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و ح د
General Root Meaning
to be one, alone, unique, unparalleled, remain lowly, be apart, assert the unity.
waahidun - cardinal, number one, single.
wahda - alone.
Wahidun/Wahidatun (adj. to a f. n.): One.
   l-wāḥidu   (2)

Say, "Who (is) the Lord (of) the heavens and the earth?" Say, "Allah." Say, "Have you then taken from besides Him, protectors, not they have power for themselves (to) benefit and not (to) harm?" Say, "Is equal the blind and the seeing? Or is equal the darkness[es] and the light? Or they attribute to Allah partners who created like His creation, so that seemed alike the creation to them?" Say, "Allah (is) the Creator of all things, and He (is) the One the Irresistible."

O my two companions (of) the prison! Are lords separate better or Allah, the One the Irresistible?

Say, "Only I am a warner, and not (is there) any god except Allah, the One the Irresistible,

If (had) intended Allah to take a son, surely, He (could) have chosen from what He creates whatever He willed. Glory be to Him! He (is) Allah the One, the Irresistible.

   l-wāḥidi   (1)

(On the) Day will be changed the earth (to) other (than) the earth, and the heavens, and they will come forth before Allah, the One, the Irresistible.

(The) Day they come forth, not is hidden from Allah about them anything. For whom (is) the Dominion this Day? For Allah the One, the Irresistible.

   biwāḥidatin   (1)

Say, "Only I advise you for one (thing), that you stand for Allah (in) pairs and (as) individuals, then reflect." Not (is in) your companion any madness. Not he (is) except a warner for you between (your) hands a punishment severe."

   fawāḥidatan   (1)

And if you fear that not you will be able to do justice with the orphans, then marry what seems suitable to you from the women two, or three, or four. But if you fear that not you can do justice then (marry) one or what possesses your right hand. That (is) more appropriate that (may) not you oppress.

   lawāḥidun   (1)

Indeed, your Lord (is) surely One,

   wāḥidun   (4)

This (is) a Message for the mankind, that they may be warned with it, and that they may know that only He God (is) One. and that may take heed men (of) understanding.

And (do) not argue (with the) People (of) the Book except by which [it] (is) best, except those who (do) wrong among them, and say, "We believe in that (which) has been revealed to us and was revealed to you. And our God and your God (is) One, and we to Him submit."

Certainly disbelieved those who say, "Indeed Allah (is the) third (of) three." And (there is) no [of] god except (the) God (the) One. And if not they desist from what they are saying surely will afflict those who disbelieved among them, a punishment painful.

O People (of) the Book! (Do) not commit excess in your religion and (do) not say about Allah except the truth. Only the Messiah, Isa, son (of) Maryam, (was) a Messenger (of) Allah and His word which He conveyed to Maryam and a spirit from Him. So believe in Allah and His Messengers. And (do) not say, "Three;" desist (it is) better for you. Only Allah (is) God One. Glory be to Him! That He (should) have for Him a son. To Him (belongs) whatever (is) in the heavens and whatever (is) in the earth. And sufficient (is) Allah (as) a Disposer of affairs.

Say, "What thing (is) greatest (as) a testimony?" Say, "Allah (is) Witness between me and between you, and has been revealed to me this [the] Quran that I may warn you with it and whoever it reaches. Do you truly testify that with Allah (there are) gods other?" Say, "Not (do) I testify." Say, "Only He (is) God One, and indeed, I am free of what you associate (with Him).

Your god (is) God One. But those who (do) not believe in the Hereafter, their hearts refuse, and they (are) arrogant.

And has said Allah, "(Do) not take [two] gods two, only He (is) God One, so Me Alone you fear [Me]."

Say, "Only I (am) a man like you. Has been revealed to me that your God (is) God One. So whoever is hoping (for the) meeting (with) his Lord, let him do deeds righteous and not associate in (the) worship (of) his Lord anyone."

Say, "Only it is revealed to me that your god (is) God One; so will you submit (to Him)?"

And for every nation We have appointed a rite, that they may mention (the) name (of) Allah over what He (has) provided them of (the) beast (of) cattle. And your God (is) God One, so to Him submit. And give glad tidings (to) the humble ones.

Say, "Only I am a man like you, it is revealed to me that your god (is) God One; so take a Straight Path to Him and ask His forgiveness." And woe to the polytheists,

And your God (is) God one (only); (there is) no god except Him, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

   wāḥidin   (2)

And when you said, "O Musa! Never (will) we endure [on] food (of) one (kind), so pray for us (to) your Lord to bring forth for us out of what grows the earth, of its herbs, [and] its cucumbers, [and] its garlic, [and] its lentils, and its onions." He said, "Would you exchange that which [it] (is) inferior for that which [it] (is) better? Go down (to) a city, so indeed for you (is) what you have asked (for)." And were struck on them the humiliation and the misery and they drew on themselves wrath of Allah That (was) because they used to disbelieve in (the) Signs (of) Allah and kill the Prophets without (any) [the] right. That (was) because they disobeyed and they were transgressing.

