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س ح ر
General Root Meaning
To turn it/him from his course, way, or manner of being. The turning of a thing from its proper manner of being to another.
Lane says that "He (an enchanter) apparently turned the thing from its proper manner of being, making what was false to appear in the form of the true, or real; causing the thing to be imagined different from what it really was."
To deceive, delude, beguile, or outwit. The producing what is false in the form of truth. Embellishment by falsification and deceit. A kind of enchantment, or fascination which captivates the eye and the like. Skillful eloquence [something which is praiseworthy]. Early in the morning, or the first part of day (the time of), a little before daybreak, or the false dawn. Whiteness overspreading blackness. Food marred or spoilt. Having little milk, or large in her udder but having little milk. To guild, fascinate, bewitch, wheedle, turn anyone from, enchant, practice sorcery, hoax, deprive of understanding.