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ط ف ق
General Root Meaning
begin/start to do something, to take to doing something, to set about, commence/initiate, continue uninterruptedly.
   faṭafiqa   (1)

"Return them to me." Then he began (to) pass (his hand) over the legs and the necks.

   waṭafiqā   (1)

So he made both of them fall by deception. Then when they both tasted the tree, became apparent to both of them their shame, and they began (to) fasten over themselves from (the) leaves (of) the Garden. And called them both their Lord, "Did not I forbid you both from this [the] tree and [I] say to both of you, that [the] Shaitaan (is) to both of you an enemy open?"

Then they both ate from it, so became apparent to them their shame and they began, (to) fasten on themselves from (the) leaves (of) Paradise. And disobeyed Adam his Lord, and erred.

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