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ش ه ب
General Root Meaning
to burn/scorch, become of a colour in which whiteness predominates over blackness.
shihaab (pl. shuhub) - flaming fire, bright blaze/meteor, star, penetrating flame, shining star, brisk/sprightly, flame, brand, radiating or gleaming fire, shooting or falling star.
shihaab al-herb - dauntless warrior, one who is penetrating sharp and energetic in war.
   bishihābin   (1)

When said Musa to his family, "Indeed, I perceive a fire. I will bring you from it some information or I will bring you a torch burning so that you may warm yourselves."

   shihābun   (1)

Except (one) who steals the hearing, then follows him a burning flame clear.

Except (him) who snatches (by) theft but follows him a burning flame, piercing.

   shihāban   (1)

And that we used to sit there in positions for hearing, but (he) who listens now will find for him a flaming fire waiting.

   washuhuban   (1)

And that we sought to touch the heaven but we found it filled (with) guards severe, and flaming fires.

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