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ز ح ز ح
General Root Meaning
to remove, remove/push/thrust away, become far away, distant, remote.
   bimuzaḥziḥihi   (1)

And surely you will find them (the) most greedy (of) [the] mankind for life, and (greedier) than those who associate[d] partners (with Al Loves (each) one of them if he could be granted a life (of) a thousand year(s). But not it (will) remove him from the punishment that he should be granted life. And Allah (is) All-Seer of what they do.

   zuḥ'ziḥa   (1)

Every soul (will) taste [the] death, and only you will be paid in full your reward (on the) Day (of) [the] Resurrection. Then whoever is drawn away from the Fire and admitted (to) Paradise then surely he is successful. And not (is) the life (of) the world except enjoyment (of) delusion.

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