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ز ج ر
General Root Meaning
To prohibit, drive away, interdict, chide away, cry out, scare away, rebuke, deter, discourage, repel, restrain, chide by a cry, by voice, or by reproof, check him, restrained him, or forbade him, with rough speech: or prevented, hindered, restrained, or withheld, him: or forbade, or prohibited, him [by any kind of cry or speech].
Izdujira (pp. 3rd p.m. sing. VIII): He was spurned and chided
Muzda-jarun (v.n. VIII.): In which there is provision of abstaining (from following the wrong course). Deterrant
Zajran (v.n.): Driving away vigorously
Zajratun (n. f.): Single driving shout
Zaajiraat (act. pic. f. plu.): Those who drive away