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ن ق ض
General Root Meaning
to pull down, demolish, break (contract), undo a thing, violate (treaty), unravel/untwist.
   anqaḍa   (1)

Which weighed upon your back,

   tanquḍū   (1)

And fulfil the covenant (of) Allah when you have taken a covenant, and (do) not break oaths after their confirmation while verily you have made Allah over you a surety. Indeed, Allah knows what you do.

   naqaḍat   (1)

And (do) not be like her who untwists her spun yarn from after strength (into) untwisted strands; you take your oaths (as) a deception between you, because is a community [it] more numerous than (another) community. Only, tests you Allah by it. And He will make clear to you (on) the Day (of) the Resurrection, what you used (to) in it differ.

   naqḍihim   (1)

Then because of their breaking (of) their covenant and their disbelief in (the) Signs (of) Allah and their killing (of) the Prophets without any right and their saying, "Our hearts (are) wrapped." Nay, (has) set a seal Allah on their (hearts) for their disbelief so not they believe except a few.

So for their breaking (of) their covenant We cursed them and We made their hearts hard. They distort the words from their places, and forgot a part of what they were reminded of [it]. And not you will cease to discover of treachery from them except a few of them. But forgive them and overlook. Indeed, Allah loves the good-doers.

   yanquḍūna   (2)

Those who break (the) Covenant (of) Allah from after its ratification, and [they] cut what has ordered Allah it to be joined and [they] spread corruption in the earth. Those, they (are) the losers.

And those who break the Covenant (of) Allah from after contracting it, and sever what has commanded Allah for it to be joined and spread corruption in the earth. Those - for them (is) the curse, and for them (is) an evil home.

Those who - you made a covenant with them then they break their covenant [in] every time, and they (do) not fear (Allah).

Those who fulfill the Covenant (of) Allah and not they break the contract,

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