gathered for Sulaiman. They were all given proper ranks
27:18 And as they set foot in the valley of the ants, one of the ants called out, "Oh all you ants! Go back home to your anthills. Otherwise, Sulaiman and his armies may trample you under their feet, and they might not know it."
27:19 Amused by the ant´s remarks, Sulaiman smiled and said, "My Lord! Keep me under control, so that (instead of being pretentious) I may remain grateful for the blessings you showered upon me and my parents. So that I may perform the righteous deeds that please You. (Lord)! by Your Grace, let me join the group of Your righteous servants."
27:20 (At another time) while inspecting a flock of birds, he said, "What is wrong? I do not see the swan here! Is he absent?"
27:21 Unless he gives me a valid reason (for his absence), I will either inflict a severe punishment on him, or just slit his throat
27:22 The swan did not stay (absent) for long. He said, "I have come across certain facts about which you know nothing. I bring you a reliable account from the land of Saba."
27:23 "There, I found that a woman rules over them. She has been given all sorts of things, and she has a splendid throne!"
27:24 "I found her and her people worshipping the sun instead of Allah. Shaitan has made their deeds seem delightful to them. He alienates them from the (straight) path, so they do not find the way."
27:25 "That is because they do not prostrate before Allah Who reveals the unseen mysteries of the heavens and the earth. He knows what you hide and what you reveal."
27:26 "Allah! There is no god but He, the Lord of the great throne!"
27:27 (Sulaiman) said, "We will see if you told the truth or you happen to be a liar!"
27:28 "Take this letter of mine and deliver it to them. Then retreat, and watch what reply they give in return."
27:29 (The queen) said, "Oh my courtiers, a noteworthy letter has been delivered to me."
27:30 "It is from Sulaiman, and it begins with ´In the name of Allah, the most Merciful and the most Beneficent´."
27:31 And says that, "You are not mightier (than me) so submit to me willingly."
27:32 The queen said, "Oh my courtiers, give your opinion in this matter before me. I do not conclude any matter unless you are present (and unless I consult you, first)
27:33 They said, "We, as a nation, possess great strength and courage. But the decision is yours. Consider the situation and decide what you must!"
27:34 She said, "When the kings invade a land they undermine (its system), topple its respected and privileged class, and deem it to be despised and inferior. That is what they do."
27:35 "I am going to send him a gift. I will observe the response received by my envoys."
27:36 When the envoys arrived (with their gifts), Sulaiman said, "Do you wish to increase my wealth (and get me to postpone my invasion)? What Allah has granted me is far superior to what He gave you. No! Keep your gifts and delight in them!"
27:37 "Go back to them! We will surely attack them with our armies. They do not have enough power to resist. We will definitely expel them from the land, humbled and disparaged."
27:38 (Sulaiman) said, "Oh you my courtiers, which one of you will bring me her throne before they yield and surrender to me."
27:39 One of the strong jinn said, "I will bring it to you before you get up from your seat. I am surely reliable and strong enough for it!"
27:40 The one with the knowledge of the book said, "I will bring it to you in the blink of an eye." Right away, Sulaiman saw the throne placed nearby. He said, "All this is by the grace of my Lord Who tests me to see whether I show appreciation or display arrogance. The one who offers thanks surely does so for his own good. And if someone neglects to express gratitude, then Allah is indeed Generous and Free from all want!"
27:41 (Sulaiman) said, "Disguise her throne (and casually arrange) for her (to view it). Let us see! Would she recognize (her throne)? Or is she one of those who stay ignorant of reality?"
27:42 When she arrived she was asked, "Does that look like your throne?" She replied, "It sure seems like the one!" (Sulaiman observed) "We were given the knowledge before her. We obeyed and became Muslims."
27:43 "She was hindered because she used to worship those other than Allah. She belonged to an unbelieving nation."
27:44 She was invited to enter the palace. When she looked at it, she thought it was a shallow water-filled pool. So, she lifted her skirt uncovering her legs. Sulaiman said, "This palace is really made of polished glass with water running underneath." She cried out, "My Lord, I have been unjust to myself. In the company of Sulaiman, I now surrender to Allah, the Lord of the universe."
27:45 Towards the ´Samood´ We sent their brother Saleh (with instructions) to worship and obey Allah. Right away, that split them into two quarrelling groups
27:46 (Saleh) said, "Oh my people, why do you postpone the good, while you hasten to do evil? Why don´t you seek forgiveness from Allah? You may be granted mercy!"
27:47 They said, "We consider you and those with you as portents of evil." (Saleh) replied, "Your ill omen is with Allah! In fact, you are a nation being tested."
27:48 There were nine groups of people in that town. Each one was busy spreading corruption in the land instead of carrying out reforms
27:49 They said to each other, "Let us swear by Allah, and be bound by the oath that: We will definitely assault him at night and (taking advantage of the surprise) put him and his family to death. Later on, we will tell his supporters that we were not present when his family was slain, and we are telling the truth!"
27:50 They hatched a sly scheme! But they had no idea. We played a trick of Our own
27:51 Look at it now! What was the outcome of their deception? We certainly destroyed them and their nation _ all of them together
27:52 As a result of their evil deeds, these houses of theirs lie empty and in ruin. Surely, there is a sign in it for a nation with knowledge
27:53 We rescued those who believed and were righteous
27:54 And behold, Loot said to his people, "Do you commit such utterly vile deeds? Even though you recognize it (to be an abomination)!"
