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ه ر ن
General Root Meaning
Harun - Aaron, Musa's Brother.
   hārūna   (2)

And said to them their Prophet, "Indeed, a sign (of) his kingship (is) that will come to you the ark, in it (is) tranquility from your Lord, and a remnant of what (was) left (by the) family (of) Musa and family (of) Harun will carry it the Angels. Indeed, in that (is) surely a sign for you if you are believers."

O sister (of) Harun! Not was your father a man, evil, and not was your mother unchaste."

So were thrown down the magicians prostrating. They said, "We believe in (the) Lord (of) Harun and Musa."

And We appointed (for) Musa thirty nights and We completed them with ten (more), so was completed (the) set term (of) his Lord (of) forty night(s). And said Musa to his brother Harun, "Take my place in my people, and do right and (do) not follow (the) way (of) the corrupters."

And We bestowed [to] him from Our Mercy his brother Harun, a Prophet.

Harun, my brother.

Then We sent Musa and his brother Harun with Our Signs and an authority clear

And verily, We gave Musa the Scripture and We appointed with him his brother Harun (as) an assistant.

And straitens my breast and not expresses well my tongue, so send for Harun.

   hārūnu   (1)

And verily (had) said to them Harun from before, "O my people! Only you are being tested by it, and indeed, your Lord (is) the Most Gracious, so follow me and obey my order."

And my brother Harun, he (is) more eloquent than me (in) speech, so send him with me (as) a helper, who will confirm me. Indeed, I fear that they will deny me."

   wahārūna   (1)

Indeed, We have revealed to you as We revealed to Nuh and the Prophets from after him, and We revealed to Ibrahim and Ismail, and Ishaq and Yaqub, and the tribes, and Isa and Ayyub, and Yunus, and Harun and Sulaiman and We gave (to) Dawood the Zaboor.

And We bestowed to him Ishaq and Yaqub, all We guided. And Nuh, We guided from before; and of his descendents, Dawood and Sulaiman and Ayyub and Yusuf and Musa and Harun. And thus We reward the good-doers.

Lord (of) Musa and Harun."

Then We sent from after them Musa and Harun to Firaun and his chiefs with Our Signs, but they were arrogant and were a people criminal.

And verily, We gave Musa and Harun the Criterion and a light and a Reminder for the righteous.

Lord (of) Musa and Harun."

And verily, We conferred Favor upon Musa and Harun.

"Peace be upon Musa and Harun."

   yāhārūnu   (1)

He said, "O Harun! What prevented you, when you saw them going astray,

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