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Dr. Munir Munshey

ash-Shu`ara` (The Poets)
as rendered by Dr. Munir Munshey
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Dr. Munir Munshey rendition of Surah The Poets(ash-Shu`ara`)
26:1 Ta, Seen, Mee
26:2 These are the verses of the vividly clear book
26:3 Would you then be overcome with sorrow because they do not believe
26:4 We can, if We want, reveal to them a sign from the heavens, which would cause their heads to bow down (in submission)
26:5 They turn their backs on every fresh reminder that ever comes to them from Rehman
26:6 They have now already rejected it (the Qur´an) and have made fun of it. But very soon the reality (and the effect) of their mockery will dawn upon them
26:7 Do they not look at the earth? We have caused all kinds of beneficial plants to grow on the land
26:8 In this, there is indeed a sign! Yet, most of them are not going to believe
26:9 And your Lord, indeed, is the most Powerful and the most Kind
26:10 (Tell them about the time) when your Lord summoned Musa, "Go to the evil-doing nation,"
26:11 "The nation of the pharaoh! Do they not fear?"
26:12 Musa said, "My Lord, I am really afraid that they will reject me!"
26:13 "My chest feels tight and my tongue fails to express. So, send for (my brother) Haroon."
26:14 "They have a charge (of a crime) against me. I fear that they will put me to death."
26:15 (Allah) said, "Of course not! Go to them _ both of you _ with Our signs. Of course, We are with you listening (to everything)
26:16 So go to the pharaoh and say, "We are the messengers of the Lord of the entire universe."
26:17 "Therefore, send the children of Israel with us."
26:18 The pharaoh said, "Did we not raise you up from an infant? And did you not spend a portion of your life with us?"
26:19 "Yet, you committed that crime! That which you did! You are ungrateful!"
26:20 (Musa) said, "I did it then, when I was misguided!"
26:21 "So I felt frightened and ran away from you. But my Lord gave me the commandments and appointed me a messenger."
26:22 "This favor you boast of conferring upon me is (nothing but the fact) that you have enslaved the children of Israel!"
26:23 The pharaoh asked, "And what is this Lord of the universe?"
26:24 Musa said, "The Lord of the heavens and the earth, and everything that lies between the two, if you want to be specific."
26:25 The pharaoh said to those around him, "Did you hear that?"
26:26 (Musa) added, "Your Lord, and the Lord of your parents and ancestors!"
26:27 (The pharaoh) said, "This messenger of yours sent towards you is surely a lunatic!"
26:28 (Musa) continued, "The Lord of the East and the West and whatever lies between the two, if you were to understand."
26:29 (The pharaoh) said, "I will have you rot in prison if you accept any god other than me."
26:30 (Musa) said, "Even if I offered something definite (as evidence)?"
26:31 The pharaoh said, "Present it now, if you really mean it!"
26:32 (Musa) threw down the stick in his hand. Then, suddenly (and distinctly) it became a serpent
26:33 (He pulled his hand out of his armpit) and it suddenly appeared dazzling white to the viewers
26:34 The pharaoh addressed his courtiers saying, "He is surely a skilled magician."
26:35 "By the force of his magic, he wants to expel you from this land. Now, what do you recommend?"
26:36 They said, "Let him and his brother go back. Then, send your agents to the cities."
26:37 "They will summon every expert magician before you."
26:38 At the specified time on the appointed day, the magicians were summoned
26:39 And the people were told, "Would you, too, come to the assembly?"
26:40 "So that if the magicians triumph, we will follow them."
26:41 The magicians came to the pharaoh and said, "There would surely be a reward in it for us, if we are victorious. Wouldn´t there?"
26:42 (The pharaoh) said, "Yes! In that case, you will become my close associates!"
26:43 Musa said to them, "Cast (your spell) whatever you have to!"
26:44 They cast their (spells on the) ropes and sticks and said, "By the power of the pharaoh, we will certainly triumph!"
26:45 Musa, too, threw his stick and it gobbled up all the illusions they had conjured up
26:46 The magicians fell down prostrate
26:47 They said, "We accept the Lord of the universe."
26:48 "The Lord of Musa and Haroon."
