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خ ت م
General Root Meaning
To seal/stamp/imprint/impress, to secure/protect oneself against a thing, produce an impression or effect upon a thing, reach the end of a thing, cover over a thing, turn away/avoid/shun someone or something, to not understand, prevent the heart from believing, feign heedlessness.
   khitāmuhu   (1)

Its seal (will be of) musk. And for that let aspire the aspirers.

   khatama   (1)

Has set a seal Allah on their hearts and on their hearing, and on their vision (is) a veil. And for them (is) a punishment great.

   makhtūmin   (1)

They will be given to drink of a pure wine sealed,

   nakhtimu   (1)

This Day We will seal [on] their mouths, and will speak to Us their hands, and will bear witness their feet about what they used to earn.

   wakhātama   (1)

Not is Muhammad (the) father (of) anyone of your men but (he is the) Messenger (of) Allah and Seal (of) the Prophets. And is Allah of every thing All-Knower.

   wakhatama   (2)

Have you seen (he) who takes (as) his god his desire and lets him go astray Allah on knowingly, and He sets a seal upon his hearing and his heart and puts over his vision a veil? Then who will guide him from after Allah? Then will not you receive admonition?

Say, "Have you seen if took away Allah your hearing and your sight and sealed [on] your hearts, who (is the) god other than Allah to bring (back) to you with it? See how We explain the Signs; yet they turn away."

   yakhtim   (1)

Or (do) they say, "He has invented about Allah a lie?" But if willed Allah He would seal [over] your heart. And eliminates Allah the falsehood and establishes the truth by His Words. Indeed, He (is) All-Knowing of what (is in) the breasts.

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