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ح و ش
General Root Meaning
To beat for game, glorify, frighten. To come around the chase or game to turn it towards the snare, to hunt or catch the chase or game, scare the chase or game towards oneself, drive along the sheep or goats, collect together and drive camels, collect or draw a thing together, consume a thing from the sides, to turn aside from a place or thing, to circumvent someone, endeavour to induce someone to turn or incline or decline, endeavour to turn someone by deceit or guile, delude a person, act towards a person with artifice, to excite/incite/urge/instigate a person to do a thing, remove/withdraw/retire to a distance, to be forlorn of a person, to feel or have a sense of or move with shame/shyness/bashfulness, take fright and flee from a person, to be averse or shrink from a person, moved by a person, to be or become scared, encompass or surround the chase or game.