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و س ط
General Root Meaning
middle, midst, among, best, best part of a thing, mediate/intercede between, most remote from the extremes, equidistant, intermediate, most conforming/equitable/just/balanced, most excellent of them in particular, occupy the middle position.
Wasatna (prf. 3rd. p. f. pl.): they (f) penetrated into the midst.
Wastan (acc.): best, middle.
Ausat (acc.): average, the best one.
Wusta (acc.): middle, midmost, most excellent.
Wasatan (acc.): justly balanced, exalted.
   awsaṭi   (1)

not will call you to account Allah for the thoughtless utterances in your oaths but He will call you to account for what you contracted (of) the oath. So its expiation (is) feeding (of) ten needy people of average (of) what you feed your families or clothing them or freeing a slave. But whoever (does) not find (that), then fasting (for) three days. That (is the) expiation (of) your oaths when you have sworn. And guard your oaths. Thus makes clear Allah to you His Verses so that you may (be) grateful.

   awsaṭuhum   (1)

Said (the) most moderate of them, "Did not I tell you, 'Why not you glorify (Allah)?'"

   l-wus'ṭā   (1)

Guard strictly [on] the prayers, and the prayer - [the] middle, and stand up for Allah devoutly obedient.

   fawasaṭna   (1)

Then penetrate (in the) center thereby collectively

   wasaṭan   (1)

And thus We made you a community (of the) middle way so that you will be witnesses over the mankind, and will be the Messenger on you a witness. And not We made the direction of prayer which you were used to [on it] except that We make evident (he) who follows the Messenger from (he) who turns back on his heels. And indeed, it was certainly a great (test) except for those whom guided (by) Allah. And not will Allah let go waste your faith. Indeed, Allah (is) to [the] mankind Full of Kindness, Most Merciful.

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