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ج ل ل
General Root Meaning
To be thick/gross/coarse/rough, rugged/rude/big/bulky, to be great (in size or estimation or rank or dignity), independent, glorious, majestic, to be old or advanced in age, also to be young or not of fit age [thus the verb bears two contradictory significations], firm or sound in judgement, to be eminent, noble or dignified, honourable, mighty, take the main part or portion of a thing, mount/ascend upon/cover a thing, to be exalted or magnificent, give much or many, to move about or shuffle a thing, sink or become depressed, sever/distressing/momentous/formidable.
   l-jalāli   (1)

But will remain (the) Face (of) your Lord, (the) Owner (of) Majesty and Honor.

Blessed is (the) name (of) your Lord, Owner (of) Majesty and Honor.

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