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ز ب ر
General Root Meaning
case the well, wall internally, construction of one part above another, check/restrain/forbade, prevented/hindered/witheld, write well/skillfully/firmly, read/recite, become large/courageous/brave (man), came forth, stones, understanding/restraint/intellect, a thing written, psalms, Book of David, books of Moses/David/Muhammad together, piece of iron, anvil, upper part of the back, strong/bulky, black mud.
   l-zuburi   (2)

Are your disbelievers, better than those, or for you (is) an exemption in the Scriptures?

And every thing they did (is) in the written records.

   l-zabūri   (1)

And verily, We have written in the Scripture from after the mention, that the earth - will inherit it My slaves, the righteous.

   zubara   (1)

Bring me sheets (of) iron" until, when he (had) leveled between the two cliffs, he said, "Blow," until when he made it fire, he said, "Bring me, I pour over it molten copper."

   zuburi   (1)

And indeed, it surely, (is) in (the) Scriptures (of) the former (people).

   zuburan   (1)

But they cut off their affair (of unity) between them (into) sects, each faction in what they have rejoicing.

   zabūran   (2)

Indeed, We have revealed to you as We revealed to Nuh and the Prophets from after him, and We revealed to Ibrahim and Ismail, and Ishaq and Yaqub, and the tribes, and Isa and Ayyub, and Yunus, and Harun and Sulaiman and We gave (to) Dawood the Zaboor.

And your Lord (is) most knowing of whoever (is) in the heavens and the earth. And verily We have preferred some (of) the Prophets to others. And We gave Dawood Zaboor.

   wal-zuburi   (2)

With the clear proofs and the Books. And We sent down to you the Remembrance, that you may make clear to the mankind, what has been sent down to them and that they may reflect.

Then if they reject you, then certainly were rejected Messengers from before you (who) came with the clear Signs and the Scriptures and the Book - [the] Enlightening.

   wabil-zuburi   (1)

And if they deny you, then certainly, denied those who (were) from before them Came to them their Messengers with clear signs and with Scriptures and with the Book [the] enlightening.

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