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ق ط ع
General Root Meaning
to cut/sever/disunite/separate/detach, to disable in prosecuting, unable to proceed in, withdrew, break down, perish/cease/finish/fail, cut short / stop, intercepted/interrupted, put an end/stop to, a piece/bit/part/portion cut off from a whole, herd, distinct portion.
   biqiṭ'ʿin   (2)

They said, "O Lut! Indeed, we (are) messengers (of) your Lord, never they will reach you. So travel with your family in a part of the night and (let) not look back anyone of you, except your wife. Indeed, it will strike her what will strike them. Indeed, their appointed time (is) morning. Is not the morning near?"

So travel with your family in a portion of the night and follow their backs, and not let look back among you anyone, and go on where you are ordered."

   taqaṭṭaʿa   (2)

Not (will) cease their building which they built a (cause of) doubt in their hearts except that (are) cut into pieces their hearts. And Allah (is) All-Knower, All-Wise.

And certainly you have come to Us alone as We created you (the) first time, and you have left whatever We bestowed (on) you behind your backs. And not We see with you your intercessors those whom you claimed that they (were) in your (matters) partners (with Allah). Indeed, have been severed (bonds) between you and is lost from you what you used to claim."

   tuqaṭṭaʿa   (1)

Only (the) recompense (for) those who wage war (against) Allah and His Messenger and strive in the earth spreading corruption (is) that they be killed or they be crucified or be cut off their hands and their feet of opposite sides or they be exiled from the land. That (is) for them disgrace in the world and for them in the Hereafter (is) a punishment great.

   fa-iq'ṭaʿū   (1)

And (for) the male thief and the female thief - [then] cut off their hands (as) a recompense for what they earned (as) an exemplary (punishment) from Allah. And Allah (is) All-Mighty, All-Wise.

   fataqaṭṭaʿū   (1)

But they cut off their affair (of unity) between them (into) sects, each faction in what they have rejoicing.

   faqaṭṭaʿa   (1)

A parable (of) Paradise which is promised (to) the righteous. Therein (are) rivers of water not polluted, and rivers of milk not changes its taste, and rivers of wine delicious for (the) drinkers, and rivers of honey purified, and for them therein of all fruits and forgiveness from their Lord like he who (will) abide forever in the Fire and they will be given to drin water boiling so it cuts into pieces their intestines.

   faquṭiʿa   (1)

So was cut off (the) remnant (of) the people [those] who did wrong. And all praises and thanks (be) to Allah Lord (of) the worlds.

   fala-uqaṭṭiʿanna   (1)

He said, "You believe [to] him before [that] I gave permission to you. Indeed, he (is) your chief, the one who taught you the magic. So surely I will cut off your hands and your feet of opposite sides, and surely I will crucify you on (the) trunks (of) date-palms and surely you will know which of us (is) more severe (in) punishment and more lasting."

   qāṭiʿatan   (1)

She said, "O chiefs! Advise me in my affair. Not I would be the one to decide any matter until you are present with me."

   quṭṭiʿat   (2)

And if that was any Quran, could be moved by it the mountains, or could be cloven asunder by it the earth, or could be made to speak by it the dead. Nay, with Allah (is) the command all. Then do not know those who believe that if had willed Allah surely, He would have guided (of) the mankind all? And not will cease those who disbelieve to strike them for what they did a disaster, or it settles close from their homes until comes (the) Promise (of) Allah. Indeed, Allah (will) not fail (in) the Promise.

These two opponents dispute concerning their Lord. But those who disbelieved will be cut out for them garments of fire. Will be poured from over their heads [the] scalding water.

   qaṭṭaʿna   (1)

And said the king, "Bring to me him." But when came to him the messenger, he said, "Return to your lord, and ask him what (is the) case (of) the women who cut their hands. Indeed, my Lord of their plot (is) All-Knower."

   qiṭaʿun   (1)

And in the earth are tracks neighboring, and gardens of grapevines and crops and date-palms trees (growing) from a single and not trees (growing) from a single watered with water one; but We cause to exceed some of them over others in the fruit. Indeed, in that surely (are) Signs for a people who use reason.

