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س ق ط
General Root Meaning
to fall down, collapse, smitten with remorse, grievously repented, regretted, become confounded and perplexed and unable to see his right course.
   tusāqiṭ   (1)

And shake towards you (the) trunk (of) the date-palm, it will drop upon you fresh dates ripe.

   tasquṭu   (1)

And with Him (are the) keys (of) the unseen, no (one) knows them except Him. And He knows what (is) in the land and in the sea. And not falls from any leaf but He knows it. And not a grain in the darkness[es] (of) the earth and not moist and not dry but (is) in a Record Clear.

   tus'qiṭa   (1)

Or you cause to fall the sky, as you have claimed, upon us (in) pieces or you bring Allah and the Angels before (us).

   sāqiṭan   (1)

And if they were to see a portion from the sky falling, they will say, "Clouds heaped up."

   suqiṭa   (1)

And when (it was made to) fall into their hands and they saw that they (had) indeed gone astray, they said, "If not has Mercy on us Our Lord, and forgive [for] us, we will surely be among the losers."

   saqaṭū   (1)

And among them (is he) who says, "Grant leave (for) me and (do) not put me to trial." Surely, in the trial they have fallen. And indeed, Hell (will) surely surround the disbelievers.

   fa-asqiṭ   (1)

Then cause to fall upon us fragments of the sky, if you are of the truthful."

   nus'qiṭ   (1)

Then, do not they see towards what (is) between their hands and what (is) behind them of the heaven and the earth? If We will We (could) cause to swallow them the earth or cause to fall upon them fragments from the sky. Indeed, in that surely, is a Sign for every slave who turns (to Allah).

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