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ج ه ن م
General Root Meaning
Hell or Hell-fire, name of the fire with which GOD will punish in the life to come, proper name of the abode of punishment.
   bijahannama   (2)

Then of them (are some) who believed in him and of them (are some) who turned away from him, and sufficient (is) Hell (as a) Blazing Fire.

And is brought, that Day, Hell. That Day will remember man, but how (will be) for him the remembrance?

   jahannama   (7)

And whoever opposes the Messenger from after what (has) become clear to him (of) the guidance, and he follows other than (the) way (of) the believers, We will turn him (to) what he (has) turned and We will burn him (in) Hell and evil it is (as) a destination.

Indeed, he who comes (to) his Lord (as) a criminal then indeed, for him (is) Hell. Not he will die in it and not live.

(The) Day it will be heated (on it) in the Fire (of) Hell, and will be branded with it their foreheads and their flanks and their backs, "This (is) what you hoarded for yourselves, so taste what you used to hoard."

Do not they know that he who opposes Allah and His Messenger, [then] that, for him (is the) Fire (of) Hell, (will) abide forever in it? That (is) the disgrace the great.

has promised Allah the hypocrite men, and the hypocrite women and the disbelievers, Fire (of) Hell, they (will) abide forever in it. It (is) sufficient for them. And has cursed them Allah, and for them (is) a punishment enduring.

Rejoice those who remained behind in their staying behind (the) Messenger (of) Allah, and they disliked to strive with their wealth and their lives in (the) way (of) Allah and they said, "(Do) not go forth in the heat." Say, "(The) Fire (of) Hell (is) more intense (in) heat." If (only) they could understand.

Then is (one) who founded his building on righteousness from Allah and (His) pleasure better or (one) who founded his building on edge (of) a cliff (about to) collapse, so it collapsed with him in (the) Fire (of) Hell. And Allah (does) not guide the people the wrongdoing.

So enter (the) gates (of) Hell (to) abide forever in it. Surely, wretched (is the) abode (of) the arrogant.

Indeed, you and what you worship from besides Allah (are) firewood (of) Hell. You to it will come.

And those who say, "Our Lord! Avert from us the punishment (of) Hell. Indeed, its punishment is inseparable,

And those who disbelieve, for them (will be the) Fire (of) Hell. Not is decreed for them that they die, and not will be lightened for them of its torment. Thus We recompense every ungrateful one.

It will be said, "Enter (the) gates (of) Hell (to) abide eternally therein, and wretched is (the) abode (of) the arrogant."

And will say those in the Fire to (the) keepers (of) Hell, "Call your Lord (to) lighten for us a day of the punishment."

Enter (the) gates (of) Hell (to) abide forever in it, and wretched is (the) abode (of) the arrogant."

Indeed, the criminals (will be) in (the) punishment (of) Hell abiding forever.

(The) Day they will be thrust (in)to (the) Fire (of) Hell (with) a thrust.

And for those who disbelieved in their Lord (is the) punishment (of) Hell, and wretched is the destination.

But (the) notification from Allah and His Messages." And whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger, then indeed, for him (is the) Fire (of) Hell, (they will) abide therein forever.

Indeed, those who persecuted the believing men and the believing women, then not they repented, then for them (is the) punishment (of) Hell and for them (is the) punishment (of) the Burning Fire.

Indeed, those who disbelieve from (the) People (of) the Book and the polytheists (will be) in (the) Fire (of) Hell abiding eternally therein. Those - they (are the) worst (of) the creatures.

For them of (the) Hell (is) a bed and from over them coverings. And thus We recompense the wrongdoers.

Except (the) way (to) Hell, abiding in it forever. And is that for Allah easy.

And whoever says of them, "Indeed, I am a god from besides Him." Then that We will recompense (with) Hell. Thus We recompense the wrongdoers.

Say to those who disbelieve[d], "You will be overcome and you will be gathered to Hell, [and] an evil [the] resting place.

And surely He has revealed to you in the Book that when you hear (the) Verses (of) Allah being rejected [it] and ridiculed at [it], then do not sit with them until they engage in a conversation other than that. Indeed, you then, (would be) like them. Indeed, Allah will gather the hypocrites and the disbelievers in Hell all together.

(Allah) said, "Get out of it disgraced and expelled. Certainly, whoever follows you among them, surely, I will fill Hell with you all.

Indeed, those who disbelieve, they spend their wealth to hinder (people) from (the) way (of) Allah. So they will spend it, then it will be for them a regret, then they will be overcome. And those who disbelieve, to Hell they will be gathered.

That may distinguish Allah the wicked from the good, and place the wicked some of them on others and heap them all together, and put them in Hell. Those - they (are) the losers.

And among them (is he) who says, "Grant leave (for) me and (do) not put me to trial." Surely, in the trial they have fallen. And indeed, Hell (will) surely surround the disbelievers.

Except (on) whom has bestowed Mercy your Lord, and for that He created them. And will be fulfilled (the) Word (of) your Lord, "Surely I will fill Hell with the Jinn and the men all together."

Hell, (in) it they will burn and a wretched place to settle.

And indeed, Hell (is) surely the promised place all.

"(It) may be your Lord that (may) have mercy upon you. But if you return, We will return. And We have made Hell, for the disbelievers, a prison-bed."

Whoever should desire the immediate We hasten for him in it what We will to whom We intend. Then We have made for him Hell, he will burn disgraced rejected.

That (is) from what (was) revealed to you (from) your Lord of the wisdom. And (do) not make with Allah god other lest you should be thrown in Hell, blameworthy, abandoned.

He said, "Go, and whoever follows you among them then indeed, Hell (is) your recompense - a recompense ample.

