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ش ع ب
General Root Meaning
to separate, collect, draw together, unite, appear, scatter, separate, put/break apart, repair, impair, send (a message to), branch off, forked, derange, disorganize, adjust, put in a right or proper state, to turn away, to send back, withhold, restrain, cracked, corrupted, branched forth, become distant, remote, died, divided races or tribes, foreigners, branching of way/road/path, a water-course, ravine, gap between mountains, width or distance between horns of a goat, a portion/part/piece, eight month of Arabian year.
shu'ub (pl. of sha'bun) - large tribe, nation, collection.
shu'abin (pl. of shu'batun) - twigs or branches of a tree, space between two branches, portion.
shu'ayb - name of a prophet sent to the Midianites.