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ق ر ن
General Root Meaning
Qarun (Korah) - he was fabulously rich and stood high in favour of Pharaohs.
   qārūna   (1)

Indeed, Qarun, was from (the) people (of) Musa, but he oppressed [on] them. And We gave him of the treasures which indeed (the) keys of it would burden a company (of men) possessors of great strength. When said to him his people, "(Do) not exult. Indeed, Allah (does) not love the exultant.

   qārūnu   (1)

So he went forth to his people in his adornment. Said those who desire the life (of) the world, "O! Would that for us (the) like (of) what has been given (to) Qarun. Indeed, he (is the) owner (of) fortune great."

   waqārūna   (1)

And Qarun, and Firaun and Haman. And certainly came to them Musa with clear evidences, but they were arrogant in the earth, and not they could outstrip Us.

To Firaun, Haman and Qarun, but they said, "A magician, a liar."

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