Instructs you Allah concerning your children - for the male like (the) portion (of) two females. But if there are (only) women more (than) two, then for them two thirds (of) what he left. And if (there) is (only) one, then for her (is) half. And for his parents, for each one of them a sixth of what (is) left, if is for him a child. But if not is for him any child and inherit[ed] him his parents, then for his mother (is) one third. And if are for him brothers and sisters, then for his mother (is) the sixth from after any will he has made [of which] or any debt. Your parents and your children - not you know which of them (is) nearer to you (in) benefit. An obligation from Allah. Indeed, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise.

And for you (is) half (of) what (is) left by your wives if not is for them a child. But if is for them a child, then for you (is) the fourth of what they left, from after any will they have made [for which] or any debt. And for them (is) the fourth of what you left, if not is for you a child. But if is for you a child, then for them (is) the eighth of what you left from after any will you have made [for which] or any debt. And if [is] a man (whose wealth) is to be inheri (has) no parent or child or a women and for him (is) a brother or a sister, then for each one of (the) two (is) the sixth. But if they are more than that, then they (are) partners in the third, from after any will was made [for which] or any debt without (being) harmful. An ordinance from Allah. And Allah (is) All-Knowing, All-Forbearing.

And he said, "O my sons! (Do) not enter from gate one, but enter from gates different. And not I can avail you against Allah any thing. Not (is) the decision except with Allah, upon Him I put my trust and upon Him, let put (their) trust the ones who put trust."

And in the earth are tracks neighboring, and gardens of grapevines and crops and date-palms trees (growing) from a single and not trees (growing) from a single watered with water one; but We cause to exceed some of them over others in the fruit. Indeed, in that surely (are) Signs for a people who use reason.

The fornicatress and the fornicator, [then] flog each one of them (with) hundred lash(es). And (let) not withhold you for them pity concerning (the) religion (of) Allah if you believe in Allah and the Day the Last. And let witness their punishment a group of the believers.

   wāḥidan   (1)

Or were you witnesses when came to Yaqub [the] death, when he said to his sons, "What will you worship from after me?" They said, "We will worship your God and (the) God (of) your forefathers, Ibrahim and Ismail and Ishaq - God One. And we to Him (are) submissive."

They have taken their rabbis and their monks (as) Lords from besides Allah and the Messiah, son (of) Maryam. And not they were commanded except that they worship God One. (There) is no god except Him. Glory be to Him from what they associate (with Him).

"(Do) not call this day (for) destruction one, but call (for) destructions many."

Has he made the gods (into) god one? Indeed this (is) certainly a thing curious."

And said, "Is (it) a human being among us one, (that) we should follow him? Indeed, we then (will be) surely in error and madness.

   wāḥidatan   (4)

Instructs you Allah concerning your children - for the male like (the) portion (of) two females. But if there are (only) women more (than) two, then for them two thirds (of) what he left. And if (there) is (only) one, then for her (is) half. And for his parents, for each one of them a sixth of what (is) left, if is for him a child. But if not is for him any child and inherit[ed] him his parents, then for his mother (is) one third. And if are for him brothers and sisters, then for his mother (is) the sixth from after any will he has made [of which] or any debt. Your parents and your children - not you know which of them (is) nearer to you (in) benefit. An obligation from Allah. Indeed, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise.

And said those who disbelieve, "Why not was revealed to him the Quran all at once?" Thus, that We may strengthen thereby your heart, and We have recited it (with distinct) recitation.

And We revealed to you the Book in [the] truth, confirming what (was) between his hands of the Book and a guardian over it. So judge between them by what has revealed Allah, and (do) not follow their vain desires when has come to you of the truth. For each We have made for you a law and a clear way. And if (had) willed Allah He (would have) made you a community one, [and] but to test you in what He (has) given you, so race (to) the good. To Allah you will return all. then He will inform you of what you were concerning it differing.

And not was the mankind but community one, then they differed. And had (it) not been a word (that) preceded from your Lord, surely, it (would) have been j between them concerning what [therein] they differ.

And if (had) willed your Lord surely He (could) have made the mankind community one, but not they will cease to differ.

And if (had) willed Allah surely He (could) have made yo a nation one, but He lets go astray whom He wills and guides whom He wills. And surely you will be questio about what you used (to) do.

Indeed, this (is) your religion - religion one, and I Am your Lord, so worship Me.

And indeed this, your religion, (is) religion one. And I Am your Lord, so fear Me.

Not it was but a shout one then behold! They (were) extinguished.

