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خ ط ف
General Root Meaning
To seize/take/carry off a thing by force, take or seize a thing quickly (snatch it away), suddenly take away, move along quickly (quickness in pace or going), cut a thing short (such as a discourse or narrative), barely miss a thing (and also to nearly hit a thing), be lean or lank in the belly (lightness of the flesh of the sides), to be mad or diabolically possessed.
   l-khaṭfata   (1)

Except (him) who snatches (by) theft but follows him a burning flame, piercing.

   khaṭifa   (1)

Except (him) who snatches (by) theft but follows him a burning flame, piercing.

   fatakhṭafuhu   (1)

Being upright to Allah, not associating partners with Him. And whoever associates partners with Allah then (it is) as though he had fallen from the sky and (had) snatched him the birds, or had blown him the wind to a place far off.

   nutakhaṭṭaf   (1)

And they say, "If we follow the guidance with you, we would be swept from our land." Have not We established for them a sanctuary secure, are brought to it fruits (of) all things, a provision from Us? But most of them (do) not know.

   wayutakhaṭṭafu   (1)

Do not they see that We have made a Sanctuary secure while are being taken away the people from around them? Then do in (the) falsehood they believe and in (the) Favor (of) Allah they disbelieve?

   yatakhaṭṭafakumu   (1)

And remember when you (were) few (and) deemed weak in the earth fearing that might do away with you the men, then He sheltered you, and strengthened you with His help, and provided you of the good things so that you may (be) thankful.

   yakhṭafu   (1)

Almost the lightning snatches away their sight. Whenever it flashes for them they walk in it, and when it darkens on them they stand (still). And if had willed Allah, He would certainly have taken their hearing, and their sight. Indeed, Allah (is) on every thing All-Powerful.

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