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ن ط ف
General Root Meaning
to flow gently, extrude, ooze, exude, drop, pour, trickle.
   l-nuṭ'fata   (1)

Then We created the semen-drop (into) a clinging substance, then We created the clinging substance (into) an embryonic lump, then We created the embryonic lump, (into) bones, then We clothed the bones (with) flesh; then We produce it (as) a creation another. So blessed is Allah (the) Best (of) the Creators.

   nuṭ'fatan   (2)

Then We placed him (as) a semen-drop in a resting place firm.

Was not he a semen-drop of semen emitted?

   nuṭ'fatin   (2)

He created the human kind from a minute quantity of semen then behold, he (is) an opponent clear.

Said to him his companion while he was talking to him, "Do you disbelieve in One Who created you from dust then from a minute quantity of semen. then fashioned you (into) a man?

O mankind! If you are in doubt about the Resurrection, then indeed, We We created you from dust, then from a semen-drop then from a clinging substance then from an embryonic lump, formed and without form, that We may make clear to you. And We cause to remain in the wombs what We will for a term appointed, then We bring you out (as) a child, [then] that you may reach [your] maturity. And among you (is he) who dies, and among you (is he) who is returned to the most abject age, so that not he knows, from after having known, anything. And you see the earth barren then when We send down on it water, it gets stirred and it swells and grows of every kind beautiful.

And Allah created you from dust, then from a semen-drop; then He made you pairs. And not conceives any female and not gives birth except with His knowledge. And not is granted life any aged person and not is lessened from his life but (is) in a Register. Indeed, that for Allah (is) easy.

Does not see [the] man that We [We] created him from a semen-drop Then behold! He (is) an opponent clear.

He (is) the One Who created you from dust, then from a semen-drop, then from a clinging substance, then He brings you out (as) a child; then lets you reach your maturity, then lets you become old - and among you (is he) who dies from before - and lets you reach a term specified, and that you may use reason.

From a semen-drop when it is emitted.

Indeed, We [We] created man from a semen-drop, a mixture, (that) We test him; so We made (for) him hearing and sight.

From a semen-drop He created him, then He proportioned him,

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