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خ م ر
General Root Meaning
cover/conceal/veil, becoming changed/altered from a former state/condition, mixed/mingled/incorporated/blended, intoxication/wine/grapes, make-up, any intoxicating thing that clouds/obscures the intellect, come upon secretly/unexpectedly, crowding of people, odour of perfume, women's cover, man's turban, a covering, something fermented/matured.

...and let them draw/set/cast (walyadribna) with their veils/covers (bikhumurihinna) over (AAala) their breasts/bosom (juyoobihinna)... [24:31]

Lane gives some examples: “the dwelling was hidden by the trees”, “he concealed his testimony”, "She (a woman) applied KhaMaRat as a linament, to beautify her complexion.".