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ل ب ب
General Root Meaning
To be gifted with a penetrative mind, be kind hearted, tender/affectionate/compassionate, remain/dwelt & kept to it, expert/clever, insightful, posessed of understanding/intellect, mind.
   l-albābi   (3)

And for you in the legal retribution (is) life, O men (of) understanding! So that you may (become) righteous.

(For) the Hajj (are) months well known, then whoever undertakes therein the Hajj then no sexual relations and no wickedness and no quarrelling during the Hajj. And whatever you do of good knows it Allah. And take provision, (but) indeed, (the) best provision (is) righteousness. And fear Me, O men (of) understanding!

He grants [the] wisdom (to) whom He wills, and whoever is granted [the] wisdom, then certainly he is granted good abundant. And none remembers except those (of) understanding.

Indeed, in (the) creation (of) the heavens and the earth and (in the) alternation (of) the night and the day (are) surely Signs for men (of) understanding.

Say, "Not (are) equal the evil and the good even if impresses you abundance (of) the evil. So fear Allah, O men (of) understanding, so that you may (be) successful."

Verily, (there) is in their stories a lesson for men (of) understanding. Not (it) is a narration invented, but a confirmation (of that) which (from) between his hands and a detailed explanation (of) all things, and a guidance and mercy for a people who believe.

Then is (he) who knows that which has been revealed to you from your Lord (is) the truth like (one) who [he] (is) blind? Only pay heed men (of) understanding.

This (is) a Message for the mankind, that they may be warned with it, and that they may know that only He God (is) One. and that may take heed men (of) understanding.

A guide and a reminder for those (of) understanding.

(This is) a Book We have revealed it to you, blessed, that they may ponder (over) its Verses and may be reminded those of understanding.

And We granted [to] him his family and a like of them with them, a Mercy from Us and a Reminder for those of understanding.

Is (one) who [he] (is) devoutly obedient - (during) hours (of) the night, prostrating and standing, fearing the Hereafter and hoping (for the) Mercy (of) his Lord? Say, "Are equal those who know and those who (do) not know?" Only will take heed those of understanding.

Those who they listen (to) the Word, then follow the best thereof, those (are) they whom has guided them Allah, and those are [they] those of understanding.

Do not you see that Allah sends down from the sky water and He makes it flow (as) springs in the earth; then He produces with it crops (of) different colors; then they wither and you see it turn yellow; then He makes them debris? Indeed, in that surely, (is) a reminder for those of understanding.

has prepared Allah for them a punishment severe. So fear Allah, O you of understanding, those who have believed! Indeed, has sent down Allah to you a Message.

He (is) the One Who revealed to you the Book, of it (are) Verses absolutely clear - they (are) the foundation (of) the Book, and others (are) allegorical. Then as for those in their hearts (is) perversity - [so] they follow what (is) allegorical of it, seeking [the] discord and seeking its interpretation. And not knows its interpretation except Allah. And those firm in [the] knowledge, they say, "We believe in it. All (is) from our Lord." And not will take heed except men (of) understanding.

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