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ط م س
General Root Meaning
to be effaced, disappear, go far away, destroy, be corrupted, wipe out, obliterate, alter, put out, lose brightness, be remote, blot out the trace of.
   iṭ'mis   (1)

And said Musa, "Our Lord! Indeed, You have given Firaun and his chiefs splendor and wealth in the life (of) the world. Our Lord! That they may lead astray from Your way. Our Lord! Destroy [on] their wealth and harden [on] their hearts, so (that) not they believe until they see the punishment - the painful."

   ṭumisat   (1)

So when the stars are obliterated,

   faṭamasnā   (1)

And certainly they demanded him from his guests, so We blinded their eyes. "So taste My punishment and My warnings."

   laṭamasnā   (1)

And if We willed, We (would have) surely obliter [over] their eyes, then they (would) race (to find) the path, then how (could) they see?

   naṭmisa   (1)

O you who (have) been given the Book, believe in what We (have) revealed confirming what is with you, from before [that] We efface faces and turn them on their backs or We curse them as We cursed companions (of) the Sabbath. And is (the) command (of) Allah (always) executed.

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