Not they await except a shout one, it will seize them while they are disputing.

And not await these but a shout one; not for it any delay.

And if willed Allah, He could have made them a community one, but He admits whom He wills in (to) His Mercy. And the wrongdoers, not for them any protector and not any helper.

And if not that (would) become [the] mankind a community one, We (would have) made for (one) who disbelieves in the Most Gracious for their houses roofs of silver and stairways upon which they mount

Was mankind a community single, then raised up Allah [the] Prophets (as) bearers of glad tidings and (as) warners, and sent down with them the Book in [the] truth to judge between [the] people in what they differed [in it]. And (did) not differ[ed] in it except those who were given it from after [what] came to them the clear proofs, (out of) jealousy among themselves. And guided Allah those who believe[d] regarding what they differed [in it] of the Truth with His permission. And Allah guides whom He wills to a path straight.

And when you are among them and you lead for them the prayer, then let stand a group of them with you and let them take their arms. Then when they have prostrated, then let them be from behind you and let come (forward) a group - other, (which has) not prayed, and let them pray with you and let them take their precautions and their arms. Wished those who disbelieved if you neglect [about] your arms and your baggage so (that) they (can) assault [upon] you (in) an attack, single. But (there is) no blame upon you if was with you any trouble (because) of rain or you are sick that you lay down your arms, but take your precautions. Indeed, Allah has prepared for the disbelievers a punishment humiliating.

Not it will be but a shout single, so behold! They all before Us (will be) brought.

Indeed, We [We] sent upon them thunderous blast single, and they became like dry twig fragments (used by) a fence builder.

And are lifted the earth and the mountains and crushed (with) a crushing single.

   wāḥidatun   (2)

Indeed, this (is) my brother, he has ninety (i.e ninety nine) and nine (i.e ninety nine) ewe(s) while I have ewe one; so he said, "Entrust her to me," and he overpowered me in [the] speech."

And not (is) Our Command but one, like the twinkling (of) the eye.

Then only it (will be) a cry single, then, behold! They will see.

Then when is blown in the trumpet - a blast single,

Then only it (will be) a shout single,

   wāḥidatin   (2)

So when she heard of their scheming, she sent for them and she prepared for them a banquet and she gave each one of them a knife and she said, "Come out before them." Then when they saw him they greatly admired him, and cut their hands, they said, "Forbid Allah, not (is) this a man not (is) this but an angel noble."

O mankind! Fear your Lord the One Who created you from a soul single and created from it its mate and dispersed from both of them men many and women. And fear Allah (through) Whom you ask [with it] and the wombs. Indeed, Allah is over you Ever-Watchful.

And He (is) the One Who (has) produced you from a soul single, so (there is) a place of dwell and a resting place. Certainly, We have made clear the Signs for a people (who) understand.

He (is) the One Who created you from a soul single and made from it its mate that he might live with her. And when he covers her, she carries a burden light and continues with it. But when she grows heavy, they both invoke Allah, their Lord, "If You give us a righteous (child), surely we will be among the thankful."

Not (is) your creation and not your resurrection but as a soul single. Indeed, Allah (is) All-Hearer, All-Seer.

He created you from a soul single. Then He made from it its mate. And He sent down for you of the cattle eight kinds. He creates you in (the) wombs (of) your mothers, creation from after creation, in darkness[es] three. That (is) Allah your Lord; for Him (is) the dominion. (There is) no god except He. Then how are you turning away?

   waḥdahu   (1)

They said, "Have you come to us that we (should) worship Allah Alone and we forsake what used to worship our forefathers? Then bring us of what you promise us, if you are of the truthful."

And We have placed over their hearts coverings, lest they understand it, and in their ears deafness. And when you mention your Lord in the Quran Alone, they turn on their backs (in) aversion.

And when is mentioned Allah Alone, shrink with aversion (the) hearts (of) those who (do) not believe in the Hereafter, and when are mentioned those from besides Him, behold! They rejoice.

"That (is) because, when was invoked Allah Alone you disbelieved; but if (others) were associated with Him, you believed. So the judgment (is) with Allah, the Most High, the Most Great."

So when they saw Our punishment they said, "We believe in Allah Alone and we disbelieve in what we used to with Him associate."

Indeed, (there) is for you an example good in Ibrahim and those with him, when they said to their people, "Indeed, we (are) disassociated from you and from what you worship from besides Allah. We have denied you, and has appeared between us and between you enmity and hatred forever until you believe in Allah Alone." Except (the) saying (of) Ibrahim to his father, "Surely I ask forgiveness for you, but not I have power for you from Allah of anything. Our Lord, upon You we put our trust, and to You we turn, and to You (is) the final return.

   waḥīdan   (1)

Leave Me and whom I created alone,

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