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ر ى ب
General Root Meaning
to make uncertain, cast one into doubt, calamity, suspicion, disturb, cause doubt, cause uneasiness of mind, cause affliction, create evil opinion, make false charge.
   ir'tābū   (1)

Is (there) in their hearts a disease or do they doubt or they fear that will be unjust Allah to them and His Messenger? Nay, those [they] (are) the wrongdoers.

   ir'tabtum   (1)

O you who believe! (Take) testimony among you when approaches one of you [the] death, (at the) time (of making) [the] a will two men, just, among you, or two others from other than you if you (are) travel(ing) in the earth then befalls you calamity (of) [the] death. Detain both of them from after the prayer and let them both swear by Allah if you doubt, "Not we will exchange it for a price even if he is (of) a near relative, and not we will conceal testimony (of) Allah. Indeed, we then (will) surely (be) of the sinners."

And those who have despaired of the menstruation among your women, if you doubt, then their waiting period (is) three months, and the ones who not [they] menstruated. And those who (are) pregnant, their term until they deliver their burdens. And whoever fears Allah, He will make for him of his affair ease.

   tartābū   (1)

O you who believe[d]! When you contract with one another any debt for a term fixed then write it. And let write between you a scribe in justice. And not (should) refuse a scribe that he writes as (has) taught him Allah. So let him write and let dictate the one on whom (is) the right and let him fear Allah, his Lord, and (let him) not diminish from it anything. Then if is the one on him (is) the right, (of) limited understanding, or weak, or not capable that (can) dictate he, then let dictate his guardian with justice. And call for evidence two witnesses among your men. And if not there are two men then one man and two women of whom you agree of [the] witnesses, (so) that (if) [she] errs, one of the two, then will remind one of the two the other. And not (should) refuse the witnesses when that they are called. And not (be) weary that you write it - small or large for its term. That (is) more just near Allah, and more upright for evidence and nearer that not you (have) doubt, except that be a transaction present, you carry out among you, then not on you any sin that not you write it. And take witness when you make commercial transactio And not (should) be harmed (the) scribe and not (the) witness, and if you do, then indeed it (is) sinful conduct for you, and fear Allah. And teaches Allah. And Allah of every thing (is) All-Knower.

   raybin   (1)

And if you are in doubt about what We have revealed to Our slave, then produce a chapter [of] like it and call your witnesses from other than Allah if you are truthful.

O mankind! If you are in doubt about the Resurrection, then indeed, We We created you from dust, then from a semen-drop then from a clinging substance then from an embryonic lump, formed and without form, that We may make clear to you. And We cause to remain in the wombs what We will for a term appointed, then We bring you out (as) a child, [then] that you may reach [your] maturity. And among you (is he) who dies, and among you (is he) who is returned to the most abject age, so that not he knows, from after having known, anything. And you see the earth barren then when We send down on it water, it gets stirred and it swells and grows of every kind beautiful.

   rayba   (2)

That (is) the book no doubt in it, a Guidance for the God-conscious.

Our Lord! Indeed, You will gather [the] mankind on a Day, (there is) no doubt in it. Indeed, Allah (does) not break the Promise."

Then how (will it be) when We will gather them on a Day - no doubt in it. And will be paid in full every soul what it earned and they (will) not be wronged.

Allah - (there is) no god except Him, surely He will gather you to (the) Day (of) Resurrection - no doubt about it. And who (is) more truthful than Allah (in) statement.

Say, "To whom (belongs) what (is) in the heavens and the earth?" Say, "To Allah." He has decreed upon Himself the Mercy. Surely He will assemble you on (the) Day (of) the Resurrection, (there is) no doubt about it. Those who have lost themselves, then they (do) not believe.

And not is this the Quran, that (it could be) produced by other than Allah, but (it is) a confirmation (of that) which (from) between his hands and a detailed explanation (of) the Book, (there is) no doubt in it, from (the) Lord (of) the worlds.

Do not they see that Allah, the One Who, created the heavens and the earth (is) Able [on] to create the like of them? And He has made for them a term, no doubt in it. But refused the wrongdoers except disbelief.

And similarly, We made known about them that they might know that (the) Promise (of) Allah (is) true, and that (about) the Hour (there is) no doubt in it. When they disputed among themselves about their affair and they said, "Construct over them a structure. Their Lord knows best about them." Said those who prevailed in their matter, "Surely we will take over them a place of worship."

