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خ ل ل
General Root Meaning
To become lean, to diminish/decrease/waste away, to be poor, be of want or need, to perforate/pierce/skewer a thing, to remove/transfer/shift, to pick or extract the remains of, put into the interstices of a thing, to spoil or become sour, make wine into vinegar, act as a true and sincere friend, fall short of accomplishing a task, to neglect/omit or leave undone, to absent one's self, produce bad fruit, enter/penetrate or pass through, interrupt or intervene, to be shaky/ loose/ faulty/ defective, to be uncompact/disordered/unsound, to be corrupt or disordered in temperament, to attire with an anklet or pair of anklets, to be old and worn out, to die and leave a gap/ vacancy, to be of habit/ custom, show true and sincere affection/ friendship/ love, to be flawed/imperfect/deficient, to leave one thing for another.