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ح ف ر
General Root Meaning
To dig/excavate/hollow out/clear out a thing, to burrow or furrow, know the utmost extent of a thing, scrutinize, to emaciate or make lean, to be or become in a bad or corrupt or unsound state, to shed a thing.
   l-ḥāfirati   (1)

They say, "Will we indeed be returned to the former state?

   ḥuf'ratin   (1)

And hold firmly to (the) rope (of) Allah all together and (do) not be divided. And remember (the) Favor (of) Allah on you when you were enemies then He made friendship between your hearts then you became by His Favor brothers. And you were on (the) brink (of) pit of the Fire then He saved you from it. Thus makes clear Allah for you His Verses so that you may (be) guided.

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