And that the Hour will come, (there is) no doubt about it, and that Allah will resurrect (those) who (are) in the graves.

(The) revelation (of) the Book, (there is) no doubt about it, from (the) Lord (of) the worlds.

Indeed, the Hour (is) surely coming, no doubt in it, but most (of) the people (do) not believe.

And thus We have revealed to you a Quran (in) Arabic, that you may warn (the) mother (of) the towns, and whoever (is) around it, and warn (of the) Day (of) Assembly, (there is) no doubt in it. A party (will be) in Paradise and a party in the Blazing Fire.

Say, "Allah gives you life, then causes you to die; then He will gather you to (the) Day (of) the Resurrection, no doubt about it." But most (of) the people (do) not know.

And when it was said, "Indeed (the) Promise (of) Allah (is) true and the Hour - (there is) no doubt about it, you said, "Not we know what the Hour (is). Not we think except an assumption, and not we (are) convinced."

Or (do) they say, "A poet, we wait for him misfortune setback."

   rībatan   (1)

Not (will) cease their building which they built a (cause of) doubt in their hearts except that (are) cut into pieces their hearts. And Allah (is) All-Knower, All-Wise.

   raybihim   (1)

Only ask your leave those who (do) not believe in Allah and the Day the Last, and (are in) doubts their hearts, so they in their doubts they waver.

   la-ir'tāba   (1)

And not (did) you recite from before it, any Book, and not (did) you write it with your right hand, in that case surely (would) have doubted the falsifiers.

   mur'tābun   (1)

And indeed, came to you Yusuf from before with clear proofs, but not you ceased in doubt about what he brought to you [with it], until when he died, you said, "Never will raise Allah from after him a Messenger." Thus, lets go astray Allah who [he] (is) a transgressor, a doubter."

   murībin   (3)

And a barrier will be placed between them and between what they desire, as was done with their kind from before. Indeed, they were in doubt disquieting.

And certainly, We gave Musa the Book, but disputes arose therein. And had it not been (for) a word (that) preceded from your Lord, surely, would have been settle between them. But indeed, they surely (are) in doubt about it disquieting.

And not they became divided until from after [what] came to them the knowledge (out of) rivalry, among them. And if not (for) a word (that) preceded from your Lord for a term specified, surely, it (would have) been s between them. And indeed, those who were made to inherit the Book from after them (are) surely in doubt concerning it - disquieting.

Forbidder of good, transgressor doubter,

They said, O Salih! Verily you were among us the one in whom hope was place before this. Do you forbid us that we worship what worshipped our forefathers? And indeed we surely (are) in doubt about what you call us to it, suspicious."

And verily We gave Musa the Book, but differences arose therein. And if not (for) a Word (that) preceded from your Lord, surely would have been judged between them. And indeed, they surely (are) in doubt concerning it suspicious.

Has not come to you (the) news (of) those who (were) from before you, the people of Nuh, and Aad and Thamud and those who (were) from after them? None knows them except Allah. Came to them their Messengers with clear proofs but they returned their hands in their mouths and they said, "Indeed we [we] disbelieve in what you have been sent with [it], and indeed, we (are) surely in doubt about what you invite us to it suspicious."

   wa-ir'tābat   (1)

Only ask your leave those who (do) not believe in Allah and the Day the Last, and (are in) doubts their hearts, so they in their doubts they waver.

   wa-ir'tabtum   (1)

They will call them, "Were not we with you?" They will say, "Yes, but you led to temptation yourselves and you awaited and you doubted and deceived you the wishful thinking until came (the) Command (of) Allah. And deceived you about Allah the deceiver.

   yartāba   (1)

And not We have made keepers (of) the Fire except Angels. And not We have made their number except (as) a trial for those who disbelieve - that may be certain those who were given the Scripture and may increase those who believe (in) faith, and not may doubt those who were given the Scripture and the believers, and that may say those in their hearts (is) a disease and the disbelievers "What (does) intend Allah by this example?" Thus does let go astray Allah whom He wills and guides whom He wills. And none knows (the) hosts (of) your Lord except Him. And not it (is) but a reminder to (the) human beings.

   yartābū   (1)

Only the believers (are) those who believe in Allah and His Messenger, then (do) not doubt but strive with their wealth and their lives in (the) way (of) Allah. Those [they] (are) the truthful."

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