26:49 The pharaoh said, "You dare to believe him before I could give you my consent. He must be your chief who has taught you the art of magic. You will soon come to know. Be sure, I will lop off your hand from one side and the leg from the other. After that, I will definitely crucify you (all)."
26:50 They said, "It does not matter! We will surely return to our Lord!"
26:51 (They prayed), "We truly hope that our Lord will forgive our sins, (since) we are the first ones to believe."
26:52 We sent revelation to Musa, "Slip away with My servants at night. You are surely going to be pursued."
26:53 The pharaoh sent his agents to the cities to proclaim
26:54 "They are just a handful of people!"
26:55 "They have wrought our wrath (upon themselves)."
26:56 "And we are all here _ watchful and forewarned."
26:57 (In this manner) We brought them out of their gardens, and spas
26:58 Their treasures and their fine residences
26:59 And We had the children of Israel inherit such things
26:60 They went after Musa and his followers at the crack of dawn
26:61 When the two opposing groups saw each other, the followers of Musa said, "We have been caught."
26:62 (Musa) said, "Of course not! My Lord is with me! He will guide me, for sure!"
26:63 We instructed Musa by revelation, to strike the sea with his stick! The sea split; each portion stood like a huge towering mountain
26:64 We brought the other group closer
26:65 We rescued Musa and all those with him
26:66 And We drowned the others
26:67 Surely, there is a sign in that. Yet, most of them do not believe
26:68 It is your Lord Who is the most Powerful and the most Merciful
26:69 Narrate to them the story of Ibraheem
26:70 As he asked his father and his people, "Whom do you worship?"
26:71 They said, "We worship idols. And our devotion to them is constant."
26:72 (Ibraheem) said, "Do they hear you when you call them?"
26:73 "And do they help you, or hurt you?"
26:74 They said, "No! But we found our forefathers doing the same thing!"
26:75 (Ibraheem) said, "Did you ever notice (prudently) what it is that you worship?"
26:76 "You and your parents of bygone days?"
26:77 "Indeed, they are my enemies _ all of them; other than the Lord of the worlds!"
26:78 "The One Who created me; and He guides."
26:79 "The One Who feeds me and quenches my thirst!"
26:80 "When I fall sick, He restores my health!"
26:81 "The One Who will give me death and will resurrect me after that!"
26:82 "The One Who, I hope, will forgive my sins on the Day of Judgment!"
26:83 "My Lord! Give me the wisdom and enroll me among the righteous!"
26:84 "Grant me an honorable reputation with the future generations!"
26:85 "And have me inherit the paradise full of favors!"
26:86 "Forgive my father. He has surely gone astray!"
26:87 "Do not disgrace me on the day they shall all be resurrected."
26:88 "The day when wealth and offspring will confer no benefits!"
26:89 "Except to the one who comes to Allah with a sincere heart (free from doubt and disbelief)."
26:90 The paradise will be brought close at hand for the righteous
26:91 And for the misguided the hellfire shall be made (conspicuous and) fully visible
26:92 And they will be asked, "Where are those you used to worship?"
26:93 "Other than Allah? Are they helping you now? Are they helping themselves?"
26:94 They, along with the misguided, will be toppled into the hellfire
26:95 As well as the armies of Iblees _ every one of them
26:96 There, they will quarrel with each other, and say
26:97 "By Allah, we were clearly wrong."
26:98 "When we thought of you as equal to the Lord of the universe."
26:99 "Criminals they were who led us astray."
26:100 "Now we have no one to mediate (and plead our case)."
26:101 "Nor do we have an intimate friend."
26:102 "If only we had another chance, we would surely be among the believers!"
26:103 There is surely a sign in that, but most of them do not believe
26:104 Your Lord surely is the One Who is the most Powerful and the most Merciful
26:105 The nation of Nooh rejected the messengers
26:106 Their brother Nooh said to them, "Do you not fear (Allah)?"
26:107 "Surely, I am a faithful (and a reliable) messenger for you!"
26:108 "Fear Allah and obey me!"
26:109 "In return, I do not seek any compensation from you. My reward exists only with the Lord of the universe."