27:55 "Instead of women, do you turn to men to gratify your carnal urges? Indeed, you are an utterly foolish nation!"
27:56 His nation had no answer. Instead, they said, "Drive out the family of Loot from your town. They are folk who flaunt their chastity!"
27:57 But We rescued him and his family, except his wife. We decided she would be left behind
27:58 We heaped upon them a (wrenching) rain. What an evil rain for those forewarned
27:59 Say, "All praise is for Allah and peace be upon His servants _ those He has picked." (Say), "Who is better? Allah, or the partners you associate with Him?"
27:60 "Isn´t it He Who created the heavens and the earth? Doesn´t He send water down from the sky, and with it, does He not produce splendid gardens? You do not make any of its trees grow! Are there gods besides Allah? Of course not! They are a nation ascribing other beings as equal (to Allah)
27:61 Isn´t it He who made the earth a stable place, ran rivers across its surface, caused immovable mountains to rise high and laid a barrier between the two seas? Are there gods besides Allah? Of course not! Most of them do not know
27:62 Isn´t it He Who responds to the call of the distressed and alleviates their suffering? Isn´t it He Who lets you inherit the earth? Are there gods besides Allah? You hardly think, or heed
27:63 Isn´t it He Who (guides and) shows you the way in the land and the sea, even when it is dark. The One Who sends winds heralding the good news of His mercy? Are there gods besides Allah? Exalted is Allah, far above all those they ascribe as His partners
27:64 Isn´t it He Who launched the creation (the first time)? Then, He will do it all over again! Isn´t it He Who (attends to your needs and) provides from the earth (below) and from the sky (above)? Are there gods besides Allah? Say, "Present your proof, if you are truthful!"
27:65 Say, "Absolutely no one in the heavens and on the earth knows the divine secrets, except Allah! Nobody has any idea when he (and everybody else) will be brought back to life!"
27:66 The knowledge of the life-to-come has eluded them. In fact, they are skeptical of its occurrence. Rather, they are oblivious of it
27:67 Those who have rejected say, "Will we really come back (to life)? After we and our forefathers have turned into dust?"
27:68 "In the past, too, we were promised this, and so were our forefathers! These are really nothing but the tales of the earlier people."
27:69 Tell them, "Move about in the land and observe. How (bad) did the criminals fare?"
27:70 Do not feel sorry for them, and do not feel depressed over their attempts to deceive
27:71 They say, "If you are honest tell us, when will that promise come about?"
27:72 Say, "Some of what you seek to hasten, may just happen to you next!"
27:73 Your Lord, of course, is the Lord of mercy (and He lavishly showers His favors) upon people. Yet, most of them fail to express gratitude
27:74 Your Lord certainly knows what their hearts hold back, just as well as what they declare
27:75 Every little secret in the heavens and on the earth is (committed to writing) in a clear record
27:76 Surely, for the children of Israel, this Qur´an clarifies most of the issues about which they differ
27:77 And for the believers it is certainly the guidance and the mercy
27:78 By His verdict, your Lord will settle (all issues) between them. He is the most Powerful and the all-Knowing
27:79 Place your trust in Allah! Of course, you are on the right track _ the plain and pristine truth
27:80 Surely, you cannot make the dead hear anything. Nor can you get the deaf to heed your call, if they turn their backs and run away
27:81 You cannot give directions to a blind man who has lost his way. You would only be able to tell those who believe and are ready to submit
27:82 When the time arrives for Our prophecy to come true, We will cause a beast to emerge from the earth and address them. Indeed, people did not believe Our signs (with certainty)
27:83 That day, from each generation We shall gather a huge crowd of those who had rejected Our signs. Then, they shall be divided into groups (according to the degree and nature of their sins)
27:84 When all have arrived, Allah will say, "You rejected My signs even though your knowledge consisted of nothing to the contrary? (If not) what else did you do?"
27:85 Because of their evil acts the torment, as per Our word, shall befall them. At that time, they will say nothing (in their defense)
27:86 Do they not observe? We made the night (dark) so they can rest in peace, and We made the day bright. In that, of course, are many signs for the people who believe
27:87 All shall be terror struck on the day the trumpet sounds _ everyone in the heavens and on the earth, except those whom Allah exempts. They will all come to Him, meek and subdued
27:88 You look at the mountains and see them fixed and motionless. But they move along swiftly, much like the passage of clouds. A handiwork of Allah! The One Who brought everything to perfection! He is certainly well Aware of what you are doing
27:89 He who does good shall get in return a far better reward. Such a person will be secure from the horrors of that day
27:90 Those who do evil will be tossed into the fire _ face down and head first. Could you face, as a consequence, anything other than what your deeds call for
27:91 I have been commanded to worship only the Lord of this town (Makkah), the One Who declared it holy. Everything belongs to Him! I have been commanded to be among those who submit and are obedient
27:92 (I have been ordered) to recite the Qur´an. Anyone who finds his way back, does so far his own good. To the one who goes astray say, "I am in fact, just a warner!"
27:93 And say, "All praise is for Allah! Very soon, He will show you His signs, and you will recognize them, too. Your Lord is not unaware of what you do!"


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