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ذ ه ب
General Root Meaning
to go, go away, depart, take away or go away with, consume, receive, pass along, die, be ended.
Opinion, belief, way of action, rite. Hold an opinion, follow the opinion of, hold a belief, adapt an opinion.
   adhhaba   (1)

And they (will) say, "All praises (be) to Allah the One Who (has) removed from us the sorrow. Indeed, our Lord (is) surely Oft-Forgiving, Most Appreciative,

   adhhabtum   (1)

And (the) Day will be exposed those who disbelieved to the Fire. "You exhausted your good things in your life (of) the world, and you took your pleasures therein. So today you will be recompensed (with) a punishment humiliating because you were arrogant in the earth without [the] right and because you were defiantly disobedient."

   idh'hab   (1)

He said, "Go, and whoever follows you among them then indeed, Hell (is) your recompense - a recompense ample.

Go to Firaun. Indeed, he (has) transgressed."

Go, you and your brother with My Signs, and (do) not slacken in My remembrance.

Go with my letter, this, and deliver it to them. Then turn away from them and see what they return."

"Go to Firaun. Indeed, he (has) transgressed.

   idh'habā   (1)

Go, both of you, to Firaun. Indeed, he (has) transgressed.

Then We said, "Go both of you to the people, those who have denied, Our Signs." Then We destroyed them (with) destruction.

   idh'habū   (1)

O my sons! Go and inquire about Yusuf and his brother, and not despair of (the) Mercy (of) Allah. Indeed, none despairs of (the) Mercy (of) Allah except the people the disbelievers."

Go with shirt of mine this and cast it over (the) face (of) my father, he will regain (his) sight. And bring to me your family all together."

   l-dhahaba   (1)

O you who believe! Indeed, many of the rabbis and the monks surely eat (the) wealth (of) the people in falsehood, and hinder from (the) way (of) Allah. And those who hoard the gold and the silver, and (do) not spend it in (the) way (of) Allah, [so] give them tidings of a punishment painful.

   l-dhahabi   (1)

Beautified for mankind (is) love (of) the (things they) desire of [the] women and [the] sons and [the] heaps [the] stored up of [the] gold and [the] silver, and [the] horses [the] branded, and [the] cattle and [the] tilled land. That (is) provision (of) life (of) the world but Allah - with Him (is an) excellent [the] abode to return.

   tadhhab   (1)

Then is (he) who - is made fair-seeming to him (the) evil (of) his deed - so that he sees it (as) good? For indeed, Allah lets go astray whom He wills and guides whom He wills. So (let) not go out your soul for them (in) regrets. Indeed, Allah (is) All-Knower of what they do.

   tadhhabū   (1)

He said, "Indeed, [I] it surely saddens me that you should take him and I fear that would eat him a wolf while you of him (are) unaware."

   tadhhabūna   (1)

So where are you going?

   dhāhibun   (1)

And he said, "Indeed, I am going to my Lord, He will guide me.

   dhahābin   (1)

And We send down from the sky water, in (due) measure then We cause it to settle in the earth. And indeed, We, on taking away it, surely (are) Able.

   dhahabin   (1)

Those, for them (are) Gardens of Eden, flows from underneath them the rivers. They will be adorned therein [of] (with) bracelets of gold and will wear garments, green, of fine silk and heavy brocade, reclining therein on adorned couches. Excellent (is) the reward, and good (is) the resting place.

Indeed, Allah will admit those who believe and do the righteous deeds, (to) Gardens flow from underneath it the rivers. They will be adorned therein with bracelets of gold and pearl, and their garments therein (will be of) silk.

Gardens (of) Eternity, they will enter them. They will be adorned therein with bracelets of gold and pearls, and their garments therein (will be of) silk.

Then why not are placed on him bracelets of gold or come with him the Angels accompanying (him)?"

Will be circulated for them plates of gold and cups. And therein (is) what desires the souls and delights the eyes, and you therein will abide forever.

   dhahaba   (5)

And when (had) gone away from Ibrahim the fright, and had reached him the glad tidings, he argued with Us, concerning the people of Lut.

Miserly towards you. But when comes the fear, you see them looking at you, revolving their eyes like one who faints (on him) from [the] death. But when departs the fear, they smite you with tongues sharp miserly towards the good. Those - not they have believed, so made worthless Allah their deeds. And is that for Allah easy.

But if We give him a taste (of) favor after hardship (has) touched him, surely, he will say, "Have gone the evils from me." Indeed, he (is) exultant (and) boastful.

And Dhul Nun when he went (while) angry and thought that never We would decree upon him. Then he called in the darkness(es) that, "(There is) no god except You, Glory be to You! Indeed, [I] I am of the wrongdoers."

Then he went to his family, swaggering.

