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ص د ع
General Root Meaning
to split, expound, cleave, profess openly, divide, cross, proclaim, promulgate aloud, declare openly, be affected with headache, manifest, make clear.
sad'un - fissure.
suddi'a - to oppress with or suffer from headache.
issada'a (vb. 5) - to be split up or divided.
mutasaddiun - that which is cloven or splits in two.
Yusadda'uun (pip. 3rd. p.m. plu. II.): They will be affected with headache.
Yasadda'uun (imp 3rd. p.m. plu. V): They will be separated.
Isda (prt. m. sing): declare openly.
sad'un (v.n.): splitting, bursting forth.
   l-ṣadʿi   (1)

And the earth which cracks open,

   fa-iṣ'daʿ   (1)

So proclaim of what you are ordered and turn away from the polytheists.

   mutaṣaddiʿan   (1)

If We (had) sent down this Quran on a mountain, surely you (would) have seen i humbled, breaking asunder from (the) fear (of) Allah. And these (are) the examples, We present them to the people so that they may give thought.

   yuṣaddaʿūna   (1)

Not they will get headache therefrom and not they will get intoxicated

   yaṣṣaddaʿūna   (1)

So set your face to the religion right, from before [that] comes a Day not (can be) averted [it] from Allah. That Day, they will be divided.

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