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س ك ر
General Root Meaning
intoxicated, inebriated, drunken, violent/angry, full/still/motionless/calm, abolish, do away with, be dim, dazzled, rage against, be confused of judgement, bewildered, hindrance, bar, obstacle, obstruction, prevention, brake or stoppage between a person and his understanding and wits and he takes a wrong decision, become silly or blockhead, fail to understand, become cursed in intellect, lose one's wits, dam, to shut or close up, burn/hot, dazzle/cover/confuse, grief, any disturbing element which may distract one's attention or observe one's reason, in a state of mental disequilibrium, one who has no sense as he is in raptures of love/passion/amour, sugar, sweet substance, very sweet date,
sakr - sugar.