26:110 "So, fear Allah and follow me."
26:111 They said, "Shall we believe you? Only the humble humdrum (and the despised) are following you."
26:112 (Nooh) said, "I have no knowledge of what they used to do."
26:113 "My Lord alone has the prerogative to judge them, if only you could realize."
26:114 "I am not going to drive away the believers."
26:115 "I am a warner _ plain and simple."
26:116 They said, "Oh Nooh, if you did not stop, you would surely be cursed and sentenced to death by stoning."
26:117 (Nooh) said, "My Lord, my people have rejected me!"
26:118 "Pronounce your judgment between me and them; and rescue me and all the believers with me."
26:119 So We rescued him and those with him aboard a laden ship
26:120 And after that, We drowned all those (unbelievers) left behind
26:121 In that is a sign, of course! Yet, most of them do not believe
26:122 And your Lord, surely, is the One Who is the most Powerful and the most Merciful
26:123 The people of ´Aads´ rejected the messengers
26:124 Their brother Hood said to them, "Do you not fear (Allah)?"
26:125 "Of course, I am a faithful (and a reliable) messenger for you."
26:126 "So fear Allah and obey me!"
26:127 "In return, I do not seek any compensation from you. My reward exists only with the Lord of the universe."
26:128 "At every raised spot you construct high palaces in vain, and to no avail."
26:129 "You take up (residence in) large structures as if you will live (in them) forever."
26:130 "And when you assault, you land on your victim with a vengeance."
26:131 "Fear Allah and follow me!"
26:132 "Fear the One Who has imparted the knowledge you possess."
26:133 "And has provided you the cattle and the sons,"
26:134 "The gardens and the springs."
26:135 "In fact, I fear that a torture of a severe day might come upon you."
26:136 They said, "It makes no difference to us whether you preach or discontinue your sermons altogether."
26:137 "These are merely the fantasies of the earlier folks!"
26:138 "We are not going to be punished."
26:139 So they rejected the messenger and We destroyed them. In this, is a sign of course! But most of them do not believe
26:140 And indeed your Lord is the One Who is the most Powerful and the most Merciful
26:141 The people of ´Samood´ rejected the messengers
26:142 Their brother Saleh said to them, "Do you not fear (Allah)?"
26:143 "Of course I am a faithful (and a reliable) messenger for you."
26:144 "So fear Allah and obey me!"
26:145 "In return, I do not seek any compensation from you. My reward exists only with the Lord of the universe."
26:146 "Would you be allowed to stay in these comforts, forever secure?"
26:147 "In these gardens and springs,"
26:148 "And the green fields, and date trees with their succulent fruit."
26:149 "You carve homes out of mountains skillfully!"
26:150 "So fear Allah and follow me."
26:151 "Do not obey the orders of the immoderate (and the unrestrained),"
26:152 "Those who spoil the morals (and spread corruption and depravity) on the earth, and do nothing to improve matters."
26:153 They said, "Surely, you are one of the crazy persons."
26:154 "You are just a human being like us! Bring us a sign if you are telling the truth!"
26:155 (The messenger Saleh) said, "Here, (the sign) is this camel. On specified days, the source of water shall be solely for the camel, while on other days it will be yours."
26:156 "Do not cause it any harm, or else the punishment of a severe day will grab you!"
26:157 But they killed the camel; a decision they came to regret
26:158 A torment gripped them. There is a sign in that, of course! But most of them do not believe
26:159 Your Lord is surely the One Who is the most Powerful and the most Merciful
26:160 The nation of Loot rejected the messengers
26:161 Their brother Loot said to them, "Do you not fear (Allah)?"
26:162 "I am surely a faithful (and a reliable) messenger for you."
26:163 "So fear Allah and obey me!"
26:164 "In return, I do not seek any compensation from you. My reward exists only with the Lord of the universe."
26:165 "Do you commit (the sexual act) with the males in this world?"
26:166 "And you forsake the mates that your Lord created for you? Indeed, you are a nation guilty of transcending the limits."
26:167 They said, "If you did not stop, oh Loot, you would most certainly be expelled."
26:168 He said, "I am certainly among those who loathe and abhor your deeds!"
