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غ ر ب
General Root Meaning
went/passed away, depart/retire/remove/disappear, become remote/distant/absent/hidden/black, withdraw, western, foreign/strange, exceed, abundance, sharpness, (maghrib = sunset), black, raven-black, setting place of the sun, the west.
gharabat (prf. 3rd. f. sing.): she is set (for sun).
taghrubu (imp. 3rd. f. sing.): sets (for sun).
ghuruub (v. n.): setting (of the sun).
gharbiyyun (adj. m.): western.
gharbiyyatan (adj. f.): western.
maghribun (n. of place sing.): the place of setting (of sun), West.
maghrabain (n. of place dual): two wests.
maghaarib (n. of place pl.): Wests.
ghuraaban (acc. n.): raven.
gharaabiib (n. pl.): extremely black. Its sing. is gharbiib.