Their example (is) like (the) example (of) the one who kindled a fire, then, when it illuminated what (was) around him took away Allah their light and left them in darkness[es], (so) not (do) they see.

   dhahaban   (1)

Indeed, those who disbelieve[d] and died while they (are) disbelievers, then never will be accepted from any one of them full earth (of) gold [and] (even) if he offered as ransom it. Those - for them (is) a punishment painful and not (will be) for them any helpers.

   dhahabat   (1)

And if have gone from you any of your wives to the disbelievers then your turn comes, then give (to) those who have gone, their wives, (the) like (of) what they had spent. And fear Allah (in) Whom, you, [in Him] (are) believers.

   dhahabnā   (1)

They said, "O our father! Indeed, we [we] went racing each other and we left Yusuf with our possessions, and ate him the wolf. But not you (will) believe us, even if we are truthful."

   dhahabū   (1)

So when they took him and agreed that they put him in (the) bottom (of) the well. But We inspired to him, "Surely, you will inform them about affair this. while they (do) not perceive."

   fa-idh'hab   (2)

They said, O Musa! Indeed, we never will enter it, ever, for as long as they are in it. So go you and your Lord and you both fight. Indeed, we are [here] sitting."

He said, "Then go. And indeed, for you in the life that you will say, "(Do) not touch." And indeed, for you (is) an appointment never you will fail to (keep) it. And look at your god that which you have remained to it devoted. Surely we will burn it then certainly we will scatter it in the sea (in) particles."

   fa-idh'habā   (1)

He said, "Nay, go both of you with Our Signs. Indeed, We (are) with you, listening.

   fayadhhabu   (1)

He sends down from the sky water and flows the valleys according to their measure, and carries the torrent a foam rising. And from what they heat [on] it in the fire in order to make ornaments or utensils, a foam like it. Thus sets forth Allah the truth and the falsehood. Then as for the foam it passes away (as) scum, and as for what benefits the mankind, remains in the earth. Thus sets forth Allah the examples.

   litadhhabū   (1)

O you who believe[d]! Not (is) lawful for you that you inherit the women (by) force. And not you constraint them so that you may take a part (of) what you have given them except that they commit immorality open. And live with them in kindness. But if you dislike them, then perhaps that you dislike a thing and has placed Allah in it good much.

   ladhahaba   (2)

Almost the lightning snatches away their sight. Whenever it flashes for them they walk in it, and when it darkens on them they stand (still). And if had willed Allah, He would certainly have taken their hearing, and their sight. Indeed, Allah (is) on every thing All-Powerful.

Not has taken Allah any son, and not is with Him any god. Then surely (would have) taken away each god what he created, and surely would have overpowe some of them [on] others. Glory be (to) Allah above what they attribute!

   lanadhhabanna   (1)

And if We willed, We (would) have surely taken a that which We have revealed to you. Then not you would find for you concerning it against Us any advocate,

   liyudh'hiba   (1)

And stay in your houses and (do) not display yourselves (as was the) display (of the times of) ignorance the former. And establish the prayer and give zakah and obey Allah and His Messenger. Only wishes Allah to remove from you the impurity, (O) People (of) the House! And to purify you (with thorough) purification.

   nadhhabanna   (1)

And whether We take away you, then indeed, We, from them (will) take retribution.

   watadhhaba   (1)

And obey Allah and His Messenger, and (do) not dispute lest you lose courage and (would) depart your strength, and be patient. Indeed, Allah (is) with the patient ones.

   wayudh'hiba   (1)

When He covered you with [the] slumber, a security from Him, and sent down upon you from the sky water, so that He may purify you with it, and take away from you evil (suggestions) (of) the Shaitaan. And to strengthen [on] your hearts and make firm with it your feet.

   wayudh'hib   (1)

And remove (the) anger (of) their hearts. And accepts repentance Allah of whom He wills. And Allah (is) All-Knower, All-Wise.

   wayadhhabā   (1)

They said, "Indeed, these two [two] magicians they intend that they drive you out of your land with their magic and do away with your way the exemplary.

   yadhhabu   (1)

Do not you see that Allah drives clouds then joins between them then makes them (into) a mass, then you see the rain come forth from their midst? And He sends down from (the) sky, [from] mountains within it [of] (is) hail and He strikes with it whom He wills and averts it from whom He wills. Nearly (the) flash (of) its lighting takes away the sight.

   yudh'hib'kum   (3)

If He wills, He (can) do away with you and bring in a creation new.

Do not you see, that Allah created the heavens and the earth in truth? If He wills, He can remove you and bring a creation new.

If He wills He can take you away O people, and bring others. And is Allah over that All-Powerful.

And your Lord (is) the Self-Sufficient Posssessor (of) the Mercy. If He wills He can take you away and grant succession from after you (to) whom He wills. as He raised you from the descendants (of) people other.

   yudh'hib'na   (1)

And establish the prayer (at the) two ends (of) the day and (at) the approach of the night. Indeed, the good deeds remove the evil deeds. That (is) a reminder for those who remember.

   yudh'hibanna   (1)

Whoever [is] thinks that not will help him Allah in the world and the Hereafter, then let him extend a rope to the sky, then let him cut off, then let him see whether will remove his plan what enrages.

   yadhhabū   (2)

Only the believers (are) those who believe in Allah and His Messenger, and when they are with him for a matter (of) collective action, not they go until they (have) asked his permissi Indeed, those who ask your permission, those [those who] believe in Allah and His Messenger. So when they ask your permission for some affair of theirs, then give permission to whom you will among them, and ask forgiveness for them (of) Allah. Indeed, Allah (is) Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

They think the confederates (have) not withdrawn. And if (should) come the confederates they would wish if that they (were) living in (the) desert among the Bedouins, asking about your news. And if they were among you not they would fight except a little.

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