26:169 He prayed, "My Lord! Save me and my family from (the evil of) what they do."
26:170 So We saved him and all of his family
26:171 Except an old woman, _ Loot´s wife _ who stayed behind (with the evil doers)
26:172 After that We annihilated the rest of them
26:173 We doused them with a downpour (of brimstone)! A devastating evil rain (fell) upon those forewarned
26:174 There is surely a sign in this! But most of them do not believe
26:175 Your Lord is surely the One Who is the most Powerful and the most Merciful
26:176 And the people of ´Aika´ rejected the messengers
26:177 When Shoaib said to them, "Do you not fear (Allah)?"
26:178 I am surely a faithful (and a reliable) messenger for you!"
26:179 "So fear Allah and obey me!"
26:180 "In return, I do not seek any compensation from you. My reward exists only with the Lord of the universe!"
26:181 "Fill the measure to its capacity. Do not inflict a loss (by supplying reduced amount)."
26:182 "And weigh with an accurate balance."
26:183 "Do not defraud people of their goods, and do not go about spreading corruption and immorality in this world."
26:184 "And fear the One Who created you as well as the earlier generations."
26:185 They said, "You are one of the crazed men."
26:186 "You are only a human being like us. We definitely think of you as a liar."
26:187 "Or else, if you are telling the truth, cause a part of the sky to fall upon us."
26:188 (The messenger, Shoaib) said, "My Lord is Aware of what you are doing!"
26:189 Thus, they rejected him. So, the punishment of the day of canopy (when dark clouds spread across like a canopy) grabbed them. It really was the punishment of a terrible day
26:190 There is surely a sign in this, but most of them do not believe
26:191 And your Lord is surely the One Who is the most Powerful and the most Merciful
26:192 This (Qur´an) is truly the revelation of the Lord of the universe
26:193 The reliable and the loyal angel brought it (and revealed it)
26:194 To your heart! So you may serve as a warner
26:195 It is in a plain and pristine Arabic language
26:196 Indeed, that (very same message) exists in the scriptures of the earlier people
26:197 And is it not a sufficient sign for them that (some of) the scholars of the Israelites also recognize it
26:198 Even if We had revealed this (Arabic Qur´an) upon a non-Arab
26:199 And even if that non-Arab was to recite it to them (in Arabic), they would still not believe
26:200 Thus, We lance this (Qur´an) through the hearts of the criminals
26:201 They will not believe, right until they see that painful punishment
26:202 Come upon them suddenly! They will not see it coming
26:203 Then they shall begin saying, "May we have some respite?"
26:204 Are they urging for Our punishment to be hastened
26:205 Have you given it a thought? (Even) if We let them enjoy (life) for years
26:206 And then the promised punishment comes to them
26:207 Would the years they spend in enjoyment be of any use to them
26:208 We never destroy any town unless it had a warner
26:209 A reminder! We are never unjust
26:210 It isn´t the Shaitans (the Devils) who came down with it _ (the Qur´an)
26:211 They are not worthy of it. Nor are they able (to do it)
26:212 Indeed, they are kept too far away to be able to hear it
26:213 Therefore, do not call any god along with Allah. Else, you will be among those being punished
26:214 Warn your closest relatives
26:215 And be kind to the believers who obey you
26:216 Should they disobey you, say, "Surely, I bear no blame for what you are doing."
26:217 And place your trust in the most Powerful and the most Kind
26:218 The One Who watches you when you stand (in prayers)
26:219 And (watches) your movements among those who fall prostrate (along with you in prayers)
26:220 Indeed, it is He Who sees-all and knows-all
26:221 Shall I point out to you those upon whom the Shaitans _ (the devils) _ land
26:222 They descend upon all the lying sinners
26:223 And (they) feed them heresies; Most of them are liars
26:224 As for the poets, only the misguided ones heed them
26:225 Do you not see? These poets dabble in every subject and meander about with every thought
26:226 They do not practice what they proclaim
26:227 Except those who believe, perform good deeds, remember Allah a lot, and seek and redress only if they are unjustly wronged. Very soon the oppressors will come to know the means and manners by which they will be toppled


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