   qiṭaʿan   (1)

And those who earned the evil deeds, (the) recompense (of) an evil deed (is) like it, and (will) cover them humiliation. Not they will have from Allah any defender. As if had been covered their faces (with) pieces from the night (of) darkness Those (are the) companions (of) the Fire, they in it (will) abide forever.

   qaṭaʿtum   (1)

Whatever you cut down of (the) palm-trees or you left them standing on their roots, it (was) by the permission (of) Allah, and that He may disgrace the defiantly disobedient.

   la-uqaṭṭiʿanna   (1)

I will surely cut off your hands and your feet of opposite (sides). Then I will surely crucify you all."

He said, "You believed in him before [that] I gave permission to you. Indeed, he (is) surely your chief who has taught you the magic, so surely soon you will know. I will surely cut off your hands and your feet of opposite sides, and I will surely crucify you all."

   laqaṭaʿnā   (1)

Then certainly We (would) have cut from him the aorta.

   liyaqṭaʿa   (1)

That He may cut off a part of those who disbelieved or suppress them so (that) they turn back disappointed.

   l'yaqṭaʿ   (1)

Whoever [is] thinks that not will help him Allah in the world and the Hereafter, then let him extend a rope to the sky, then let him cut off, then let him see whether will remove his plan what enrages.

   maqṭūʿun   (1)

And We conveyed to him [that] the matter that (the) root (of) these would be cut off (by) early morning.

   maqṭūʿatin   (1)

Not limited and not forbidden,

   wataqaṭṭaʿat   (1)

When will disown those who were followed [from] those who followed and they will see the punishment, [and] will be cut off for them the relations.

   wataqaṭṭaʿū   (1)

But they cut off their affair among themselves, all to Us (will) return.

   watuqaṭṭiʿū   (1)

Then would you perhaps, if you are given authority that you cause corruption in the earth and cut off your ties of kinship.

   wataqṭaʿūna   (1)

Indeed, you approach the men, and you cut off the road and commit in your meetings evil?" And not was (the) answer (of) his people except that they said, "Bring upon us (the) punishment (of) Allah if you are of the truthful."

   waqaṭṭaʿna   (1)

So when she heard of their scheming, she sent for them and she prepared for them a banquet and she gave each one of them a knife and she said, "Come out before them." Then when they saw him they greatly admired him, and cut their hands, they said, "Forbid Allah, not (is) this a man not (is) this but an angel noble."

   waqaṭṭaʿnāhumu   (1)

And We divided them (into) two ten (i.e twelve) tribes (as) communities. And We inspired to Musa, when asked him for water his people, [that] "Strike with your staff the stone." Then gushed forth from it two ten (i.e twelve) springs. Certainly, knew each people their drinking place. And We shaded [on] them (with) the clouds and We sent down upon them, the Manna and the quails. "Eat from (the) good things which We have provided you." And not they wronged Us but they were (to) themselves doing wrong.

   waqaṭṭaʿnāhum   (1)

And We divided them in the earth (as) nations. Among them (are) the righteous and among them (are) other than that. And We tested them with the good and the bad, so that they may return.

   waqaṭaʿnā   (1)

So We saved him and those with him by Mercy from Us. And We cut off the roots (of) those who denied Our Signs, and not they were believers.

   wayaqṭaʿa   (1)

And when promised you Allah one (of) the two groups - that it (would be) for you - and you wished that (one) other than that (of) the armed would be for you. But intended Allah to justify the truth by His words, and cut off (the) roots (of) the disbelievers

   wayaqṭaʿūna   (2)

Those who break (the) Covenant (of) Allah from after its ratification, and [they] cut what has ordered Allah it to be joined and [they] spread corruption in the earth. Those, they (are) the losers.

And those who break the Covenant (of) Allah from after contracting it, and sever what has commanded Allah for it to be joined and spread corruption in the earth. Those - for them (is) the curse, and for them (is) an evil home.

   yaqṭaʿūna   (1)

And not they spend any spending small and not big, and not they cross a valley but is recorded for them, that may reward them Allah the best (of) what they used (to) do.

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