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ز و ج
General Root Meaning
to couple/join/pair/unite/wed, marriage, a pair, a fellow or like, spouse.
Zawwajnaa (prf. 1st p. plu. II.): We wedded, gave in marriage or pair them
Yuzawwiju (imp. 3rd p.m. sing. II.): He conjoins, mixes
Zuwwijat (pp. 3rd p. f. sing. II): Is paired, united
Zaujan (n.): Wife; Husband; Pairs; Comrade; One of the pair, male or female
Zaujaan (nom)
Zaujain (acc. noun. dual) - husband and wife, two kinds/pairs, comrade, one of the pair, male or female.
Azwaaj (noun. pl.) - wives, husbands, pairs, kinds.