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ح و ى
General Root Meaning
To be or become dark green or dark red or brown or black and dried up by reason of oldness. To collect/bring/draw/gather a thing together, grasp a thing, get or gain possession of a thing, take possession of a thing, hold a thing within ones grasp or possession, possess a thing, comprise or comprehend or contain something, to turn a thing around, to wind a thing, assume a round or circular form, to coil, to make a small watering trough or tank for ones camels, to have or assume a roundness or circularity [or the state of being coiled].
   aḥwā   (1)

And then makes it stubble, dark.

   l-ḥawāyā   (1)

And to those who are Jews We forbade every (animal) with claws, and of the cows and the sheep We forbade to them their fat except what carried their backs or the entrails or what (is) joined with the bone. That (is) their recompense for their rebellion. And indeed, We [surely] are truthful.

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