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م ر د
General Root Meaning
To seep or soak bread (or corn) in water, to crumble or soften, rub a thing in water, make a thing soft, to polish a thing, to be beardless or without facial hair (youth or young man), exalt oneself, to be insolent and audacious/bold, excessively proud or corrupt, extravagant in acts of wrongdoing and disobedience, to be accustomed/habituated/inured to a thing, care not for a thing, be destitute of good, to strip or peel a thing, lofty or high, to be brisk/lively/sprightly.
   māridin   (1)

And (to) guard against every devil rebellious,

   maradū   (1)

And among those around you of the bedouins (are) hypocrites and (also) from people (of) the Madinah. They persist in the hypocrisy, not you know them, We [We] know them. We will punish them twice then they will be returned to a punishment great.

   marīdin   (1)

And among the mankind (is he) who disputes concerning Allah without knowledge and follows every devil rebellious.

   marīdan   (1)

Not they invoke from besides Him but female (deities) and not they invoke except Shaitaan - rebellious.

   mumarradun   (1)

It was said to her, "Enter the palace." Then when she saw it, she thought it (was) a pool, and she uncovered [on] her shins. He said, "Indeed, it (is) a palace made smooth of glass." She said, "My Lord, indeed, I [I] have wronged myself, and I submit with Sulaiman to Allah, (the) Lord (of) the worlds."

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