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ف ز ع
General Root Meaning
to be afraid, frightened, terrified, smitten with fear, sought or demanded aid/succour (as a result of fear). 
   l-fazaʿu   (1)

Not will grieve them the terror [the] greatest, and will meet them the Angels, "This (is) your Day which you were promised."

   fuzziʿa   (1)

And not benefits the intercession with Him except for (one) whom He permits for him. Until when fear is removed on their hearts, they will say, "What is that - has said your Lord?" They will say, "The truth." And He (is) the Most High, the Most Great.

   fazaʿin   (1)

Whoever comes with the good, then for him (will be) better than it, and they, from (the) terror (of) that Day (will be) safe.

   faziʿū   (1)

And if you (could) see when they will be terrified but (there will be) no escape, and they will be seized from a place near.

   fafaziʿa   (2)

When they entered upon Dawood and he was afraid of them, they said, "(Do) not fear. (We are) two litigants, has wronged one of us to another, so judge between us in truth and (do) not be unjust and guide us to an even [the] path.

And (the) Day will be blown [in] the trumpet and will be terrified whoever (is) in the heavens and whoever (is) in the earth except whom wills Allah. And all (will) come to Him humbled.

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