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ج ر م
General Root Meaning
To cut or cut off a thing, gain/acquire/earn a thing, to drive or incite one to do crime, to commit a crime/sin/offence/fault, commit an act of disobedience, to be clear, to complete a thing, to end a thing or bring a thing to it's end [upon completion].
   ij'rāmī   (1)

Or (do) they say, "He has invented it?" Say, "If I have invented it, then on me (is) my crime, but I am innocent of what crimes you commit."

   ajramnā   (1)

Say, "Not you will be asked about what sins we committed and not we will be asked about what you do."

   ajramū   (1)

And when comes to them a Sign they say, "Never we will believe until we are given like what was given (to the) Messengers (of) Allah." Allah knows best where He places His Message. Will afflict those who committed crimes a humiliation from Allah and a punishment severe for what they used to plot.

And verily, We sent from before you Messengers to their people, and they came to them with clear proofs; then We took retribution from those who committed crimes. And it was incumbent upon Us (to) help the believers.

Indeed, those who committed crimes used to at those who believed laugh.

   l-muj'rimu   (1)

They will be made to see each Would wish the criminal if he (could be) ransomed from (the) punishment (of) that Day by his children,

   l-muj'rimūna   (2)

"But stand apart today O criminals!

That He might justify the truth and prove false the falsehood, even if disliked (it) the criminals.

So who (is) more wrong than he who invents against Allah a lie or denies His Signs? Indeed, not will succeed the criminals.

Say, "Do you see, if comes to you His punishment (by) night or (by) day, what (portion) would (wish to) hasten of it the criminals?"

And will establish Allah the truth by His words, even if dislike it the criminals."

And will see the criminals the Fire, and they (will be) certain that they are to fall in it. And not they will find from it a way of escape.

And not misguided us except the criminals.

He said, "Only I have been given it on (account) (of) knowledge I have." Did not he know that Allah indeed destroyed from before him of the generations who [they] (were) stronger than him (in) strength and greater (in) accumulation. And not will be questioned about their sins the criminals.

And (the) Day will (be) established the Hour, will (be in) despair the criminals.

And (the) Day will (be) established the Hour will swear the criminals not they remained but an hour. Thus they were deluded.

And if you (could) see when the criminals (will) hang their heads before their Lord, "Our Lord we have seen and we have heard, so return us, we will do righteous (deeds). Indeed, we (are now) certain."

Will be known the criminals by their marks and will be seized by the forelocks and the feet.

This (is) Hell which deny [of it] the criminals.

   l-muj'rimīna   (4)

And thus We explain the Verses, so that becomes manifest (the) way (of) the criminals.

And We showered upon them a rain. So see how was (the) end (of) the criminals.

Thus We let it enter in (the) hearts (of) the criminals.

Thus We have inserted it into (the) hearts (of) the criminals.

Say, "Travel in the land, and see how was (the) end (of) the criminals."

But if they deny you then say, "Your Lord (is the) Possessor (of) Mercy Vast, but not will be turned back His wrath from the people (who are) criminals."

And verily We destroyed the generations from before you when they wronged, and came to them their Messengers with clear proofs, but not they were to believe. Thus We recompense the people (who are) criminals.

Until when gave up hope the Messengers, and thought that they certainly were denied, then came to them Our help, and was saved whom We willed. And not (can) be repelled Our punishment from the people (who are) criminals.

Destroying every thing by (the) command (of) its Lord. Then they became (such), not is seen except their dwellings. Thus We recompense the people [the] criminals.

Indeed, those who denied Our Verses and (were) arrogant towards them, (will) not be opened for them (the) doors (of) the heaven, and not they will enter Paradise until passes the camel through (the) eye (of) the needle. And thus We recompense the criminals.

And you will see the criminals, (on) that Day bound together in the chains,

And (will) be placed the Book and you will see the criminals fearful of what (is) in it, and they will say, "Oh, woe to us! What (is) for this [the] Book, not leaves a small and not a great except has enumerated it?" And they will find what they did presented. And not deals unjustly your Lord (with) anyone.

And We will drive the criminals to Hell thirsty.

(The) Day will be blown in the Trumpet, and We will gather the criminals, that Day, blue-eyed.

And thus We have made for every Prophet an enemy, among the criminals. But sufficient is your Lord, (as) a Guide and a Helper.

