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ح ى ر
General Root Meaning
To be astonished, bewildered, dazzled, perplexed/confounded, to err or lose one's way, to be collected (said of water), to stay, go round about, go to an fro or fluctuate, transmit food to the stomach, (said of a cloud) to continue without motion, pour forth its rain, not be driven by the wind, become full of something, to flow through, to fill or occupy.
   ḥayrāna   (1)

Say, "Shall we call from besides Allah what not benefits us and not harms us, and we turn back on our heels after [when] has guided us Allah? Like the one whom has enticed the Shaitaan in the earth, confused, he has companions who call him towards the guidance, 'Come to us.'" Say, "Indeed, (the) Guidance (of) Allah, it (is) the Guidance, and we have been commanded that we submit to (the) Lord (of) the worlds

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