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ق ى ض
General Root Meaning
to break the shell (chicken), be broken, split, hallow, assimilate, assign.
qayyada (vb. 2) - to be destined, be assigned, prepare for any one.
   nuqayyiḍ   (1)

And whoever turns away from (the) remembrance (of) the Most Gracious, We appoint for him a devil, then he (is) to him a companion.

   waqayyaḍnā   (1)

And We have destined for them companions (who) made fair-seeming to them, what between (their) hands (before them) and what (was) behind them, and (is) justified against them the Word among nations (that have) indeed passed away from before them of the jinn and the men. Indeed, they were losers.

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