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ن ج م
General Root Meaning
to appear/rise/begin, accomplish, ensue, proceed.
   al-najmu   (1)

(It is) the star, the piercing!

   l-nujūma   (1)

And He (is) the One Who made for you the stars that you may guide yourselves with them in the darkness[es] (of) the land and the sea. Certainly, We have made clear the Signs for a people (who) know.

   l-nujūmu   (1)

So when the stars are obliterated,

And when the stars fall, losing their luster

   l-nujūmi   (2)

But nay, I swear by setting (of) the stars,

Then he glanced a glance at the stars,

And of the night, glorify Him, and after the stars.

   wal-najmu   (1)

And the stars and the trees both prostrate.

   wal-najmi   (1)

By the star when it goes down,

   wal-nujūma   (1)

Indeed, your Lord (is) Allah the One Who created the heavens and the earth in six epochs, then He ascended on the Throne. He covers the night (with) the day seeking it rapidly and the sun and the moon and the stars - subjected by His command. Unquestionably for Him (is) the creation and the command, blessed (is) Allah, Lord (of) the worlds.

   wal-nujūmu   (1)

And He has subjected for you the night and the day, and the sun and the moon, and the stars (are) subjected by His command. Indeed, in that surely (are) signs for a people who use reason.

Do not you see that Allah - prostrates to Him whoever (is) in the heavens and whoever (is) in the earth, and the sun and the moon and the stars and the mountains, and the trees and the moving creatures and many of the people? But many - (is) justly due on him the punishment. And whoever humiliates Allah then not for him any bestower of honor. Indeed, Allah does what He wills

   wabil-najmi   (1)

And landmarks. And by the stars they guide themselves.

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