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و ج ل
General Root Meaning
to quake/fear, be afraid, feel quick.
Wajilat (prf. 3rd. p. f. sing.): Felt fear or remorse.
Laa Taujal (prt. neg. m. sing.): Fear not.
Wajiluuna (act. pic. pl.): Those who feel fear.
Wajilatun (adj. f.): felt with fear.
   tawjal   (1)

They said, "(Do) not be afraid, indeed, we [we] bring glad tidings to you of a boy learned."

   wajilatun   (1)

And those who give what they give while their hearts (are) fearful, because they to their Lord (will) return

   wajilat   (2)

Those when is mentioned Allah - fear their hearts, and those who are patient over whatever has afflicted them, and those who establish the prayer, and out of what We have provided them they spend.

Only the believers (are) those who when is mentioned Allah feel fear their hearts, and when are recited to them His Verses, they increase them (in) faith, and upon their Lord they put their trust.

   wajilūna   (1)

When they entered upon him and said, "Peace." He said, "Indeed, we (are) of you afraid."

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