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ح ص ب
General Root Meaning
To throw pebbles at, scatter gravel/pebbles, cast/throw into the fire, hasten from a person or thing, turn away from a person, kindle a fire. Firewood, stones.
   ḥāṣiban   (2)

Do you then feel secure that (not) He will cause to swallow you, side (of) the land or send against you a storm of stones? Then not you will find for you a guardian?

Indeed, We [We] sent upon them a storm of stones, except (the) family (of) Lut, We saved them by dawn

Or do you feel secure (from Him) Who (is) in the heaven, that He will send against you a storm of stones? Then you would know how (was) My warning?

So each We seized for his sin. Then of them (was he) who, We sent on him a violent storm, and of them (was he) who, seized him the awful cry and of them (was he) who, We caused to swallow him, the earth and of them (was he) who, We drowned. And not was Allah to wrong them but they were themselves doing wrong.

   ḥaṣabu   (1)

Indeed, you and what you worship from besides Allah (are) firewood (of) Hell. You to it will come.

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