And who (is) more unjust than (he) who is reminded of (the) Verses (of) his Lord, then he turns away from them? Indeed, We from the criminals, (will) take retribution.

Indeed, the criminals (will be) in (the) punishment (of) Hell abiding forever.

Indeed, the criminals (are) in an error and madness.

About the criminals,

   bil-muj'rimīna   (1)

Indeed, We thus, We deal with the criminals.

Thus We deal with the criminals.

   tuj'rimūna   (1)

Or (do) they say, "He has invented it?" Say, "If I have invented it, then on me (is) my crime, but I am innocent of what crimes you commit."

   jarama   (1)

No doubt that they in the Hereafter [they] (will be) the greatest losers.

No doubt that Allah knows what they conceal and what they reveal. Indeed, He (does) not love the arrogant ones.

And they assign to Allah what they dislike and assert their tongues the lie that for them (is) the best. No doubt that for them (is) the Fire and that they (will) be abandoned.

No doubt that they in the Hereafter [they] (are) the losers.

No doubt that what you call me to it not for it a claim in the world and not in the Hereafter; and that our return (is) to Allah, and that the transgressors - they (will be the) companions (of) the Fire.

   kal-muj'rimīna   (1)

Then will We treat the Muslims like the criminals?

   lil'muj'rimīna   (2)

He said, "My Lord! Because You have favored [on] me, so not I will be a supporter (of) the criminals."

(The) Day they see the Angels, no glad tidings (will be) that Day for the criminals, and they will say, "A partition forbidden."

   muj'riman   (1)

Indeed, he who comes (to) his Lord (as) a criminal then indeed, for him (is) Hell. Not he will die in it and not live.

   muj'rimūna   (2)

Eat and enjoy yourselves a little; indeed, you (are) criminals."

So he called his Lord, "That these (are) a people criminals."

   muj'rimīna   (3)

And O my people! Ask forgiveness (of) your Lord, then turn in repentance to Him. He will send (from) the sky (rain) upon you (in) abundance and increase you (in) strength (added) to your strength. And (do) not turn away (as) criminals."

So We sent on them the flood and the locusts and the lice and the frogs and the blood (as) signs manifest, but they showed arrogance and they were a people criminal.

Then We sent from after them Musa and Harun to Firaun and his chiefs with Our Signs, but they were arrogant and were a people criminal.

They said, "Indeed, we [we] have been sent to a people criminal,

(Do) not make excuse; verily, you have disbelieved after your belief. If We pardon [on] a party of you We will punish a party, because they were criminals.

So why not had been of the generations from before you (those) possessing a remnant, forbidding from the corruption in the earth except a few of those We saved among them? But followed those who did wrong what luxury they were given therein, and they were criminals.

They said, "Indeed, we [we] have been sent to a people - criminals,

Will say those who were arrogant to those who were oppressed, "Did we avert you from the guidance after when it had come to you? Nay, you were criminals."

Are they better or (the) people (of) Tubba and those from before them? We destroyed them, indeed, they were criminals.

But as for those who disbelieved, "Then not were My Verses recited to you but you were proud and you became a people criminals?"

   muj'rimīhā   (1)

And thus We placed in every city greatest (of) its criminals, so that they plot therein. And not they plot except against themselves and not they perceive.

   yajrimannakum   (3)

And O my people! Not (Let) cause you to sin my dissension lest befalls you similar (to) what befell (the) people (of) Nuh or (the) people (of) Hud or (the) people (of) Salih. And not (are the) people (are the of) Lut from you far off.

O you who believe! (Do) not violate (the) rites (of) Allah, and not the month sacred and not the sacrificial animals and not the garlanded and not (those) coming (to) the House Sacred seeking Bounty of their Lord and good pleasure. And when you come out of Ihram then (you may) hunt. And not let incite you (the) hatred (for) a people as they stopped you from Al-Masjid Al-Haraam that you commit transgression. And help one another in [the] righteousness and [the] piety, but (do) not help one another in [the] sin and [the] transgression. And fear Allah; indeed, Allah (is) severe (in) [the] punishment.

O you who believe! Be steadfast for Allah (as) witnesses in justice, and not let prevent you hatred (of) a people [upon] that not you do justice. Be just it (is) nearer to [the] piety. And fear Allah; indeed, Allah (is) All-Aware of what you do.

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