And We (will) present Hell (on) that Day to the disbelievers, (on) display

Do then think those who disbelieve that they (can) take My servants from besides Me (as) protectors? Indeed, We - We have prepared Hell for the disbelievers (as) a lodging.

So by your Lord, surely, We will gather them and the devils, then surely, We will bring them around Hell bent (on) knees.

And We will drive the criminals to Hell thirsty.

But (the one) whose (are) light his scales, then those they [who] have lost their souls, in Hell they (will) abide forever.

Those who will be gathered on their faces to Hell, those (are the) worst (in) position and most astray (from the) way.

They ask you to hasten the punishment. And indeed, Hell, will surely, encompass the disbelievers

And who (is) more unjust than (he) who invents against Allah a lie or denies the truth when it has come to him. Is there not in Hell an abode for the disbelievers?

And if We (had) willed, surely We (would) have given every soul its guidance, but (is) true the Word from Me that I will surely fill Hell with the jinn and the men together.

Hell; they will burn therein and wretched (is) the resting place.

Surely I will fill Hell with you and those who follow you among them all."

Then who (is) more unjust than (one) who lies against Allah and denies the truth when it comes to him? Is (there) not in Hell an abode for the disbelievers?

And (on the) Day (of) the Resurrection you will see those who lied about Allah, their faces (will be) blackened. Is (there) not in Hell an abode for the arrogant?

And (will) be driven those who disbelieve to Hell (in) groups until when they reach it, (will) be opened its gates and (will) say to them its keepers, "Did not come to you Messengers from you reciting to you (the) Verses (of) your Lord and warning you (of the) meeting (of) your Day this?" They (will) say, "Yes!" But has been justified (the) word (of) punishment against the disbelievers.

And said your Lord, "Call upon Me; I will respond to you. Indeed, those who (are) proud to worship Me will enter Hell (in) humiliation."

And He (may) punish the hypocrite men and the hypocrite women and the polytheist men and the polytheist women, who assume about Allah an assumption evil. Upon them (is) a turn (of) evil, and wrath Allah upon them and He has cursed them and prepared for them Hell, and evil (is the) destination.

"Throw in (to) Hell every disbeliever stubborn,

Indeed, Hell is lying in wait,

   jahannamu   (4)

Indeed, those whom - take them (in death) the Angels (while) they (were) wronging themselves they say, "In what (condition) were you?" They said, "We were oppressed in the Earth They said, "Not was (the) earth (of) Allah spacious (enough) so that you (could) emigrate in it?" Then those (will have) their abode (in) Hell - and it is an evil destination.

And when it is said to him "Fear Allah," takes him (his) pride to [the] sins. Then enough for him (is) Hell - [and] surely an evil [the] resting-place.

So is (the one) who pursues (the) pleasure (of) Allah like (the one) who draws on (himself) wrath of Allah and his abode (is) hell, and wretched (is) the destination?

An enjoyment little, then their abode (is) hell - [and] a wretched [the] resting place.

And whoever kills a believer intentionally then his recompense (is) Hell, abiding forever in it and will fall the wrath (of) Allah on him and He (will) curse him and He has prepared for him a punishment great.

Those - their abode (is) Hell and not they will find from it any escape.

And whoever turns to them that day his back except (as) a strategy of war or (to) join to a group, certainly (he has) incurred wrath of Allah and his abode (is) Hell, a wretched destination.

O Prophet! Strive (against) the disbelievers and the hypocrites and be stern with them. And their abode (is) Hell, and wretched (is) the destination.

They will swear by Allah to you when you returned to them, that you may turn away from them. So turn away from them, indeed, they (are) impure and their abode (is) Hell, a recompense for what they used (to) earn.

For those who responded to their Lord (is) the bliss. And for those who (did) not respond to Him, if that they had whatever (is) in the earth all and like of it with it, surely they would offer ransom with it. Those for them (is) a terrible reckoning, and their abode (is) Hell, and wretched (is) the resting place.

From ahead of him (is) Hell, and he will be made to drink of water purulent.

And whoever guides Allah then he (is) the guided one; and whoever He lets go astray - then never you will find for them protectors from besides Him. And We will gather them (on) the Day (of) the Resurrection on their faces - blind and dumb and deaf. Their abode (is) Hell; every time it subsides, We (will) increase (for) them the blazing fire.

From before them (is) Hell and not will avail them what they had earned anything, and not what they had taken from besides Allah (as) protectors. And for them (is) a punishment great.

This (is) Hell which deny [of it] the criminals.

Do not you see [to] those who were forbidden from secret counsels, then they return to what they were forbidden from [it], and they hold secret counsels for sin and aggression and disobedience (to) the Messenger? And when they come to you, they greet you with what not greets you therewith Allah, and they say among themselves, "Why (does) not punish us Allah for what we say?" Sufficient (for) them (is) Hell, they will burn in it and worst is the destination.

O Prophet! Strive (against) the disbelievers and the hypocrites, and be stern with them. And their abode (is) Hell, and wretched is the destination.

This (is) (the) Hell which you were promised.

That (is) their recompense - Hell - because they disbelieved, and took My Verses and My Messengers (in) ridicule.

   lijahannama   (2)

And certainly We have created for Hell many of the jinn and men. For them (are) hearts (but) not they understand with them, and for them (are) eyes (but) not they see with them, and for them (are) ears (but) not they hear with them. Those (are) like cattle, nay they (are) more astray. Those - they (are) the heedless.

And as for the unjust, they will be, for Hell, firewood."

(The) Day We will say to Hell, "Are you filled?" And it will say, "Are (there) any more?"

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